Despicable: Dear Leader Obama Uses Newtown Massacre to Push Global Warming Scam

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By Gary P Jackson

If one wants to see the very embodiment of evil in our time, all one has to do is look at Barack Obama or any member of his disgusting democrat party. It’s been less than a week since a lunatic murdered 27 people, including 20 children, and Barack Obama is already using their deaths to try and sell his anti-Freedom, anti-Liberty, Anti-American dreams.

Obama talks gun control, naturally, though he doesn’t mention better security, nor does he mention mental health issues, in a speech to the diplomatic corps. While it’s expected for a radical leftist like Obama to revel in the chance to disarm law abiding citizens, it’s beyond all human decency that Obama would try and use this slaughter of innocents to push the global warming hoax further. A hoax Obama has already used to funnel billions of dollars to his cronies through various “green energy” grants and loans, to businesses that have taken the money and gone bankrupt, are going bankrupt, or at best have no product to show for the millions they received.

From Joel Gehrke at the Washington Times: [emphasis mine]

Obama thanked the Diplomatic Corps for the support offered by their home nations after the Sandy Hook shooting, before rallying the ambassadors to unite against other struggles, such as climate change.

“[W]hen you think about the last few days, you’re reminded that there’s a fundamental human response that transcends cultures and transcends borders,” Obama said last night. “And that’s what is represented in this room,” he added recalling the foreign policy efforts of his first term.

At the same time, we’re mindful that we’ve got so much more work to do together,” the president continued, noting ongoing threats from terrorists, among other issues. “And all of us have to be concerned about a changing climate that could have a profound impact on every single country here.

Read more here.

Barack Obama and his democrat party represent a clear and present danger to all of mankind. They mean to destroy America and extinguish the lights of Liberty and Freedom once and for all.

These people must be stopped.

One wonders where the feckless “leadership” of the Republican Party is. We have a system of checks and balances built into our government, but the spineless GOP has done nothing but wave the white flag of appeasement throughout the Obama regime’s 4 year reign of terror, and by all indications, look to completely surrender to Obama in the next 4 years. While America is destroyed, all the GOP seems to worry about is protecting their own corrupt little enterprises.

We the people must stand up to this evil and stand up now. All evil needs to be successful is for good men and women to stand by and do nothing.



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4 responses to “Despicable: Dear Leader Obama Uses Newtown Massacre to Push Global Warming Scam

  1. Navyvet65

    Where the hell was the public outcry when Mrs Clinton called NYC police “murders” for the massacre of unarmedMr. Diallo shot 19 times out of 41 shots fired and then the Clinton’s not to be out done killed almost 100 people in Wako Texas and shot an unarmed child in the back

    Where was the public demanding justice for these victims?

    • Gary P Jackson

      There is no justice if a democrat does the killing. None.

      Barack Obama not only got over 300 Mexicans murdered, as well as two federal agents, Brian terry and Jamie Zapata, we now know Obama was illegally arming al Qaeda in the Middle East, and those weapons were likely used to slaughter our Ambassador and three other brave Americans.

      Until Obama and Holder are rotting in a Supermax for all of eternity, there will be no justice for those murdered by Obama.

  2. NavyVet1965

    In the April 19, 1993 final assault, the Davidian dead included:

    Katherine Andrade, 24, American
    Chanel Andrade, 1, American
    Jennifer Andrade, 19, American
    George Bennett, 35, British
    Susan Benta, 31, British
    Mary Jean Borst, 49, American
    Pablo Cohen, 38, Israeli
    Abedowalo Davies, 30, British
    Shari Doyle, 18, American
    Beverly Elliot, 30, British
    Yvette Fagan, 32, British
    Doris Fagan, 51, British
    Lisa Marie Farris, 24, American
    Raymond Friesen, 76, Canadian
    Sandra Hardial, 27, British
    Zilla Henry, 55, British
    Vanessa Henry, 19, British
    Phillip Henry, 22, British
    Paulina Henry, 24, British
    Stephen Henry, 26, British
    Diana Henry, 28, British
    Novellette Hipsman, 36, Canadian
    Floyd Houtman, 61, American
    Sherri Jewell, 43, American
    David M. Jones, 38, American
    David Koresh, 33, American
    Rachel Koresh, 24, American
    Cyrus Koresh, 8, American
    Star Koresh, 6, American
    Bobbie Lane Koresh, 2, American
    Jeffery Little, 32, American
    Nicole Gent Little, 24, Australian, pregnant
    Dayland Gent, 3, American
    Page Gent, 1, American
    Livingston Malcolm, 26, British
    Diane Martin, 41, British
    Wayne Martin, Sr., 42, American
    Lisa Martin, 13, American
    Sheila Martin, Jr., 15, American
    Anita Martin, 18, American
    Wayne Martin, Jr., 20, American
    Julliete Martinez, 30, American
    Crystal Martinez, 3, American
    Isaiah Martinez, 4, American
    Joseph Martinez, 8, American
    Abigail Martinez, 11, American
    Audrey Martinez, 13, American
    John-Mark McBean, 27, British
    Bernadette Monbelly, 31, British
    Rosemary Morrison, 29, British
    Melissa Morrison, 6, British
    Sonia Murray, 29, American
    Theresa Nobrega, 48, British
    James Riddle, 32, America
    Rebecca Saipaia, 24, Filipino[72]
    Steve Schneider, 43, American
    Judy Schneider, 41, American
    Mayanah Schneider, 2, American
    Clifford Sellors, 33, British
    Scott Kojiro Sonobe, 35, American
    Floracita Sonobe, 34, Filipino
    Gregory Summers, 28, American
    Aisha Gyrfas Summers, 17, Australian, pregnant
    Startle Summers, 1, American
    Lorraine Sylvia, 40, American
    Rachel Sylvia, 12, American
    Hollywood Sylvia, 1, American
    Michelle Jones Thibodeau, 18, American
    Serenity Jones, 4, American
    Chica Jones, 2, American
    Little One Jones, 2, American
    Neal Vaega, 38, New Zealander
    Margarida Vaega, 47, New Zealander
    Mark H. Wendell, 40, American

    • Gary P Jackson

      Thank you! We must never forget. I live less than 50 miles from where this happened [though I was in the Austin area at the time] This was a premeditated assault on the group. Clinton and Janet Reno should have been brought up on charges.

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