Flashback: Barack Obama Says Muslim Call To Prayer “One of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”

By Gary P Jackson

In the wake of Obama’s big endorsement for the Ground Zero Victory Mosque, better known as the Cordoba House, I think it’s time for a big “told ya so” to everyone who went nuts when sane people were pointing to all of the warning signs about Obama and his radicalism.

One had to really work at it not to see what America was in for if it elected Barack Obama.

We could go on for days about Obama’s long time affiliation with the members of the domestic terror group Weather Underground, whose Marxist founders are still quite active. Then there is his hate filled, racist, anti-American preacher Reverend “God Damn America” Wright, whose “church” openly supports Hamas. Then there is his buddy Khalidi, a former spokesman for Hamas. (just to name a few)

Too many American’s ignored the warnings. Again, one could go on for days talking about the whys and hows, and the stupidity of it all.

Anyhow, hopefully Americans are starting to open their eyes and realize what we are dealing with here.

I still remember people going nuts if anyone even suggested that Obama was a Muslim, or leaned that way. Of course, since being elected, Obama has gone out of his way to promote his Muslim brothers while ignoring American traditions of all kind.

Way back in March of 2007 writing for the New York Times, Nicholas Kristof gave us our first clue:

Obama: Man of the world

The conventional wisdom about Barack Obama is that he’s smart and charismatic but so inexperienced that we should feel jittery about him in the Oval Office.

But that view is myopic. In some respects, Mr. Obama is far more experienced than other presidential candidates.

His experience as an antipoverty organizer in Chicago, for example, gives him a deep grasp of a crucial 21st-century challenge — poverty in America — that almost all politicians lack. He says that grass-roots experience helps explain why he favors not only government spending programs, like early childhood education, but also cultural initiatives, like efforts to promote responsible fatherhood.

In foreign policy as well, Mr. Obama would bring to the White House an important experience that most other candidates lack: he has actually lived abroad. He spent four years as a child in Indonesia and attended schools in the Indonesian language, which he still speaks.

I was a little Jakarta street kid,” he said in a wide-ranging interview in his office (excerpts are on my blog, www.nytimes.com/ontheground). He once got in trouble for making faces during Koran study classes in his elementary school, but a president is less likely to stereotype Muslims as fanatics — and more likely to be aware of their nationalism — if he once studied the Koran with them.

Mr. Obama recalled the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer, reciting them with a first-rate accent. In a remark that seemed delightfully uncalculated (it’ll give Alabama voters heart attacks), Mr. Obama described the call to prayer as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”

You can read more here.

It’s interesting that a guy who thinks we have 57 states (or possibly more) and talks about Navy “corpse-men” can recall “the opening lines of the Arabic call to prayer, reciting them with a first-rate accent.


This, BTW, is the opening lines from the prayer, in English:

Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme!
Allah is Supreme! Allah is Supreme!
I witness that there is no god but Allah
I witness that there is no god but Allah
I witness that Muhammad is his prophet…

If you can get past the voice over, this video has the Muslim call to prayer Obama describes as “one of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.

Here’s another video of Obama dissing the Christian faith that has surfaced. It’s interesting to note that some of the things he mocks from the Bible, are actually being done today in the name of Mohammed and Islam. Make of this what you will:



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10 responses to “Flashback: Barack Obama Says Muslim Call To Prayer “One of the prettiest sounds on Earth at sunset.”

  1. I shudder at the knowledge that our President has cast aside the Christian roots of our founding. He does not exemplify anyone that has come before him to hold this office. He is truly an abomination to all that we hold dear.

  2. Bloodhound

    I have always written that Obama was and is America’s Greatest Enemy, which he has proven, over and over, either thru speech or actions. I have finally reached the point that I wish some lowlife would blow his head off, just to rid of of this scum! I would dance in the street, like the muslims did on 9/11! Obama is the Most Worthless Excuse of an American I have ever seen. Could it be because he is not American? Let us look at your records, Obama! Finally prove yourself, that you were American Born or get the hell out of our great Country that you are trying your best to destroy! Sneaky, Sniveling, Lying Piece of Kenyan Muslim Monkey Feces!

  3. Useful idiots are easily duped. And usually the first that are fired, as they are now finding.

  4. HUH

    Duped is right. I find it difficult to understand how seeming smart Americans believe this trash. So much more important things in the world to be worried about yet all you folks can do is spread propaganda. It is bullsh** like this that is the REAL threat to America. Read the Constitution and the Bill of rights and get a clew or get out of MY country.

    • Gary P

      It’s the man in his own words.

      Put the Koolaid down. Hope and Change was really Hoax and Chains.

      BTW, few care that he’s a Muslim. It’s his communist upbringing that scares the shit out of us!

      Perhaps if you feel 70 percent of the American public is wrong, you should take your own advice and get out of OUR country!

  5. B J Zeagler

    I have always had a nagging feeling I was missing something and the piece of the puzzle just wouldn’t come together, until I heard Obama say, “Out Loud”, that he believed it was ok to build the mosque in NY. He said this while having dinner with Muslims celebrating Ramadan. All of a sudden, as Oprah used to say, a light bulb moment happened. I immediately started reading and researching all that I had on the Muslims/jihads & Sharia Law. It is making more and more sense to me. I knew there was big money and power behind him. I now am moving toward understanding that the Muslims are behind his “I will fundamentally change America” statement.

    I feel Muslims are using him as a mouth piece to take over our country. His civilian army includes radical Muslims. They are buying land all over American in small communities and most likely have a plan to move all at one time to disarm us. Why else would they be here. They are very patient people. They will methodically do this at their own time and since most Americans have no idea of their plan, they will catch us sleeping.

    Obama has no fear of the American people because he is a Muslim. He has no feeling for our wants and needs. We have elected a man, in my opinion, that has no Conscience. The worse part is most people would laugh at what I just said. They are so busy with their lives and the economy that this is just one more fear they don’t want to think about. Yet it is a bigger fear than the economy, health care, and the borders. While we are distracted (all this is by design) they can move their plan faster and faster without our knowledge.

    Unfortunately for the Muslims, they have chosen the wrong leader for their cause. Obama is all about himself. He is so caught up in his own importance that he will make mistakes. A big one was while talking to HIS people (Muslims) he just had to sound big and important, so he finally admitted “out loud” what he really thought about ground zero and the American people. Big Mistake. He can’t backpedal himself out of this. People are beginning to catch on and see he is acting more in the interest of the Muslims. Americans are watching him give the Muslims money, power & funding Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf who wants to allow Sharia Law in America.

    The Muslims made another mistake in not recognizing how fragile he was emotionally. He may have no conscience and show no feelings, but underneath all that persona he is crumbling deep inside. He can be rattled, he is no leader, & he has no strength. His power & strength come from the Muslim nation. He believes this is their time to finally destroy America.

    It won’t happen. God won’t let it happen. But we are in very grave times and must awake anyone that will listen. It is the time Americans must stand up as a strong God loving nation.
    I have never felt more sure about anything.
    Call it a conspiracy theory or just thinking out loud.

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