But Of Course: Communist Party Of America Throws It’s Support Behind Obama And The Democrats

Jarvis Tyner speaks in Detroit on October 7 on the need for an all-out mobilization to defeat Tea Party and other right wing Republican candidates.

By Gary P Jackson

Surprise, surprise! Radical Communist Jarvis Tyner is backing his fellow travelers who have taken over the democrat party. He’s trying to fire up the crazies to take on American Patriots in the Tea Party movement who are trying to save our nation from certain destruction.

From our friends in New Zealand at the New Zeal blog.

Communist Party USA Leader Openly Backs Obama and the Democrats

Jarvis Tyner, national executive vice-chair of the Communist Party USA, spoke in Detroit October 7, on the need to for “left and progressive” minded people to help insure a huge voter turnout for the midterm election.

Tyner is uncompromising in his support for the Democrats and Communist Party “friend” Barack Obama.

The Communists understand what is at stake in these elections. Do you?

Let us not forget, recently the Socialist Party of America announced the names of 70 members of Congress who are also Marxists, and members of the Socialist Party caucus.

The must radical elements of humanity, violent Communists, Socialists ….  Marxists all …. are who now control the democrat party. These disciples of Lennon and Marx are evil. There is no other way to describe them.

Remember this when you vote on Tuesday.

You have a choice: Leave radicals, supported by the absolute worst of what society has to offer, in power, or vote for Common Sense candidates who will restore this nation to sanity.



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2 responses to “But Of Course: Communist Party Of America Throws It’s Support Behind Obama And The Democrats

  1. Godstxgirl

    Interesting that his example of a city in ruins is Detroit which is and has been run by the Democrats for years.

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