The Difference Between Sarah Palin Allen West and Barack Obama, In Pictures

By Gary P Jackson

Pictures really are worth thousands of words:

Allen West hopped on his motorcycle for a charity event, the Celebration of Smiles Charity Ride 4 Kids, benefiting the Chris Evert Children’s Hospital. Photos by Cal Deal

Allen with former Miami Heat star Glen Rice

Barack Obama:

Oh yeah, and let’s not forget George W Bush, arguably one of the most physically fit Presidents ever, with “Mountain Bike One“:

H/T: Mona Breed Johnson for the inspiration



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56 responses to “The Difference Between Sarah Palin Allen West and Barack Obama, In Pictures

  1. ladydawnelle

    that’s friggen awesome!!! I love this Palin/West idea!! WoW! HOT ticket!! HOT!!

    • falling

      Have a facebook account? Do a search for Sarah Palin and then like her page and be one of the first to read her new postings and join in her discussion group. Same for Allen West. And there is a very active group online trying to draft a Palin/West 2012 ticket so you will run into them too! Great bunch of Palin supporters facebook! See ya there!

      I LOVE these pics!

  2. Joy

    Fun stuff, Gary – THANKS for posting!!

  3. Carmelo Junior

    Allen West looking great…but still Marco Rubio is the One for Sarah.

    • Gary P

      I like Rubio, but the jury is still out.

      So far my choices for Sarah Palin’s Veep are West, Texas Governor Rick Perry, and possibly Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. All have their strong points.

      I’d love to see Allen West debate Joe Biden. It would be epic.

      • John M.

        I’d like to see Allen in a debate with anyone. PALIN/WEST 2012, it might be the last time you vote if it’s not the right one. Make it count!

      • Joanna

        On behalf of Wisconsin, we need Walker for a little while longer. He’s still got his hands full here.

      • Gary P

        I hear ya! Don’t know much about the man except he reached out to Sarah Palin for an endorsement in 2010, and he is kicking ass up there as Governor. He’s certainly the real deal.

        If y’all really want to get the union thugs fired up, become a right to work state. Texas is a right to work state, and in the last 10 years over 70% of all new jobs created in the entire country were created in Texas.

        We haven’t outlawed unions, but one never sees or hears about any unions down here. I’m sure they exist, but they are like Bigfoot. No one ever sees em!

  4. Carmelo Junior

    If someone had any doubts that Obama is a closetted gay, these pictures should have erased those doubts.

  5. Natalie

    Obama’s a pussy compared to Palin, West and Bush! Not surprising though…

  6. jann

    Why is it that the biggest screw ups are supposed to be the smartest, coolest and turn out to be the lamest? I can’t wait for President Palin to take charge, since she’s a smart cookie I know that will include Allen West, how could it not!! Keep praying America and push harder! πŸ™‚ grrrr !!

  7. david k

    Bachman and Allen West would be unbeatable! I love Palin, but I don’t think she can win and winning is the most important thing in this elections. We must remove the worst president in American history from office if there is any hope for this nation.

      • cherilee

        Sorry ,Michelle Bachmann needs executive experience. The last time a congress person won the presidency was in the 1800’s.

        Sarah Palin is the only one who can turn this country around because she has done it before.
        Once the Sarah Palin grassroots machine starts rolling – Michelle will be long past the radar screen.

      • Gary P

        You said it! Bachmann is a 6 term Congresswoman and other than naming a post office or two, has no legislative accomplishments on her record. She gives a pretty speech though, doesn’t she?

        She’s fine where she is.

  8. Dennis

    Even Piper is tougher!

  9. andycanuck

    You can add a photo of Netanyahu in his Commando days to those contrasting photos. (There was one at Weasel Zippers although I don’t know if it’s still on the home page.)

  10. Pretty obvious choice, is it not?

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  12. Love Sarah, love West. Don’t know how electable Sarah will be though. Maybe a West/Palin ticket would be easier than a Palin/West ticket this time around?

    • Gary P

      Yeah because a one term Congressman is stronger than a woman with 20 years experience, most of it at the Executive level/s

      West should be on the ticket, but he’s not ready to be POTUS. Palin on the other hand is.

      Palin is plenty electable. She has the most experience of anyone running, and has no huge errors to try and explain away. Her service to Alaska is filled with successful governance.

      Frankly, with Allen West it’s more the man than his experience. In most cases I would NEVER support someone with so little experience on the ticket. But he is the one exception. I think serving 8 years under President Palin will be all he needs to be a great president in his own right.

      • That’s what I mean: West is more the “man.” Right now, in the United States, I think most conservatives are STILL not ready for a female president. Sad, but true.

      • Gary P

        That’s a silly as saying America wasn’t ready for a black president.Of course we’re ready. We’ve BEEN ready for a woman president.

  13. Check out Palin West America on fb

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  15. Al

    Oh my god! Thanks for sharing this awesome post. You know I kind of suspected that Obama rides a bike and you caught him in the act!

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  17. Annie

    Oh my gosh. Barry is riding a girl’s bike! I’m 5’2″ and mine is bigger.

  18. Oh, my. Wow! Had seen the pics of Sarah on the 4-wheeler, love them. But those pics of the Col.–that first one made me catch my breath. Oh. My. πŸ™‚

    Sarah Palin is my choice for president, she will beat Obama handily, and I look forward to the debates. West, as VP candidate, would be a dream come true. Just the thought of watching him debate Joe Biden makes me salivate.

    GREAT post! Linking.

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  20. Yeah but Barack Hussein ObaME killed Osama Bin Laden, just ask him.He’s not a wimp. ObaME told Bill O’Reilly in the Super Dud interview that he KNOWS football. He’s a MACHO MAN.

  21. billwhit1357

    A Palin/West ticket would be Great! Both are true Leaders, not crackerjack idiots like Obama, who goes out of his way to kiss our adversaries butts. Obama is the Most Sickening Excuse of a Leader I have ever seen in my lifetime! I served under Presidents Nixon thru Reagan, and Obama is not a Leader, he is a Whimp with a Narcistist Mentality.

  22. PaMom4Palin

    LOVE THIS GARY!! Pictures sure do say a lot don’t they?!

    Palin/West 2012

  23. Debbie

    Loved the pictures, comical.

    Sarah Palin and Allen West love this country and I might add, they are both homegrown.
    Palen/West 2012

  24. Brent Davis

    The old saying a picture is worth a thousand words could not be any better illustrated that these pictures. Some people will argue but factts are facts. I rest my case.

  25. Socmodfiscon

    Need to add that pic of Palin on the horse.

    • Gary P

      I didn’t think of that. Thanks! I’ll get that in at one point, for sure. That’s an iconic shot reminds me of Reagan riding those very same trails.

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  27. Great Pics.
    There’s one more that you have to see.
    They say “a pic is worth a thousand words”
    Check out this one of Sarah Palin and Alan West together!
    This one’s worth a million words…
    It’s at the bottom of this post:

    • Gary P

      Yeah I LOVE that one. Man there is so much info coming in about her trip I can’t keep up! She is shaking things up!!

  28. Becky K

    I LOVE Sarah Palin. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE her. But I don’t think that she will be electable in 2012 – and as mentioned before, we need someone who can WIN. The press will not leave her alone – every inevitable gaff will be used against her, and they will dredge that poor family through hell and back. I think she is a much more powerful force for getting a whole slate of conservative candidates elected, just doing what she is doing now.

    • Gary P

      Oh please enlighten us all. Who is that magical mystical candidate who can?

      Sarah Palin is the ONLY ONE capable of beating Barack Obama. She’s the only one with the guts to take that loser head on. She’s been the only one consistently doing it since September of 2008.

      As for her family, as Todd said today. They are tested. As in battle hardened. They have been on board for a presidential run since 2009.

      Past that, besides Sarah Palin, Herman Cain is the only other real Conservative out there. Love Herman Cain, but he isn’t qualified to be President. He has no experience and no record.

      So again, please enlighten our readers who it is that can win if Sarah Palin allegedly can’t.

  29. Hadassah4Zion

    Obama looks so happy in that pic! That’s because his Mom just removed the training wheels. Also, as a very cautious man, he wears a helmet, just in case he falls on the grass!
    These pics remind me of a Hefty garbage bag commercial. Allen West, Sarah Palin and George Bush…Hefty, Hefty, Hefty! Barack Obama…Wimpy, Wimpy, Wimpy!

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  31. Stephanie M

    Does anyone else notice that wimpy Obama rides his girls bike on the sidewalk?

  32. Hmm it appears like your website ate my first comment (it was extremely long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I wrote and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog writer but I’m still new to the whole thing. Do you have any helpful hints for newbie blog writers? I’d definitely appreciate it.

    • Gary P

      Thanks. Sometimes WordPress’ spam filter will do that.

      The best advice I have for someone wanting to blog is just do it! WordPress and Blogger have plenty of free templates to fit your style. I actually have used both, Blogger is easier for a beginner, and you can make a little money off their ad program, but over all, I like WordPress better. Though posting videos other than You Tube can be a hassle.

      Not sure what you want to blog about, but my best advice is to just be yourself. If you blog about politics, or anything that shapes opinion make sure you use facts to back up your opinions. Having well researched articles will keep readers coming back.

      Give it a shot, and most importantly, have fun.

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