Sarah Palin’s Blunt Advice for the Presidential Candidates

By Gary P Jackson

As we end the year, the Washington Post has several Republicans, including Sarah Palin, talk about what they would do if they were running for president.

Sarah uses this opportunity to give the current field of GOP candidates some advice:

Given the concerns I have for some of the Republican field’s focus thus far, I must implore the candidates to do something that sounds self-promoting, but whatever. Candidates, please turn to Chapter Three of “Going Rogue” and read what it takes for our country to step toward energy independence. Note the lesson I share in the same chapter about taking on the “elite,” the crony capitalists and the permanent political establishment to get a job done.

Do you really realize what is at stake? What is at stake is our republic. The gravity of today’s situation is real. We count on you to lead our nation on the right path. Please let us know you realize this. Understand how the left’s terrifyingly naive assault on American industry exposes us to the mercy of foreign regimes whose prime objective is, at worst, our permanent demise and, at best, is stripping away our freedom. God has blessed America with ingenuity, natural resources and the strength of our workforce. Let’s use them. Tell voters that you understand this. Talk about this on the campaign trail. And quit gripin’ and moaning about “inside baseball” partisan machinations and maneuvering. We have other things to worry about. Stay strong. Focus on defending our republic and how we’ll re-industrialize our most exceptional nation in order to defeat the incumbent and win for America.

Blunt and to the point, this is vintage Sarah Palin. In a couple of paragraphs she cuts to the chase. Not only giving good, solid [and winning] advice, but pointing out why our candidates are in big trouble.

We have candidates and their supporters creating conspiracies theories at warp speed concerning the Virginia ballot access fiasco. Of course, it’s only a fiasco because Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich are too disorganized to get enough signatures to qualify for the ballot, despite having five months to get it done.

And because the candidates, and their supporters, refuse to accept reality.

Face it. Perry and Newt failed. Get over it. Every mimute spent bitchin’ about this, is a minute spent not talking about how these people intend to get America back on the right track.

Frankly, the candidates need to sit down and read Sarah’s entire book. Then they MIGHT get it. But probably not.

You read Sarah’s words and immediately think: “Girl, if you want this done right, you’re going to have to jump in and do it yourself!” These other candidates simply aren’t capable of articulating Conservative principles and common sense solutions. Most certainly, none have actually put them into practice.

Before readers go all “She’s going to run!!!!!” I gotta throw some cold water on you. The Post also asked Haley Barbour, Herman Cain, and Mitch Daniels to weigh in as well.

That said, she’s the only one of this bunch voicing “concern” over the field. She’s the only one on record as saying she isn’t happy with any of these candidates, and she’s the only one who’s said it’s not to late for “someone” to jump into the race. What that means, only Sarah Palin knows.

There are reasons why, when Sarah Palin was Governor, you saw magazine covers like this:

And by “hot” they meant her approval ratings in the 90s [highest of any governor in the nation] and the ability to get things done. Not her looks.

If we had candidates running for president that had her résumé and skill, we wouldn’t be seeking someone else to jump in the race.



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4 responses to “Sarah Palin’s Blunt Advice for the Presidential Candidates

  1. The only way to win back the White House is by the candidates forcing the mainstream media into an Impeachment discussion to inform the voters of what the msm keeps from them on the evening news.
    From Solyndra, Fast and Furious to murder, treason and war crimes. All documented here at why is no one having this conversation? This strategy failed in 2008 and will fail in 2012 again.

    • Gary P

      Nah, that would only fire up Obama’s supporters, and the media. Right now they are as demoralized as everyone else. Instead of talking about something that won’t happen, just keep hammering the democrats, AND Republicans on corruption, and then talk about HOW you are going to get America back on track.

      Sadly, Only Sarah Palin is capable of pulling it off with any credibility, and she ain’t running.

  2. Joy

    I looked at that magazine cover from just a few years ago (thanks, BTW, Gary, for running it again to remind us!) and felt a wave of real regret, sadness and anger wash over me as I listen to beautiful music on this New Year’s Eve night. Here was someone, it seems, that God gave to us (and the GOP) – and look what’s happened! The Left and the rotten Obama machine saw what we saw when McCain first introduced her in Ohio – and then when she took the stage at the Convention. And although what we saw was FANTASTIC and THE REAL DEAL, those bastards on the Left saw only a THREAT to their kill-or-be-killed campaign to install the worst POTUS in American history in the WH. And they worked overtime to destroy her. Damn their rotten a**es!!

    • Gary P

      Sarah is the real deal. It’s funny, until she became a national threat to unseat the establishment, which was the very second McCain introduced her to the world, it was hard to find a nasty article about her.

      That’s when I learned of her.

      Nothing but praise. Vogue even did a spread where she ended up looking like a fashion model, rather than a governor. There were photos without her glasses that were stunning. Saw a photo a few years back from the book tour where she was getting her hair done, no glasses. She doesn’t look like the same person!

      The biggest complaint was from the photographer. He wanted her to look “serious” but she couldn’t help but smile in every photo. It’s just who she is.

      I bet she wishes she could turn back the clock sometimes.

      I am deeply saddened she isn’t in this fight, but I still know America is better off because we know of her.

      Sarah will be on Cavuto’s show Monday, 3:00pm central. Eric Bolling is hosting. We might see something. Might not.

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