HBO’s “Game Change” a Ratings Disaster: Less Than Half the Audience of TLC’s “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” Debut

By Gary P Jackson

They had some of Hollywood’s biggest names, the backing of a sycophantic, fawning media, and a huge marketing effort, and yet the phony baloney Game Change movie couldn’t beat the real thing.

That’s right folks, a housewife from Wasilla, Alaska, and a little travel-adventure show beat out, not only the biggest of the Hollywood bigs, but the Obama regime, and all of it’s minions, by more than two-to-one!

From Andrew Breitbart’s Big Hollywood:

Game Change‘ Ratings Bust: Less than Half of ‘Sarah Palin’s Alaska‘ Debut

HBO’s anti-Sarah Palin film “Game Change” scored some pretty impressive ratings over the weekend – 2.1 million viewers, according to numbers released today.

But while the cable network may be tempted to spike the football, it might want to do some digging on some other Palin-related data first.

TLC’s “Sarah Palin’s Alaskadebuted in 2010 to five million viewers, more than double the HBO figure. Now, TLC isn’t a pay channel like HBO, but the tally still undermines the narrative that audiences were clamoring to see a Palin takedown.

Plus, while HBO’s film got almost universally glowing reviews and all the media attention a title could muster, the TLC reality show debuted on a much less well known outlet sans universally positive press.

Even when one adds up the three “Game Change” airings on Saturday it still only comes to 3.6 million viewers, far less than the number of folks who caught Palin basking in her beloved Alaska two years ago.

I haven’t seen the numbers for The Undefeated on Reelz yet. It will be interesting to see how many tuned in, as Reelz reaches about three times as many households as HBO.


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7 responses to “HBO’s “Game Change” a Ratings Disaster: Less Than Half the Audience of TLC’s “Sarah Palin’s Alaska” Debut

  1. Jim Thompson

    I Said This Once, And I’ll Say It Again, Sarah Palin Rocks. I’ll Wager The Libs Are Tied Up In Knots Over This. Hell, May We Give A Huge Shout Out To The Maryland Chapter Of Organize 4 Palin On A Job Well Done. Good Work, Gang.

  2. Game Change is a loser for Tom Hanks, Julianne Moore, Steve Schmidt, Nicole Wallace et al.

    America votes them a huge razzie!

    • Gary P

      You got that right!

      I’ve followed Sarah Palin since early 2007. Sometimes it takes a while, but every time someone fools with Sarah, they lose.

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  4. Sarah Palin Alaska debuted with over 5 million viewers.

    So a movie gets the best viewing for 8 years. Hmmmm, look at other viewer ratings on HBO. Sopranos use to get over 10 million viewers.

    It bombed, admit it lefties.

    • Gary P


      Moreover, Sarah Palin’s Alaska maintained huge numbers. It was a well done show and those who watched it liked it. From what I understand, TLC wanted a second season.

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