Liberal Black Female Blogger Calls For Sarah Palin’s Death

By Gary P Jackson

I don’t generally talk about death threats against Sarah Palin. I feel these things only encourage more of them. But after talking with fellow blogger and friend Jackie, from the Sarah Palin Blog I feel this needs to be out there and talked about.

First the tweet:

Jackie has saved a progression of tweets where this blogger discusses this call for Sarah’s death. Click on the various photos on Jackie’s site to read them.

The blogger shows concern that she might get in trouble and eventually deleted her Twitter account. She now has a new account, which is “protected” meaning only followers can see what she tweets from now on. As of this writing, I’m waiting to be “approved” so I can look at her latest actions.

Looking at this woman’s blog New Orleans Scholar I was struck by a couple of entries. She is talking about supporting Trayvon Martin, the little gangsta wannabe street thug who was shot and killed while attempting to murder George Zimmerman, a Hispanic male, in Florida.

Those who have followed the case know that Martin has a history of thug behavior, including many run-ins with the law. There are also reports nationwide of black gangs attacking whites in retaliation. The domestic terror group New Black Panthers have called for Zimmerman’s death. The Obama campaign is selling hoodies like the thug wore, and the president has said if he had a son, he’d look “just like Trayvon.

It’s unreal.

This blogger wants “justice for Trayvon, while at the same time calling for the murder of Sarah Palin.

Another post that caught my eye was a tribute to Dr Martin Luther King.

Dr King, of course, was a Conservative Republican who was murdered by a crazed liberal democrat, James Earl Ray. I find it rather outrageous that this woman would have the audacity to place a true hero like Dr King on her blog, then call for the death of another Conservative icon.

One has to wonder what she is being taught as a “New Orleans Scholar.”

Making death threats, and even carrying them out, is nothing new for liberals. They know their ideas are not popular, and their ideology a failure. Only through violence and intimidation can they prevail. Liberal and Communist icon Saul Alinsky wrote entire books about using threats and intimidation as political tools. Barack Obama is a student of Alinsky, as are most liberals.

This blogger knows what she did was evil, as evidenced by her attempts to hide by deleting her Twitter account.

Liberals continually called for President George W Bush’s death, as well as Vice President Dick Cheney’s. Filmmakers made movies and created plays in which President Bush was assassinated. No one went to jail. Instead, the creators were given awards.

The radical anti-American group Code Pink also called for President Bush’s assignation. No action was taken against them.

These are a violent class of people, and must be held accountable.

I don’t care who we are talking about, publicly calling for someone’s death is unacceptable.

As we saw with Jared Lee Loughner, the liberal loon who gunned down Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords, disturbed, hate-filled liberals will sometimes carry out the wishes of those calling for harm to others.

In case you forget, Giffords a “blue dog democrat” was targeted by liberal Marcos Molitsas who publishes the vile Daily Kos hate site. He put a bull’s-eye on Giffords, targeting her as a “sell out” to the democrat cause. The day before Giffords and others were gunned down, a Kos blogger “BlueBoy” proclaimed Giffords “dead to me” simply because Gabby voted against Nancy Pelosi as House Minority Leader.

Loughner had been stalking Giffords since 2007, but one has to wonder if all of the hate directed at Giffords from leading liberals like Molitsas had the effect of driving him over the edge.

To put it simply, many liberals are intolerant totalitarians that will not accept different points of view. They are very dangerous, and have a proven record of inciting violence.

We cannot let this sort of thing stand.

It’s time to start shining the light on all of the hate, and pointing out who these violent radicals are are. As a society, we simply can’t allow this to go unanswered.

We’ve seen violence from democrats across the nation at occupy rallies. We’ve watched the union thugs in Wisconsin destroy the state capital. We’ve heard the calls to murder George Zimmerman simply because he exercised his right to defend himself against a murdering thug.

It’s well past time for America to say enough is enough.


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14 responses to “Liberal Black Female Blogger Calls For Sarah Palin’s Death

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  2. JoeThePimpernel

    I’m sure Eric Holder will get right on this.

  3. Annie

    Sadly, the foul-mouthed blogger is a prime example of what happens when a liberal mates with a jacka$$. One cannot distinquish from which parent the unfortunate offspring gets its intellectual capacity or its looks.

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  5. tamramb

    I see your “liberal” death threat to Sarah Palin and RAISE you death threat and REPEATED conservative harassment including from MILITARY personnel. ALL FOR NOT HATING Obama, gays, liberals, non-whites, Dems, muslims and ANYTHING the “christian constitutionalists” didn’t like! even told to change my username as it’s assumed to mean hate of liberals, Dems, Obama, muslims etc. you guys need to clean up your OWN back yard before you go knocking on your neighbors DOOR

    • Gary P Jackson

      What in the world are you talking about? Your incoherent word salad makes no sense whatsoever.

      I can show you hundreds, ney thousands of cases of liberals making death threats against those who they don’t agree with. You’d be hard pressed to show cases of actual Conservatives doing the same.

      Conservatives are very much live and let live types. Of course, as the saying goes, don’t start none, and there won’t be none. If trouble comes knocking, we are certainly ready to defend what we love.

      As for hatred, I think the democrat party has had the market cornered for, oh, the last 150 years, at least.

      It’s the democrat party that is the party of Jim Crow, slavery, and the KKK.

      I suggest a bit of a history lesson is in order here:

      • I’m not here to hear MORE speeches to promote hatriotism. and *again* what I *am* talking about IS the link I referenced in the “Website” field for “replier” info, unless that info has been snipped. but here’s the same link again: link start-> <-link end — harassed since 2008, on twitter AND via email. in the emails in 2008 (posted on a site in 2008), SUPPORTERS of Palin – INCLUDING BLACKS, for NOT agreeing with her hateful and intentional divisive rhetoric, called me all sorts of derogatory names, wished I was dead, called me a welfare recipient with multiple kids, drug addict and Dominican prostitute working to pay for my prison boyfriend. NEITHER ASSUMED derogatory term applied – of Native American ancestry and a Native family member married white side of family married BEFORE *slavery* in mid-1600s (you know that era before the hatriots arrived and when all had equal civil rights, including after their **paid** indentured servitude and BEFORE forced slave for life, including for free blacks and Native Americans and TWO Congressional Fugitive Slave Acts which allowed free blacks and Native Americans to be rounded up and captured as "slaves" w/o question ESP. if they didn't have their "papers" — yea history, it's NOT kryptonite), and I worked since 15-years-old, and later became a software engineer at prominent companies that allow many of you to get online and *complain with hate*, and ironically after dealing with one disturbed person after another (who I wish were in prison as we'd never have met), I have always abhorred DRUGS.

        without EVEN taking the time to get to know persons, the new GOP motto: ASSume, attack, eliminate. who wants to vote for that, other than other angry mobs equivalent of Jim Crow Benefactors

        I was harassed to the point that I will NEVER return to the Republican party and will remain an Independent. and ironically we're having this conversation on William Seward's birthday, a person who is more than rolling in his grave at his own party he was a contributing factor too, a person Palin herself would only know of as "founding Alaska", which is the other sickness of the party today. again, the Dixiecrats have completely taken over the party, sanity has left the building, the fat lady has sung.

        also, for the 2012 class of "christian conservatives" AND "constitutionalists" (which if they actually were, I wouldn't have to include persons): – putting them on display in the same way they were put on display in 2008 for the world and esp. voters to see.

      • Gary P Jackson

        You realize what sort of loon you sound like?

        Sarah Palin is not derisive or hateful, neither are Conservatives.

        I looked at the website and you have nothing but some obscure rants about rednecks and Tim McVeigh’s mother. Here’s a news bulletin for ya. McVeigh was a left winger working with Islamic radicals to bomb Oklahoma City.

        It’s just like the hatefilled loons from Westboro Baptist Church. The “God Hates Fags” bunch who protest at military funerals. They are a bunch of democrats.

        It’s been proven time and time again that hate and murder is the stock and trade of the democrat party.

        Remember Dr Martin Luther King, Jr? Dr King was a CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN who was murdered by a hatefilled DEMOCRAT by the name of James Earl Ray.

        JFK was murdered by a communist, Lee Harvey Oswald. The communists now control the democrat party.

        Bobby Kennedy was murdered by an Islamic radical. Today the Obama regime coddles Islamic radicals.

        Some obscure website is no proof of anything but desperation.

        Remember, Congresswoman Gabriel Giffords, a “blue dog democrat” was gunned down by a radical liberal, Jarred Lee Loughner, because she wasn’t radical enough for his taste. Giffords was targeted for execution by the vile hatesite, the Daily Kos, which is read by every democrat politician in the country, including Obama, on a daily basis. It’s one of the most evil group of humans ever gathered in one spot.

        You wanna talk about institutional hatred, racism, and evil, you are talking about today’s democrat party!

      • tamramb

        oh and the screen shots to the death threats and harassment begin after intro text in blog posting: link start-> <-link end. a day doesn't go by that I don't see similar and all from persons with "conservative", "christian", "constitutionalist" or "libertarian" in their bio, all labels which directly contradict their own behavior. a media member here in NYC also receive insistent death threats from a Breitbart staffer, to the point of having to move out of fear.

        so again, clean up your own backyard before you go knocking on your neighbors door, as you can't travel with KKK and bomb threaters in tow and then throw stones complaining about hate and rage.

      • Gary P Jackson

        You are so full of shit it’s unreal. No Breitbart staffer has ever issued a death threat.

        On the other hand, Sarah Palin gets death threats on almost a daily basis from hatefilled liberals.

        Again, the KKK is a democrat party creation. The democrats created the KKK after the Civil War SPECIFICALLY to murder Republicans. It just so happened most blacks voted Republican back in the day, since it was the REPUBLICANS who fought a war to free them, and Republicans who made sure LBJ’s Civil Rights bill passed, while democrats like Robert Byrd an actual KKK member, and Al Gore’s daddy fought to keep blacks from having freedom.

        Go sell stupid somewhere else. No one here buys it. We all know actual history.

  6. Annie

    You are fighting a losing battle on this one, Gary. Neither truth nor reason ever enter into a conversation with people like tamrab. They are fed a ration of out-of-context soundbites, altered or downright fictional ‘historical facts’, and blatant lies. The left will continue to use uninformed and easily manipulated people to do their dirty work. It’s a shame to see these poor folks get all riled up by the likes of Axelrod, DWS, Pelosi, jabberin’ Joe, Sharpton, etal solely for the purpose of trying to distract from the President’s failed record.

    Most conservatives have moved on from pointless hand-to-hand combat with Move-On hirelings, and are working within our system to replace those (of both parties) who would destroy our country..either from greed or just plain stupidity. Because of the dedication of people like Gary, and legions of people who are all “Breithbart” now, the majority of America knows it’s not about race, tamrab. It’s about the economy..and our freedoms.

  7. chris

    Sorry for the late reply. Let me correct a thing or two from this piece. Martin Luther King Jr was not a conservative republican, but an independent, and he didn’t endorse any president. Also back then, Republicans weren’t the conservatives, it were the Democrats. Republicans were pro government and were for higher taxes and infrastructure spending, while the Southern Democrats were for states rights, less government intrusion, and less taxes.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Wrong on every single account, but thanks for playing.

      Dr King was a CONSERVATIVE. Doesn’t have anything to do with presidential endorsements. Hell, we’ve only had one truly Conservative president in the last 100 years anyhow: Ronald Reagan.

      As for democrats being Conservative, put down the crack pipe fool. LBJ, who was president when Dr King was at his peak, created the “great society” the greatest expansion of government since FDR. Last I looked both LBJ and FDR were Marxist-democrats. Hell, FDR called mass murderer Joseph Stalin “Uncle Joe”! LBJ was from Texas. [and we’re still trying to live that shit down]

      I tell you what southern democrats WERE, they were the party of the KKK and Jim Crow. Al Gores’s daddy and Robert KKK Byrd, two prominent southern democrats, worked over time trying to kill the Civil Rights Movement. It was REPUBLICANS who helped pass LBJ’s legislation.

      It’s always been Republicans who have stood up for individual rights, and democrats who plot and scheme for new and creative ways to enslave people.

      Please go learn some history. You might also want to look at the movie Runaway Slave:

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