Heartache: AFL-CIO Union Thugs Cutting Funding to Obama Campaign

By Gary P Jackson

It seems union thug Richard Trumka, and the AFL-CIO, have decided to distance themselves from the Obama regime. The thugs are upset their bought and paid for president didn’t show his face in Wisconsin and support their hand picked candidate against Scott Walker. This is the same Richard Trumka who claims his thugs weren’t part of the recall effort in Wisconsin.

Ben Shapiro at Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government reports:

After President Obama’s decision to avoid the Wisconsin recall election, undercutting desperate union members who wanted to oust Governor Scott Walker, the AFL-CIO has announced that it will take money away from political candidates and instead put it into “infrastructure and advocacy,” according to AFL-CIO spokesman Josh Goldstein. “There will be less contributions to candidates.

That means that President Obama will receive less direct funding from the AFL-CIO than usual, but it doesn’t mean the AFL-CIO will be silent – it just means they’ll message independently of the Obama campaign. “This is not a slight at the president,” Goldstein said. The goal is to create a massive system that would give “different kinds of support to different candidates.” Richard Trumka, head of the AFL-CIO, had said back in 2009 that the labor movement would be building its own campaign machinery.

Trumka’s diplomatic way of saying: “Nice presidency you got there. Be a shame if something happened to it.

Read more here.

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