Obama Henchman Bill Burton Attacks Sarah Palin for No Reason Plays Race/Gender Card to Shield Susan Rice

By Gary P Jackson

If democrats didn’t have double standards, they have no standards at all.

On Wednesday Senator John McCain spoke out about Susan Rice, saying she is unqualified to replace Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State [a position Clinton was never qualified for either] and has vowed to do everything in his power to block her appointment:

McCain was also on CBS Thursday morning and said Rice “Rice wasn’t too bright” on Benghazi. An understatement if there ever was one:

McCain called for a congressional committee investigation. He wants to look into the Benghazi attack, the Obama regime’s response, and most particularly, the lies told by Susan Rice to the American people.

If you’re going tell the American people something, make damn sure it’s true,” McCain said.

Obama’s SuperPAC boy Bill Burton, as well as the rest of the democrat shills, were in high dudgeon over all of this, of course. I mean HOW DARE someone point out that the Obama regime is filled with degenerate liars!

First Burton played the gender card:

Then, right on cue, came the race card from one of the ObamaZombies™:

Then we get this bullshit:

How is pointing out that Susan Rice is a lying crapweasel somehow an attack on all women, but Burton’s gratuitous shot at Sarah Palin not? I’m trying to understand what passes for democrat “logic” here. Fact is, neither is an attack on women. One it the truth, the other is an attack on Sarah Palin, specifically. The woman who lives rent free in these peoples’ heads.

I’ll go out on a limb here and challenge idiot democrats, as well as naysaying Establishment™ Republicans. If Sarah Palin isn’t qualified, then I submit that no one who has ever breathed is qualified. Period.

Let’s not forget that Burton’s SuperPAC took a million dollars from filthy misogynist pig Bill Maher. GOP’s War on Women© my ass!

Bill Burton is a former deputy press secretary for the regime, and now a senior strategist at the George Soros [that would be Nazi collaborator George Soros] funded Priorities USA.

I don’t always agree with John McCain but when he’s right, he’s absolutely right. And he’s absolutely right about Susan Rice. She’s not fit to serve. I imagine McCain will put a strong coalition together in support of stopping Rice from being confirmed to any further position within the regime.

For her part, Sarah Palin gave her full support to Senator McCain on Wednesday:

Senator John McCain’s expertise, integrity, and conscientious questioning of the Obama administration’s Benghazi fiasco must be listened to and respected.

America should be thankful for his passion and intelligence on this all-important national security issue.

I couldn’t agree more.

Oh, and one more thing, the people saying Sarah Palin, an accomplished Mayor, oil and gas chairman, Governor, best selling author, executive television producer, and the nation’s top influencer, isn’t qualified, think these two idiots are, and that Katie Couric is an actual “journalist“!

Give me a friggin’ break!

Note that Couric never challenges Biden’s stupidity, just looks at him like a schoolgirl in heat:

H/T: Ray at SarahNet.


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8 responses to “Obama Henchman Bill Burton Attacks Sarah Palin for No Reason Plays Race/Gender Card to Shield Susan Rice

  1. Pinnochio Doesnt Need Qualifications

    They question Palin’s qualifications~? Lets ask Obama if he is qualified~ One of the only times he has told the truth I believe ~ Check it out~> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5BnLozS-TnM

  2. LD Jackson

    I am not necessarily a big fan of Sarah Palin, but to call her unqualified, with someone like Obama in the White House is more than a little outrageous. How anyone can say he is qualified is beyond me. He and his entire administration. And yet, we are stuck with them for four more years. May God grant us grace and strength to deal with them.

    • Gary P Jackson

      If you study Sarah Palin’s career as closely as we have, you might come to be as big of supporters as we are. She was unmatched as Governor and worked miracles as Mayor. She’d make a great president.

      That said you are so right about Obama. Man had never run a city, never run a state, and never run anything as complicated as a lemonade stand. And it shows.

      • LD Jackson

        Please know I didn’t mean that as a slam on Sarah Palin. I especially enjoy how she gets under liberal’s skin. She starts them foaming at the mouth.

        As for Obama, I stand amazed that the man ever won the Presidency once, much less twice.

      • Gary P Jackson

        No worries. She does get the liberals foaming at the mouth because she’s an existentialist threat. They talk trash and make crap up, but the ones with a brain know of her record and know she’s the real deal. That’s why they work so hard trying to destroy her.

        Obama won for several reasons, one, the media is corrupt as hell, and keeps the casual news consumer completely in the dark. Two, the GOP is beyond useless. They keep thinking they need to be MORE like the communists, instead of fighting them.

        If Palin runs in 2016, and I pray she does, she’ll win hands down. She’ll fight.

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