Wendy Davis Poses with a Shotgun, Democrat Party Sez: “She Will Do Her Best to Kick Some Ass With It!” –UPDATED

Wendy Davis Gun 2


I was remiss in noting this gun, that was once owned by Texas Governor Ann Richards, was given to Wendy Davis by Richard’s daughter Cecile, the president of Planned Parenthood. [Her ONLY constituency] No word on whether Davis, or the baby slaughtering blood cult she represents, plan on using the shotgun as a faster method of “family planning.”

By Gary P Jackson

You know how democrats are always screaming about the evil’s of gun ownership, and the “violent images” of gun owners exercising the Second Amendment rights?

Yeah forget all of that!

National punch line, and [snort] Texas gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis accepted the gift of former Texas Governor Ann Richards’ old shotgun, and couldn’t wait to pose with it, in an effort to look like an “authentic” Texan. Literally no one was fooled!

Amazingly, the Texas democrat party tweeted this:

Then with no sense of irony whatsoever, this:

It should be noted that democrats ripped Texas Monthly Magazine to shreds for using this cover photo of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, who will be our next Governor …. barring something drastic …. like the end of the world.

Texas-Monthly Greg Abbott

A later edition of the far left magazine was filled with complaints from readers about the “unfortunate” and “violent imagery” of Abbott with HIS shotgun after this cover hit the newsstands. Evidently it’s OK for a gun grabbing radical Marxist like Wendy Davis to pose with her gun though. I mean it’s not like she actually knows how to use it!

In case you wondered:

The Texas Monthly cover story on Abbott included a trip by the author with Abbott and a bunch of his lifelong friends on a bird hunt. Our Attorney General is reportedly a pretty good shot!

This Davis photo sort of reminds me of 2004 when John Kerry, who served in Vietnam, ran for president, and went hunting! “Can I get me a huntin’ license here?” Painful to watch.

On Twitter, it was noted that Wendy Davis looks about as “badass” with a shotgun as Richard Simmons holding a broadsword!

Texans are proud gun owners, with many having concealed carry permits. [No permit, license, or registration necessary to simply own a gun in Texas]

What angers me is the fact democrats, who want to take away every American’s right to own a gun, have the nerve to post this photo of Davis, and the comment that she wants to use the gun to “kick some ass“. Wendy Davis is, herself, against Texans’ [and Americans’] God given, Constitutionally protected, right to bear arms!

Throw in the fact these Anti-American clowns loose their shit any time an America patriot is shown holding a gun, and go on for DAYS about the evils of gun ownership, and gun violence, while implying Davis is going to USE her shotgun to “kick some ass” shows what a bunch hypocrites, with vicious and violent fantasies, democrats truly are.

The good news is Wendy Davis has a better chance of the Catholic Church naming her it’s next Pope, than ever being elected Governor of Texas!

Democrats who want Wendy Davis to “kick some ass” with her new shotgun go absolutely ape-shit, with seething rage and hatred, when they see a photo of THIS WOMAN with a gun: [So here are a bunch of them!]

Sarah Palin Annie Oakley


Sarah Palin

Palin in Kuwait Rifle Training

palin-Kuwait 2


Sarah Palin Hunting Sarah Palin's Alaska

sarah_palin_shotgun Bear Hunting Sarah Palin's Alaska TLC

Yes, this is Governor Palin, in her role as Commander-in-Chief of Alaska’s National Guard, doing a bit of target practice with a .50 cal.

palin-guns4 National Guard

In case we haven’t sent democrats into a coma yet, here’s Bristol Palin showing Wendy Davis, who definitely needs some NRA safety training, how it’s done:


Bristol, with her dad, Todd, on a hunt:


Bristol and her DWTS co-star Mark Ballas at the gun range:


Oh yeah, here’s Governor Palin’s youngest daughter, Piper, shooting on horseback:



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