Video: Governor Sarah Palin Expands on Her Call to Impeach President Obama


If people care about the future of this country and the defense of our Republic they will join this cause of Articles of Impeachment against Barack Obama, because enough is enough!

~Governor Sarah Palin

By Gary P Jackson

You don’t bring a lawsuit to a gun fight!

~ Governor Sarah Palin on Speaker of the House John Boehner’s meaningless lawsuit against President Obama

On Tuesday Governor Sarah Palin called for the impeachment of President Barack Obama in a scathing op-ed. [We laid out the case for impeachment on June 27]

We get the government we put up with! How about we don’t put up with this lawless government.

~ Governor Sarah Palin

Tuesday night Governor Palin talked with Sean Hannity and expanded on her thoughts, noting, among other things, that legal scholars had already laid out the case for impeachment, with twenty-five separate charges that can be brought against the President.

Governor Palin notes, as we have, that impeachment is the Constitutional remedy to stop an out of control, lawless, imperial presidency.

Hannity names many scholars who note that America has become a “post-constitutional nation.” This is a dangerous situation and an obvious constitutional crisis, something our Founding Fathers not only anticipated, but offered a simple solution for: Impeachment.

The Governor and Hannity talk about the politics of this. Governor Plain says politics shouldn’t enter into the picture, that this is a bi-partisan issue. They also discuss the fact the Republicans don’t have the “cojones” to stop President Obama, or even offer up anything but token resistance.

This is a powerful interview:

Video courtesy SarahNet.


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