Video: Governor Sarah Palin Reprises Her Commander-in-Chief Role, Honors Veterans at CPAC2015

Governor Sarah Palin at CPAC 2015

By Gary P Jackson

Introduced by Medal of Honor recipient Dakota Meyer, Governor Sarah Palin gave a powerful speech in support of our nation’s military. Alaska’s former Commander-in-Chief spoke, not as a politician, but as the proud mother of a veteran of both the Iraq and Afghan wars.

Governor Palin talks about the horrific treatment our veterans suffer at the hands of the federal government, and what must be done to fix things. She talks about the need to put our veterans “first in line” when it comes to health care benefits and other services, and notes illegal aliens receive far better, more preferential treatment.

The Governor also talks about the need for better opportunities for veterans returning to civilian life, and the absurdity of having to go to school to “get a piece of paper” to certify they know how to do a job they were already well trained for in the military. After all, one of the military’s selling points is you can learn skills that translate to jobs in the civilian world! [Which is true]

Almost every sentence is quotable, so instead of boring you …. here’s her full speech, courtesy of of our friends at SarahNet:


Governor Palin, who got many standing ovations, was the one speaker folks wouldn’t let leave the stage without getting a handshake from and the obligatory selfie with!

Like this one from Keira Lyn:

and this one: has a collection of tweets about and user generated images of Governor Palin here.

BTW, since the “legitimate media” seems to focus on what Governor Palin wears as much, or more than what she says, let me just say what a great outfit she had on. Loved the skirt and the shoes! That would be a great outfit to have her official White House photo made in!



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14 responses to “Video: Governor Sarah Palin Reprises Her Commander-in-Chief Role, Honors Veterans at CPAC2015

  1. Isabel Matos

    Sarah blows me away every time. No one guessed she’d dedicate her speech in such a heartfelt way to Veterans. The entire speech was the theme was veterans and how we should repay them with our thanks, sacrifice and better care. I can’t say enough to express how amazing this woman is, just like Dakota Meyer said she was. It was such an impressive gesture aside from the flawless delivery. I know I can sleep better tonight knowing she is a few steps closer every day to being in the White House. Yes, not without having a war ahead of us, but restful nights thanking God for her and for living in a country that produced her. We were all vets today.

    It was so appropriate and genuine. She shined and will continue to shine in God’s grace as well (and I’m not an openly prayerful commenter.) How does she do it. How does she keep on topping herself each time. Even on her worst day she is good. What a treasure, America. What a future ahead. This was done the way she likes things done-get the tough message across but without being disagreeable, nasty or assigning blame except to the corrupt government. It’s a lesson for us every day. Sarah is not a principle we defend. She embodies the principles we should defend but the way she would like for us to defend them. Shouldn’t we all look to her to figure out how we can all do better. (In your heart of hearts… we can all be better, can’t we?!!) I love you, Sarah. We love you, vets.

    Thanks, Gary. Great post.

  2. Bruce Ballard

    Thanks Miss Isabel.. I am honored to be called your friend.

  3. OMG The best speech Sarah ever gave and that is saying something .

  4. pocabonbon

    Sarah was AMAZING today! Feeling and receiving the love and support of Sarah Palin’s Earthquake group as she spoke to those who were at CPAC today from onstage saying “I love you guys!”

  5. Governor Palin has given so many great speeches, but other than her 2008 convention speech, this is the best of them all! This is what I have been waiting to hear from her. She was is in her element when she speaks about her love of our military and her love of our country. She had a strong message for those in DC and hope they were listening!

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