Video: Sarah Palin Joins Rolling Thunder

By Gary P Jackson

A bit of video from Fox News of Sarah Palin at the Rolling Thunder rally in Washington, D.C. honoring P.O.W.s and those still Missing In Action.

I still can’t figure out Fox’s headline. “Stolen thunder“? Really Fox? Really?

Sarah Palin was invited to ride in the event as are many high profile leaders annually.

It never ceases to amaze me how the media, when there is no controversy, will go out of their way to create one. Anyone who questions Sarah Palin’s motivation to honor the military is insane. She’s the mother of an Iraq war vet, as well as a former Commander-in-Chief of two military forces. She speaks at events nationwide in support of our military men and women.

Here’s a photo of Sarah in the crowd:



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6 responses to “Video: Sarah Palin Joins Rolling Thunder

  1. jd

    Thank you for clarifying! Every article I have read tries to make it sound like she pushed her way in, however, the truth is that almost everybody is invited, and she was the only person who accepted the invitation. Want to bet that next year everybody else will accept? Of course they will. Obama will have to find a bike with training wheels, however.

    • Gary P

      The corrupt media, with the help of this moron Shpak has went into high gear trying to leave people with that impression. Hell, even Fox News jumped on the bandwagon.

      Anyone who knows Sarah Palin knows her love and respect for the military, and all she does to support them. She would never “crash the party.”

      I know one thing, the bikers there were quite happy to be with her.

  2. Disgusting and shameful exploitation of all our family members who served. She WAS NOT invited and she has no business HOGGING attention from what is a profound cause. But would we expect anything else from this clueless woman?

    • Gary P

      Yes, Sarah Palin WAS invited. She’s also the mother of an Iraq war veteran, and a former Commander-in-Chief of not one, but two military forces.

      Palin has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for wounded vets and families who have suffered the loss of a military hero. Why weren’t you here posting about that?

      What is amazing is the amount of hatred losers like you carry around with you. How pathetic your life must be.

      What’s more pathetic is how you liberals turn EVERYTHING into politics.

      BTW, while Palin was honoring our troops, and remembering former POWs and those Missing In action, Obama was in Joplin turning a memorial into a friggin’ campaign stop.

  3. Charlie

    Bonnie, Gov. Palin was invited. It has repeatedly been confirmed by Rolling Thunder’s media director, Christine Colborne. They were grateful to have her attend and she was honored to accept their invitation.
    What is disgusting and shameful is the unrelenting ignorance and hatred from those on the left who continue to stalk and harrass her (and her family) with pointless insults and foolish lies and innuendo. The good people of America are sick and tired of your nonsense. Go boil your traps.

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