Sarah Palin Talks To Megyn Kelly Shows Leadership, Statesmanship

By Gary P Jackson

Stinging remarks from Governor Palin to Obama over his mishandling of the budget. She also talks about Rick Perry’s statement on Bernanke, and reminds viewers she was talking about all of this ten months ago, when no one else was. Also tells Perry to keep calling it as he sees it.

In the second clip Sarah talks about Michele Bachmann and vetting candidates.

Unlike many Conservatives who are losing their minds because both Bachmann and Perry are actually being heavily vetted, Sarah calls it the “new normal” and necessary to find the right candidate.

It’s easy to read between the lines here. What she’s saying is all the candidates need to be vetted as well as she has been. I think our readers will agree, no one in our lifetime has been as well vetted as Sarah Palin. And more importantly, no one has ever held up to the sort of vetting the Governor has. No one.

Maybe that’s why the others are crying foul.

Sarah also shows she is a lot closer to announcing her presidential run. Megyn asks some great questions about this. Most importantly though, Sarah points out there is no one currently running for the Republican nomination she can support at this point in time.

Though no one knows for sure, I look for the Governor to announce her Presidential run sometime in September, but not Labor Day weekend in Iowa. [Watch her prove me and announce Labor Day weekend in Iowa!]

This is a solid interview. It shows why Sarah Palin is the true leader of the Conservative movement, and a very wise leader and statesman. This is the Sarah Palin who pulled Alaska out of it’s mess. The Sarah Palin of whom Steve Bannon said: “What Governor Palin did in Alaska is a Harvard Business School case study on how to turn a government around.


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5 responses to “Sarah Palin Talks To Megyn Kelly Shows Leadership, Statesmanship

  1. Keeps getting better and better every day.

  2. Joy

    I don’t know if I can WAIT that long, Gary!! And what about the hundreds of O4P volunteers who’re flying to Iowa for the Tea Party event on Sept. 3, booking hotels & motels, etc.?!? Well, maybe she IS waiting for a DEFINITIVE “NO” from both Rep. Ryan and Gov. Christie, but not sure who else is lurking in the GOP wings…

    Yes, her very mien with Megan Kelly – her hair style (much better, IMO!), her business-suit/top appearance, and her calm, measured demeanor – all on full (and proud!) display!! BTW, she’s obviously been working on her speech patterns/inflections, etc. – and it shows Big Time! This reminds me of that glorious moment in the old film, “Gigi,” where Louis Jordan sees a grown up and beautiful Leslie Caron in the title role – and WOW! Sparks fly and bells go off (in his head, of course), as the “girl” who had been groomed to be a high-class call girl/”companion” turned into a lovely, innocent and charming young woman!!

    I just LOVED that moment in the film – and I think that’s how a “new” (and more carefully groomed and “mature”) Sarah Palin will simply DAZZLE the world – incl. the hated, but, of course, besotted LSM!! The big question is, “Will their obsession turn into infatuation?” I think I may have been reading too many harlequin novels (not!!), but it’s easy to kinda rhapsodize…

    • Gary P

      All I can tell you is hang on, there is some strategery involved here.

      As they say, I could tell you more, but then I’d have to kill you! 🙂

  3. Seattle

    Bret Baier on FoxNews today, when talking with Carl Cameron, ended the segment on Sarah with something like [paraphrase], And Sarah is still employed with this news channel.
    I could have imagined it, but then I thought I saw some quick looks exchanged between Cameron and Baier when he said that. Do they know something we don’t? Is that the canary in the mine? Will we hear of her no longer being with Fox, and that’s the clue? (is this when you look away and start whistling a tune, Gary?)

    • Gary P

      There has been serious tension between Palin and Fox for quite some time. Once they hired her they realized she wasn’t one of the “good old boys” and instead had her own ideas. When the book comes out about the Fox years it’s going to be very interesting.

      That said, Fox has been throwing everything but the kitchen sink out there, and all of the hosts except Hannity and Greta are on the :she ain’t running” bandwagon.

      I’m not convinced she will announce on the third, but she will announce when the time is right.

      Right now she’s smart to sit out. The longer she sits out, the longer the media and the people will focus on the other candidates. Beat them up, vet them well.

      Waiting is very smart stratgery. No one but politically junkies really pay attention until after Labor Day anyhow.

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