Sarah Palin: We’ve Already Gone Over the Fiscal Cliff, Now It’s About How Hard We Hit Bottom


By Gary P Jackson

On Friday night Governor Sarah Palin talked with Greta about Susan Rice, the Obama regime, and the handling of affairs in Libya.

Sarah and Greta rip into the corrupt media, pointing out that media outlets who press the regime for actual answers are shut out. These outlets are given less access, or completely taken out of the loop. This has a chilling effect on things. It makes media outlets less likely to actually work to get to the truth. Sarah tells Greta “who cares” noting that Obama and his minions just lie anyhow, show who needs access to more lies!

Sarah also gets into the failed fiscal policies of the regime. She lays out the case against both Obama and the GOP in this disaster. She scolds the House “leadership” [such as it is] for not taking charge. The House holds the purse strings, and is controlled by the Republican Party.

This is what leadership sounds like America. Too bad none of it seems to exist in Washington.

Video courtesy SarahNET

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