“Outsider” CLAWSON Best Candidate and “Winner” Over $3 Million Can Buy


By Isabel Matos

Update FL District 19 Special Primary Race to replace Trey Radel.

Clawson “wins” Primary – a hollow victory for someone who bought the press, bought the backing of phony Tea Party Endorsements and a multitude of consultants in the community and elsewhere. Congratulations to the crony millionaire who fought for the wrong reasons.

To Lizbeth who fought for the right reasons, my message to you is:  Thank you for running a campaign we could all be proud of.  My suggestion for a true Mama Grizzly:  LIZBETH FOR U.S. SENATE 2016. We’ve only just begun to fight.

lizbeth 1

U.S. Representative, District 19

Candidate Party Total Votes Received
Lizbeth Benacquisto


Curt Clawson


Michael J. Dreikorn


Paige Kreegel


69,753 total votes cast.

victory clawson

For Concession and Victory Speeches CLICK HERE (Updated at 12:22 a.m. 4/23/2014)



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7 responses to ““Outsider” CLAWSON Best Candidate and “Winner” Over $3 Million Can Buy

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    • Isabel Matos

      A very interesting story is playing itself out here, though, and thank goodness it is only a Congressional race. Maybe some good will come out of seeing JUST HOW the establishment works its way through the Tea Party to get good old boys (who are young) to play their game by paying their dues, literally. It’s awful. But I do see some good coming out of this.

      He’s an outsider only because he’s never done politics. Just messed up companies and kept millions while laying off workers. A shame. And a sham and bad joke on Tea Party. Amy Kremer did the right thing in leaving. I hope she speaks up. We have to clean up the corruption on OUR side. Thanks for the visit!

  2. By coincidence, I just rec’d a euphoric email from Tea Party Patriots (Jenny Beth Martin), celebrating Clawson’s victory. If I hadn’t known (mainly through YOU, Isabel!) that an even better candidate (Lizbeth B.) was running for this same seat in the GOP primary, I wouldn’t have been alert to “shaving of the truth” by Martin and the increasingly UNDEPENDABLE TP Patriots! I think this info – and all relevant facts – need to be better known far and wide. Martin’s organization is well known and, in most quarters, fairly well respected; but when “big bucks” are involved, lots of otherwise honest advocates can certainly be swayed in the wrong direction and for the WRONG candidate!

    • Isabel Matos

      I just finished posting a few of my comments and links on Mark Levin’s wall. He, too, is dumbstruck by the “conservative” surge about to happen, with Clawson as the clear winner in the recent “victory” in Florida. Incredible.

      Media coverage is like a fungus. It spreads and it’s bad. I’ve been on this story but will have to organize it and give it extra punch even IF the race passed, because what I’ve been writing has come trickling in, bit by bit.

      I posted at C4P as the events took place to have witnesses. Some will still resist FACTS. Yes, Tea Party Express has been compromised. It doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed, but the damage they did in Florida, a small sleepy district, is huge, so is the lie that is being spread that Curt Clawson is a Tea Party Candidate. Good grief.

      You will see more naysayers and voters in denial about it as it is mentioned. We will be called dividers of the party, too. Get on board! What’s wrong, etc. You know the deal. Lizbeth, a class act, and said in her concession speech it’s time to unite. I will, but not at the expense of not exposing the truth.

      MY first hunch there was a media problem in Naples was with WINK NEWS. They repeated the meme in a report on the BBQ as Lizbeth being “the candidate who was not endorsed by the Tea Party”. Corruption is so evil that it hurts good causes, possibly Jenny’s, but I would have to say, in all fairness, stay away from ANY organization with the words “Tea Party” in front of it. It’s just no longer trustworthy.

      Support Sarah’s candidates and/or her Pac and everything will be fine. I’m disappointed she lost but again, it HAS exposed the ugly head of the GOPe.

    • Isabel Matos

      One more thing about your comment. Tea Party Patriots has been using most of their funds (the rest they do not account for) on community organizing, not on candidates themselves. We are being used. The Tea Party name is being used to help Rinos stay in power. I said it last year and I will say it again, they have been deliberately trying to blur the lines and confuse people. Now there’s tons of money involved and people will feel they can’t trust anyone. The one person this should help is Sarah if people see she can be trusted. You never know. Voters can be stubborn.

      • One small consolation: Apparently, Tea Party Patriots & Jenny Beth Martin were targets of the IRS when applying for a 501(c)(3) status; at least it gave them “street cred” among many Conservatives who are NOT aware of their being used by the GOPe, assorted RINO “consultants” and wannabee candidates! The Ghost of Dick Armey returns from the political graveyard…

      • Isabel Matos

        Yes, it did (to the first comment). And to Conservatives not aware of the GOPe trying to crush us… I sum it up in three words: Establishment? What establishment? People haven’t a clue and we have to let our friends know what the problem is, one little election at a time. It takes time. That’s why it has been said that this “war” or cause may take as long as 75-100 years. God bless Dick Armey. 🙂

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