Why Doesn’t Sarah Just Declare a Run?

By Isabel Matos

On July 21st, 2015, Republican Governor of Ohio, John Kasich, declared a run for president (making a total of 16 GOP nominees!) I kind of joked about it on my wall saying most of the candidates are there to run for Jeb’s VP slot since he is the inevitable choice the RNC will back. But really, every politician except the one who should be in the race, is in the race.  So that begs the question: Why doesn’t Sarah Palin just declare a run?  What is keeping her from doing so?

Even Donald Trump, who I do not consider politically trustworthy, shares an opinion that could be considered unanimous by all Sarah Palin supporters: “I don’t even think she knows how important she is.” This is the full quote:

“I can tell you she’s just an amazing woman. She is given great credit, but she should be given even more credit because she is someone that people respect and admire. She speaks to so many people. I don’t even think she knows how important she is. And maybe that is part of the beauty of Sarah Palin, but I just see it all over. So many people revere her, so I think it’s great. I think she is terrific.”






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5 responses to “Why Doesn’t Sarah Just Declare a Run?

  1. I support Sarah Palin declaring! Same for Stacy Dash, Meghan Kelly and perhaps Kim Kardashian, who will turn 35 this October. We really ought to have at least 30 candidates, so each one can support and spotlight a single issue, and all demographics will have an advocate. Maybe 50 candidates would be better.

  2. Sarah is honest so she can never be elected president you have to have no morals like the Clinton’s, Get caught constantly lying like the Clinton’s , be a cold bloody murderer like the “We are the president”

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  4. Phil

    Sarah Palin The Undefeated on Netflex Get it watch it then decide

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