BREAKING: President of Argentina Accuses Obama of Treason Against The United States


By Gary P Jackson

Speaking at the United Nations, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchener … the President of Argentina … dropped a bombshell that, if true, would make President Barack Obama guilty of High Treason against the United States, and mankind as a whole.

According to President de Kirchener, in 2010 Gary Samore … the White House Coordinator for Arms Control and Weapons of Mass Destruction, approached her, requesting her government send enriched uranium to Iran. Samore admits this, and says he also approached Russia and France asking the same of them! All three countries refused his request!

From the Marshall Report: [emphasis mine]

The President of Argentina – Cristina Fernandez de Kirchener announced before the United Nations that her nation had been approached by an Obama administration official, Gary Samore, former White House Coordinator for Arms Control and Weapons of Mass Destruction, requesting them to provide enriched nuclear fuel to the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2010. (Samore did not dispute this claim).

The request fell short when Kirchener asked for the deal in writing and Samore was never heard from again.

Samore did release a statement admitting that he made the request in 2010 and Argentina balked at the deal. He also admitted that he had approached France and Russia with a similar proposal. That deal fell through as well. The deal was supposedly to allow Iran to send their low enriched uranium to Russia to enrich further, then send it to France to finish converting it into nuclear reactor fuel then send it back to Iran for its own use. Supposedly in an effort to prevent Iran from weaponizing its uranium stockpiles. That deal also fell through.

These deals lead to a new U.N. resolution that increased economic sanctions on Iran. And eventually to the bargaining table for the horrible deal Obama has worked out with them this year.

Obama’s White House administration has not responded to these potentially treasonous allegations as of yet.

There’s only one real reason for Iran to have enriched uranium, and it has nothing to do with generating electricity!

Obama’s nuke deal with Iran is itself an act that borders on treason, but deliberately arming the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism [a regime that screams “Death to America” on a daily basis] with nuclear weapons, AND roughly $150 BILLION in cash, so they can purchase intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of hitting targets within the United States [which Obama’s treaty allows] is the most evil thing any American president has ever done.

This is the sort of thing that should make the America people all across the nation stand up and DEMAND Obama’s immediate resignation, as well as criminal proceedings to commence. Obama has proven over and over that he is an enemy of the United States, and Free people all around the world. Everything he has done for the past 7 years has been designed to destroy America and her allies, and strengthen her enemies.

We can’t wait for January 2017 and Obama’s exit from office. He can do too much damage between now and then. He has to go now and criminal investigations must begin immediately. The survival of the Free world demands this.



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43 responses to “BREAKING: President of Argentina Accuses Obama of Treason Against The United States

  1. beefrank

    No State dinner for you!!

  2. HELLery, and crew should have been incarcerated for life over 30 years ago . We are the president were guilty of mass murders of American UNARMED citizens

  3. As a conservative, as a republican, as someone who opposes the Iranian deal and who despises Obama and his progressive left psychopath cronies? As all these things, I want to say?
    This is nonsense garbage.
    If Iran did was nuclear power, they would need fuel for it. Which means they either make their own, of they buy it from someone else. If they make their own, that means their own centrifuges, and that means being able to refine it to military grade levels and not merely fuel levels. It also means they can stockpile it.
    If, however, deals were set up allowing them to get it from the international market, we would have on record the EXACT amount they received, EXACTLY how refined it was, and where it came from. They would have no basis to fight to keep their centrifuges, without which they could not continue to refine. And they could NOT STOCKPILE.
    In short, under the disastrous, currently existing Iranian plan, they have over 6,000 centrifuges, and make and stockpile their own material, and could have a bomb in just a few short years.
    If this original plan had taken place, they would have no ground to demand centrifuges, and would lose them. Their amounts of fuel would be known and could not be hidden, and they would not have the amounts, equipment, or purity of fuel needed for weapons, and the ONLY thing they could do was use it for electricity.
    Iran would have lost 4 years of its development time, and would have military potentials crushed, had this plan been adopted. Israel, other Middle Eastern allies, Europe, Us, and the average citizen in Iran would all be safer today and in the future, if this had been adopted. Your blind hatred for this man and his administration has resulted in you being unable to even consider that anything he could plan could work, and left you looking for deception, deceit, and treason in his every action. The detestable human being that he is, the poor leader that he is, the unAmerican liar that he is, you looking for these things is not unreasonable. But in this case, it is entirely unfounded. If a GOP president had tried to do this, you would have lauded it as an attempt at brilliant international maneuvering against Iran that would have crippled their war powers, that was defeated by other world leaders (such as Russia) who have a vested interest in keeping the US in a bad place.
    Seriously. Think about it. Why would Russia have opposed this? Because this plan would have worked, and that would have put the United States into a better bargaining position. The failure of this led to the current Iranian deal, which Russia supports and loves. Ask yourself why.

    • Gary P Jackson

      You’re an idiot!

      We gave North Korea “nuclear power” too. Now they have nuclear weapons and threaten everyone. The Iran nuke deal also gives the lunatics $150 BILLION to purchase ICBMs, which are capable of hitting the United States.

      Iran has cheap energy, and doesn’t need nuclear powered electrical generation.

      • Where did I say we should have freed up one penny for Iran? Where did I say we should allow them to build, buy and trade for ICBMs?
        You are putting words into my mouth that were not there.
        I never said in any way that I support lifting sanctions.
        Iran has centrifuges, and it has them because we refused to take them away. If they were allowed trade of uranium refined to fuel levels (which is NOT weapons grade) then they would have no leg to stand on when a demand that every centrifuge be dismantled.

        You seem to think I support the Iran nuke deal.
        I seem to think that YOU are the idiot, who is unable to honestly read any point of view not your own. You assume that because I do not 100% agree with you, that I must, therefore, 100% disagree with you, and must be worshiping my Obama shrine every night in thanks for the blessed Iranian deal.

        Try reading what I wrote again.

        As for do they need nuclear? Who cares? They want it. That’s the logical equivalent of saying you don’t need the option of Tylenol, because you have aspirin.Not a very “free market” attitude, is it? The tech to build and operate a nuclear power plant is NOT the same as the tech to build a bomb. They should have the right, but on the condition of no-warning inspections that face consequences, including the possibility of military invasion, should they be denied and delayed.

      • Gary P Jackson

        You’re using the same moronic argument idiots used to justify giving nuclear fuel to North Korea.

        Iran shouldn’t have nuclear ANYTHING. They do NOT need nukes for electricity generation. The ONLY reason Iran wants nuclear fuel is so it can develop nuclear weapons and bomb the shit out of Israel and the United States.

        The sanctions were working. NOW, thanks to Obama they will be lifted, and $150 BILLION will be coming their way. Oh, and now Russia is backing their play. This will NOT end well at all.

        We should have nuked Iran off the face of the earth back when the American hostages were freed, and their plane left Iranian airspace, in January of 1981!

    • steve

      He wouldn’t put the deal on paper which translates to no documentation. We would know EXACTLY NOTHING!!!

  4. Forgotten Vet

    Nothing will happen, no one has any guts in this country any more.

  5. If you think that BHO is the only problem, you have no idea how deep this conspiracy against the people of the USA goes. Changing POTUS in 16 isn’t likely to stop an agenda that has been going on for decades. And if you think electing a Republican president rather than a Democratic one will turn things around, then once again you do not understand the depth, and width and height of the problem the citizens of the USA are facing.

  6. Are the source’s from which this article was derived trustworthy and accurate? That would be my first question with regard’s to the piece I just read.

  7. no published comments, and my comment is still pending. I thought it was supreme liberals, leftists, and progressives who screamed “listen and believe!” and that we conservatives, being sane and rational people, were the ones who were supposed to still believe in discussion, debate, and sharing other views, maybe even opposing ones.
    It is tragically telling that my comment hasn’t been allowed through.

    • Gary P Jackson

      We actually take time off to be with our loved ones from time to time.

    • Lol, “our house, our rules” sounds like a recipe for propaganda. I’m on board with the spam and profanity (as much as I myself partake, I understand where and where it isn’t appreciated, profanity that is). But when you will edit or completely disallow comments because they aren’t in line with your “standards” (or more aptly stated, beliefs), then you are literally controlling the readers intake of information, and shaping the conversation to portray your point of view only. Only allowing “respectfully contrary” comments that you reserve the right to “lively engage” or rather only accepting comments that you are confident you can successfully deconstruct, is pretty propagandist of you.

      Respectfully… I think I’m good, yeah?

      • Gary P Jackson

        We have a LOT of clowns who like to spew hate and nothing else. As we don’t spend 24/7 watching our website’s comments section, moderating them is the best solution. BTW, some sites require you to be a MEMBER to comment, many even require you pay a fee.

        Try spewing a bunch of bullshit over at Hot Air, where only members can comment, and see how quickly you are banned!

        Again, our house, our rules. Unless you come here attacking people, or generally being an asshole, you’ll have no problem having your comments published.

  8. OK. I believe that Obama is guilty of treason and want him charged and punished. Now what?

  9. yawn nothing will ever happen

  10. Dave

    To bad there are no oath keepers in this country! So, government can pretty well do what ever it wants! No one to hold them accountable!

  11. The Last CowBoy

    That’s why we have Impeachment process written in the Constitution. You do not need Weapons Grade Material for Nuclear Reactor Plants to Produce Electricity. I have Worked in the Nuclear Industry and ALL COMMERCIAL Power Plants use Nuclear material that is less refined and CANNOT be Used to make a Nuclear Weapon. WEAPONS GRADE MATERIAL takes a long time to make: example (We used up all Weapons grade Nuclear material during WW ll for Testing and the only TWO Bombs that we Dropped on Japan) The Material is very Expensive to synthesize. SO!!! WHAT Does IRAN NEED With WEAPONS GRADE NUCLEAR MATERIAL For????

  12. Mark Timothy

    As a signer of the Non Proliferation Treaty, Iran has every right under “International Law” to develop nuclear power.
    Whether you, or I, or anyone else thinks they “need” it is completely irrelevant.
    What about “Israel?” Why won’t they sign the NPT? Every penny of the hundreds of billions of aid the US has given to “Israel” in the last 60+ years is absolutely illegal under the Symington Amendment. Contrary to Wikipedia, the US congress has never made an “exception” for “Israel.”
    In 1959 “Israel” purchased 20 tons of heavy water from Norway under contract for “peaceful” purposes only. What did they do with it?
    They made nuclear bombs. For decades Norway has tried to get access to inspect it’s heavy water-with no success. They should have investigated the “Kol Nidre” first. What is up with that band of Turko-Slavs who consider themselves above any rule on the planet ?

    • Gary P Jackson

      Well, moron, you don’t here the Israelis screaming “Death to America” or any one else, on a daily basis. A world where Israel has nukes is just fine. A world where IRAN has nukes is doomed. Iran will not only USE nuclear weapons the second they have them, they will also sell, or give, nuclear material to terrorists far and wide.

      Only a complete and total idiot thinks allowing Iran to continue here is a good idea.

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  17. I hope everyone is seeing the new threat, we & other “super power” nations no longer square off with each other, we arm smaller low developed nations who are allied with the big boys on the planet. Can’t slap the hell out of N. Korea cause China has their back, the deadly threat is small countries which will start fights. Worrying about nukes is so 80’s new laser tech & space defense is real and making nuke threats obsolete!! These street punks ( rouge-war aspiring nations) are just going to flatten themselves. Anybody remember Russia’s nuke plant melt down?? We need not “flatten them” they will screw up & make their own countries unable to live in, high ground is the ultimate military power as it always has been & we have owned the high ground for past 30 years. If they launch an ICB nuke it will never make re-entry from space ” USA has owned high ground- we just don’t flaunt it in a military conversation. Regular American citizens can see anything on planet earth with a smart phone. Stop freaking out we have teenagers who can watch live missile tests in junior high school lunch breaks!! The psycho nations will destroy themselves, the only military air response we will be doing is dropping food, water & medicine from high flying C130’s. RELAX Obama is just a renter in the White House who’s lease is almost up! USA generals run the security show & remember they have no term limits, presidents have limited access to our full capabilities cause they are short timers who get need to know abilities for military, joint chiefs, CIA are only ones who know everything as they are protecting our citizens & which include their families & country. By the way they stick around for 30-50 years, don’t freak out unless you see these real protectors freak out. I’m not losing sleep on this saber rattling, anyone remember seal team kill the 3 pirates on rolling seas w/3 head shots at same time?? Don’t underestimate skill and total commitment, I should know as a 30 year veteran of 911 emergency services. Every country on earth had front row seats to what happens when we get attacked, think Pearl Harbor or twin towers!! As the Japanese general famously stated after attack on Pearl Harbor “I FEAR WE HAVE AWAKENED A SLEEPING GIANT” the Americans have always been and always will be the sleeping giant, who if attacked or allies attacked WILL AWAKE PISSED OFF & show NO MERCY to those who try to declare war on us!! I will pray for anyone’s country who starts a fight with us! As it stands now 1 war submarine or 3rd Navy fleet could turn Iran or N. Korea into a parking lot or God help them we might just send full complement of all our Seal Teams into their back yards, as to avoid destroying the soil & sea from toxic fall out! Sleep well my friends, we will never fall because we don’t run from danger, we run towards it, I should know cause me & my crews in the 911 system never hesitated or flinched & that is the foot 2 ass attitude in every city in America, our military’s leaders & service members are even tougher than us!! know we will be ok when the dust settles- ALWAYS!!

  18. Horseshit, all of it! Presidents are mere puppets, they have no real power. Here’s a bit of a clue – the puppet masters are NOT Muslim! #GoodbyeAmerica

  19. Jim Anders

    Israel has never used one of its nukes. Iran wouldn’t be so nice.

  20. nateswoodworks

    I agree completely but don’t know what steps to take to get him removed. Please help point us in the direction or lead the way. God bless

  21. Loreena

    E. Walley, thank you for your service

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  24. What I don’t understand is how anyone in the SS can call himself an American.
    I also don’t understand what kind of mental illness allows them to volunteer to take a bullet for that hideous traitor.

  25. So then we all, from left or right, agree Obama is not an idiot but cunning Muslim that has to be taken out.

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