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BREAKING: President of Argentina Accuses Obama of Treason Against The United States


By Gary P Jackson

Speaking at the United Nations, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchener … the President of Argentina … dropped a bombshell that, if true, would make President Barack Obama guilty of High Treason against the United States, and mankind as a whole.

According to President de Kirchener, in 2010 Gary Samore … the White House Coordinator for Arms Control and Weapons of Mass Destruction, approached her, requesting her government send enriched uranium to Iran. Samore admits this, and says he also approached Russia and France asking the same of them! All three countries refused his request!

From the Marshall Report: [emphasis mine]

The President of Argentina – Cristina Fernandez de Kirchener announced before the United Nations that her nation had been approached by an Obama administration official, Gary Samore, former White House Coordinator for Arms Control and Weapons of Mass Destruction, requesting them to provide enriched nuclear fuel to the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2010. (Samore did not dispute this claim).

The request fell short when Kirchener asked for the deal in writing and Samore was never heard from again.

Samore did release a statement admitting that he made the request in 2010 and Argentina balked at the deal. He also admitted that he had approached France and Russia with a similar proposal. That deal fell through as well. The deal was supposedly to allow Iran to send their low enriched uranium to Russia to enrich further, then send it to France to finish converting it into nuclear reactor fuel then send it back to Iran for its own use. Supposedly in an effort to prevent Iran from weaponizing its uranium stockpiles. That deal also fell through.

These deals lead to a new U.N. resolution that increased economic sanctions on Iran. And eventually to the bargaining table for the horrible deal Obama has worked out with them this year.

Obama’s White House administration has not responded to these potentially treasonous allegations as of yet.

There’s only one real reason for Iran to have enriched uranium, and it has nothing to do with generating electricity!

Obama’s nuke deal with Iran is itself an act that borders on treason, but deliberately arming the world’s leading sponsor of terrorism [a regime that screams “Death to America” on a daily basis] with nuclear weapons, AND roughly $150 BILLION in cash, so they can purchase intercontinental ballistic missiles capable of hitting targets within the United States [which Obama’s treaty allows] is the most evil thing any American president has ever done.

This is the sort of thing that should make the America people all across the nation stand up and DEMAND Obama’s immediate resignation, as well as criminal proceedings to commence. Obama has proven over and over that he is an enemy of the United States, and Free people all around the world. Everything he has done for the past 7 years has been designed to destroy America and her allies, and strengthen her enemies.

We can’t wait for January 2017 and Obama’s exit from office. He can do too much damage between now and then. He has to go now and criminal investigations must begin immediately. The survival of the Free world demands this.



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God Bless Michelle Malkin For Saying What Needed To Be Said About Scott Walker


By Gary P Jackson

Conservatives thirst for a leader, someone they can rally around. Lacking a real leader, they manage to latch on to every “flavor of the month” that comes along, no matter how far from being an actual Conservative their latest heartthrob may actually be. And if the lamestream media attacks their latest love interest, oh boy, they cling to him even harder! It’s become very knee-jerk, with these Conservatives taking a media attack on their new love, as absolute proof that person is “THE ONE!” [The old adage “they attack who they fear the most” ~ which isn’t always true]

I like the fact that Scott Walker has taken on the violent Union Thugs™ in Wisconsin. I like that Wisconsin is now a Right-to-Work state. But fighting billion dollar unions isn’t a Conservative thing, it’s simply a human rights thing.

The fact is, on the issues that matter most to Conservatives: stopping amnesty for illegal aliens and reforming education, Scott Walker sucks!

Scott Walker has been OFFICIALLY pushing amnesty for these criminal invaders for over a decade. And by “officially” I mean in his capacity as an elected official. As I have stated many times, amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens is an act of TREASON against the United States and the American people. PERIOD.

Walker claims to have “shifted” his position on amnesty, but if you read his statement he only disagrees with HOW Obama is handling amnesty, not amnesty itself. Like all “progressive” Republicans, it’s not about actually stopping an evil deed, but simply claiming they can manage that evil better than the other guys.

Walker is also on the wrong side of the Common Core debate. He is all for the nationalization of schools that first began under Jimmy Carter. [and Ronald Reagan had promised to end] We’ve seen the quality of education fall off the proverbial cliff since Washington, and not local school boards, have been in control of education. It’s one of the greatest evils the federal government has ever done to the American people.

Recently in Iowa, Walker showed he is also subservient to Big Ethanol, another great evil the government has created. I could go on for days about the evils of ethanol, and the cost of taxpayer subsidies, but if you are reading this, you already know what an evil scheme ethanol is, and the damage it’s done to the environment as well as our national fleet.

We love Michelle Malkin because of her no-bullshit attitude. She never puts party over principle. She is a fearless warrior, which is what we need if America is to survive. In an exclusive interview with Breitbart’s Matthew Boyle, Malkin reminds readers that on every issue we, as conservatives, care about, Scott Walker is in lock-step with Jeb Bush and other left-wing Republican scum-bags.

From the article:

Nationally syndicated conservative columnist Michelle Malkin, founder of the website Twitchy, tells Breitbart News that Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker—a potential 2016 GOP presidential candidate—needs to be vetted. She also says Walker’s “problems” run much deeper than the decision to hire—then quickly let go of—pro-amnesty communications aide Liz Mair, who had taken shots at Iowa.

Scott Walker has much bigger problems than the ill-considered hiring and firing of one D.C. operative,” Malkin said in an email:

What does he really stand for and is he fully equipped to bear the slings and arrows of his enemies on a national and global scale? Yes, he fought Big Labor and has managed his state well. But grass-roots activists in his state have long been warning me of his ideological gymnastics on core issues: immigration and education.

He has been on the same side as the progressive Left and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Right: pro-amnesty, pro-massive legal immigration expansionist, and pro-Common Core. He’s been left, right, center, and all over the map.

She added that Washington-based GOP establishment forces are good at backing up establishment politicians, as they seemed to have tried to do to defend Walker and Mair.

The D.C. consultant class and Capitol Hill GOP operators are adept at swooping in to ‘rescue’ the campaigns of neophytes and molding them into Beltway barnacle tools,” Malkin said. “They did it with Spencer Abraham and Marco Rubio and Paul Ryan. Face it: Many of the D.C. messaging ‘experts’ and ‘communicators’ DO have their own policy agenda and it is naive or stupid to believe they have no sway or influence on ambitious, outside the Beltway seekers of higher public office with no fixed principles.”

Malkin also stood up for the few reporters willing to pressure Walker to answer legitimate questions about Mair, and about his positions on issues like immigration and education.

I believe conservative journalists should not be mocked for asking GOP candidates or their staffers unorthodox, ‘rude,’ and uncomfortable questions,” Malkin said. “That’s called vetting.

This is a great article and a must read. There is much more here.

We thank Matthew Boyle, as well as Michelle Malkin, for standing up to those who are trying to pull one over on actual Conservatives who care about our nation. We MUST vet everyone who we consider for election to ANY office. This is something Sarah Palin has been preaching for years! Blindly following anyone who remotely sounds “conservative” is idiotic, as is following the crowd.

Michelle tweeted this a few days ago to drive that point home:

I absolutely agree with her! Groupthink is dangerous. Fuck groupthink!

As Conservatives, we’re supposed to have the intelligence to look past the bullshit and hype and figure things out. Let the other guys be sheep and play “follow the leader“!

The real and honest truth is, as Conservatives, we really don’t have a champion going into 2016. There truly is no one on the so-called “deep bench” of candidates that are champions of not only Conservatism, but Liberty and Freedom as well.

We are screwed, well and good.

And don’t give me, or anyone else, any of that “Reagan’s 11th Commandment” bullshit. Ronald Reagan famously ripped on Republicans who cared more about power than the American people. He ripped left wing Republicans a new one. And yes, I KNOW Reagan said that someone who agrees with you 80% isn’t 20% your enemy, and I agree with that. BUT when the 80% we agree on is inconsequential, and the 20% will destroy the very fabric of our society, then yes, that person is not just 20% my enemy, he [or she] is 100% my enemy.

Compromise is NOT a dirty word, and frankly, I think if we got partisan politics [and groupthink] out of the picture MORE than 80% of the nation [the entire nation] could sit down and agree on almost everything. BUT, there are some things that are not negotiable. One simply cannot compromise on core principles. If you are ready to throw away your core principles in the name of compromise, you are no better, and maybe even worse, than those who, if left unchecked, would destroy civilization, forthwith.

It’s funny, you NEVER see a democrat stray from their core principles, as evil as they may be, EVER. In fact, among democrats groupthink is mandatory and independent thought discouraged, and often punished.

I’m very disappointed that Scott Walker isn’t the “conservative savior” so many want him to be, but life’s hard. I suggest you wear a helmet!

Scott Walker, if elected president, would be an unmitigated disaster, just as would Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, or any of the other corrupt, pro-amnesty, Big Government crapweasels. If you are for amnesty, you are an enemy of the American people. Period.

2016 is going to be a tough election. The Republican Party “leadership” has been stabbing the American people, who gave them an unprecedented mandate to stop Obama, in the back [and the front] If we don’t get control of the party, and find a Pro-AMERICAN candidate, we’ll not only lose the White House, but Congress as well. And as evil as Barack Obama is, and as much irreversible damage as he has done, any democrat who would replace him, WILL be worse.

Vet every candidate, then re-vet them. Don’t be a sheep. The life of our nation is at stake. Act like it!

¡Sí, Se Puede! ~ Yes We Can! [hold EVERY politician accountable]


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Pure Evil: Speaker Bohner and GOP Leadership Tricked 216 House Republicans Into Voting FOR Obama’s Executive Amnesty


By Gary P Jackson

There are some truly evil machinations afloat in the Republican controlled House of Representatives.

We’ve long known that Speaker of the House John Boehner and his cronies want to give amnesty to illegal aliens. ALL illegal aliens. We knew that any tough talk coming out of the mouths of these treasonous “progressive” Republican bastards was just theater to fool those who don’t really pay attention. After one of the greatest Republican victories in modern times, Boehner almost immediately signaled he would not fight Obama in any way. Typically, Boehner and his cohorts would rather fight Conservatives, who wish to save America, rather than Obama and his democrats, who are hell-bent on destroying it!

Matthew Boyle at Big Government has a lengthy and exhaustive interview with Congressman Louie Gohmert [R-TX], a straight shooter, if there ever was one. Congressman Gohmert goes to great lengths to describe how Boehner’s henchmen took a piece of legislation [H.R. 5759] written by Congressman Ted Yoho [R-FL] co-sponsored by Gohmert, and completely changed the wording and intent of the bill in Executive Committee. Boenher actually took a very short and concise piece of legislation that reminded President Obama what he was doing was illegal, and actually changed the wording in a manner that would STRENGTHEN Obama’s position on amnesty, and other unconstitutional power grabs by the president.

In a lengthy interview on Friday afternoon, Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX) exposed how House Speaker John Boehner, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Majority Whip Steve Scalise strengthened President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty with procedural trickery former Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber would envy—and they did it all in the name of pushing a bill that they told Republicans would block Obama’s executive amnesty.

What’s more is that a series of interviews and recent developments indicate that Boehner’s gambit here is placing several of his top lieutenants—including at least two committee chairmen—at political risk of serious primary challenges just a few months after newly elected Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) beat now former House Majority Leader Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA) in a Republican primary.

Gohmert said most members had no idea what they were actually voting for when 219 members—216 of which were Republicans—approved a measure, H.R. 5759, first put forward by Rep. Ted Yoho (R-FL), but subsequently dramatically altered by leadership officials in the Rules Committee process.

I was a cosponsor of the original Yoho bill. I thought it was a very decent bill, it was very short—it was only about a page and a half—and it basically said that anything the president did in violation of current law including what he’s done with ordering work permits for people who are illegally here, it’s illegal,” Gohmert said.

Reading how this was done reminds us that liberals [no matter what political party they call home] are pure evil and will do anything and everything to further their agenda. Nothing is out of bounds to these rat-bastards, including lying to members of their own party! The Yoho bill is something Boehner intends to use as the centerpiece of his entire Continuing Resolution that will fund Obama’s agenda, including amnesty, through March of 2015.

You simply MUST read the entire Breitbart report, in context. It’s too in-depth and comprehensive to even attempt to post a few bits and pieces. Click here to read it all.

I can’t express strongly enough how evil Boehner and his co-conspirators are. The American people spoke LOUDLY in November. They gave Republicans control of the Senate, and an even larger control of the House, with the specific mission of stopping Obama dead in his tracks. Stopping amnesty and killing ObamaCare, once and for all, were the two big issues that saw the GOP take historic wins. The message couldn’t have been clearer!

As Americans we must stand up and demand that this injustice, this act of treason against the United States and her people, be dealt with. Boehner and his cohorts need to be removed from their positions of power. They are evil and corrupt. Personally, I’d love to see if criminal charges can’t be filed and indictments handed down, but I understand the reluctance to “weaponize” politics, unless the target is a Conservative, of course. At he very least, the entire House Republican leadership needs to be thrown out of power.

We don’t have much time either. Congress leaves for Christmas vacation at the end of the workweek. Boehner wants his treasonous betrayal of the American people to stand.

Again, take time to read the entire mind-blowing Breitbart exposé, and then call your Congressman and raise holy hell! Demand this bill be rescinded and a complete change of leadership, from the top down, when the new Congress is sworn in.

Hat Tip: Sissy Willis

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Report: Obama’s Executive Amnesty Will Cost American Taxpayers at Least Two TRILLION Dollars


File this under: Criminal Illegal Aliens Stealing America’s Future.

By Gary P Jackson

President Barack Obama has declared he will “shut the government down” if the Republicans refuse to fund his latest unconstitutional power grab, the granting of amnesty, and certain rights, to criminal invaders of our nation.

This is, in fact, a brilliant strategy by the despot in the Oval Office. Despite historic nationwide victories in last month’s election. Despite the American people screaming loudly “STOP OBAMA BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY,” the Republican “leadership” is still afraid of it’s own shadow! Even though it was Obama, and Harry Reid who shut down the government earlier, the Republican morons “in charge” allowed the extremist democrats, and their media partners, to blame the Republicans. Worse, instead of fighting back at the democrats, these worthless GOP crapweasels spent all of their time attacking Senator Ted Cruz and the Tea Party, thus HELPING the democrats blame Republicans!

The nationwide Republican victories in November were the greatest since 1932, when you count the Senate. Only the 2010 elections saw a bigger nationwide shake-up, with Republicans replacing democrats all over the country. If the American people are sore at Republicans for “shutting down the government,” they sure have one hell of a way of showing it!

How is the Republican “leadership” reacting to one of the largest mandates ever given a political party, a mandate to stop Obama and his democrats, at any cost? Why they’ve surrendered, of course! All of the talk from McConnell and Boehner is about making sure the government isn’t shuttered, and now we hear McConnell and his deputies refuse to even strategize with those in the Senate who DO want to stop Obama.

Now one must know by now, that the “progressives” who make up the “leadership” of the GOP WANT amnesty, not just for a few million criminal invaders, but for all of them. Tens of millions of them. Just as the democrats are owned by union thugs, the GOP “leaders” are bought and paid for by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and others who want cheap labor. Never mind illegals are one of the main reasons wages are stagnant in America. Their being here and willing to work for much less money than an American, or LEGAL immigrant, depresses wages across the board. Corrupt politicians really don’t care. Caring doesn’t pay nearly as well as servicing their cronies, who keep them in office.

So while you’ll see Boehner, McConnell, and their boys, talking tough, they have no intention of actually doing anything about Obama’s illegal, and immoral, power-grab, or stopping the flow of criminal invaders from around the world.

Which brings us to a cold, hard reality. Between our debt, which is now over $18 TRILLION [and will reach $22 TRILLION by January 2017] and liabilities that equal roughly $100 TRILLION, we are on the hook for money money than even exists. In other words, there isn’t enough money in the entire world to cover our debt and liabilities! Let that sink in a minute, before continuing.

So …. what’s another $2 TRILLION in the grand scheme of things?

Caroline May at Big Government reports on the findings of Senior Research Fellow Robert Rector, of the Heritage Foundation:

The net cost — which is total benefits minus total benefits paid in — of the amnesty recipients I estimate will be around $2 trillion over the course of their lifetime,” Rector explained in an interview with Breitbart News Monday. He added that the calculation is based on the assumption that 4 million undocumented immigrants will participate and they will live, on average, 50 years.

According to Rector — who has published extensively on welfare, poverty, and immigration — the cost has two components: The first is the potential to access Social Security and Medicare, given amnestied undocumented immigrants’ ability to obtain work permits and Social Security Numbers.

What [Obama] is doing is he is putting these 4 million people — who on average have a 10th grade education — into the Social Security and Medicare programs,” Rector said. He used much of the same methodology he incorporated in his May 2013 study on the cost of amnesty to reach his conclusions.

With the expected earnings for an individual with that level of education, he explained that the amnestied immigrants will take vastly more out than they will contribute to those programs.

Given their expected earnings, from someone that has a 10th grade education, they will draw about three dollars worth of benefits out of those programs over their lifetimes for every dollar they put into them. But the overall cost in outlays will be around a trillion dollars for those programs alone,” Rector explained.

The second component of Rector’s analysis looked at means-tested welfare programs.

While undocumented immigrants are not eligible for welfare dollars, Rector says he expects that within about a dozen years either through legislation or executive action the amnestied immigrants will be able to access welfare programs.

As a stop-gap — should there be no legislation or executive action granting the amnestied illegal immigrants welfare access — Rector noted that once the citizen children of amnestied immigrants hit age 21 they could be able to petition to have their parents obtain green cards without leaving the country.

After 5 years with a green card status they are eligible for all the welfare programs,” he added.

Once the amnestied undocumented immigrants are able to access welfare, he argued, that will be another trillion dollars in means-tested welfare over the course of their lifetime — on top of the trillion dollars in Social Security and Medicare.

“Even if they are waiting 10 or 12 years to get access to these programs, that is still a trillion dollar cost once they begin to get into them,” Rector said.

The Heritage expert explained that on average in the U.S., households headed by an individual without a high school diploma take in about $50,000 in federal, state, and local government benefits.

The bottom line to understand this is you are taking 4 million people with a 10th grade education and giving them access to the largest entitlement and welfare system in the globe,” he said. Rector added that his findings are expected to be published at the Heritage Foundation in the coming days.

You should read the 2013 report by Rector and Jason Richwine. It goes into great detail of how the dollar figures are reached.

For the deniers in the bunch, one should note Rector has been very consistent in his findings. In June of 2007, when President Bush, and Congress were chomping at the bit to give amnesty to these criminal invaders, before the American people rose up and said “HELL NO,” Rector published a similar study that reckoned amnesty for illegals would cost a minimum of $2.6 TRILLION. You’ll note the numbers are a little different, but so are the demographics of the illegals he used to compute his findings. The 2007 report is even more detailed, and mind-blowing.

Of course, we already know the number of criminal invaders who will be granted amnesty under Obama’s unconstitutional action will be greater than we are now being told. We also know that, by either executive fiat, or court orders, from resulting lawsuits that are sure to come, and soon, all of these illegals will be given full access to all welfare and other benefits American taxpayers toil and sweat for, to provide for other AMERICANS.

For those of you who have read, and understand Cloward-Piven, none of this should come as a surprise. Obama and his democrats mean to destroy America from within. Sadly, the Republicans are willing co-conspirators in all of this.

I suggest readers melt the phone-lines on Capitol Hill. Raise hell, my friends, raise hell!

You can find contact numbers for your Senators and Members of Congress by clicking on Senate.Gov and House.Gov. If you have trouble reaching your members of Congress, the mains switchboard number at the Capitol Building is (202) 224-3121 or toll free 1-800-839-5276.

We’ve called for Obama’s impeachment and removal from office. If you agree, tell you representatives in Congress, while you are bending their ears, to get it done!

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WWII Vets Threatened BUT Obama PERSONALLY Allows Treasonous Pro-Amnesty Rally at National Mall

Treasonous Pro-Amnesty Rally During Shutdown

Note that all of the signs at the treasonous pro-amnesty rally are in Spanish, not English

By Gary P Jackson

Unless you’ve been visiting Mars or something, you know Barack Obama has decided to severely punish the American people for daring to want the absolute train wreck known as ObamaCare repealed.

Lord Obama has closed national monuments, even those that are open air and ALWAYS open, no matter what. He’s closed roads leading to national parks, and even had his Gestapo threaten to arrest motorists who stopped on the side of the PUBLIC ROAD to view Mt Rushmore!

Obama also threatened to arrest any clergy who dared minister to any of our troops during the shutdown that he and his thug [Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid engineered. A CLEAR violation of the soldiers’ and clergy’s 1st Amendment rights to Freedom of Religion and Freedom to Freely Assemble.

These are the acts of a vicious tyrant would would rather destroy America than allow the will of the people to override his maniacal plans.

The number of stories of Obama’s thug tactics during his shutdown, designed to inflict MAXIMUM PAIN on We, the People, would fill a volume the size of War and Peace. It’s despicable and un-American.

The “icing on the cake” though is Obama allowing the Treasonous Bastards™ who are pushing for amnesty for criminal aliens, unwanted invaders of the United States, a chance to use a facility that has been deemed off limits to We, the People.

Treasonous democrat party leaders like Nancy Pelosi spoke at this rally, sponsored by the SEIU and AFL-CIO union thugs. Others, like tax cheat Charlie Rangel, got themselves arrested on purpose for their anti-American “cause.” Too bad they weren’t being arrested for treason, as they should be.

Our friends at Twitchy captured the essence of the anti-American rally:

Notice these Treasonous Bastards™ are HIGHLIGHTING the use of a MEXICAN FLAG at this rally for those claiming they want to be Americans.

This may be the most despicable statement from the rally, by none other than infamous tax cheat Charlie Rangel:

Not sure how giving amnesty to 20-30 MILLION criminal aliens who have ZERO respect for these United States is “moving America forward.”

We posed that question to Rangel, via Twitter, but got no answer back:

Dr Fay Evens also had some choice words for the Treasonous Bastard™:

Sadly, that is EXACTLY what these democrats want for America. It’s been their wet dream for nearly a century to bring America to her knees.

Another ridiculous statement from Rangel:

More about this over at Twitchy here.

Please don’t forget that there is a sizable number of treasonous Republicans in both the House and Senate who are all too eager to join these anti-American democrats in giving amnesty to tens of millions of criminal alien invaders.

DO NOT let yourself be distracted by Obama’s shutdown circus. These pro-amnesty traitors NEVER SLEEP and NEVER stop scheming. Their goal of destroying America is ALWAYS on the front burner, no matter what.

Knowing that WWII veterans, brave men who saved the ENTIRE WORLD from evil, were denied access to their own memorials, while CRIMINAL INVADERS who have ZERO respect for the United States or the American people, were allowed to parade openly with Lord Obama’s blessing, tells you all you need to know about the democrat party, and this treasonous amnesty movement. All of these Treasonous Bastards™ in BOTH PARTIES must be removed from office, charged with treason, tried, convicted, and punished. Anything less will be justice denied.

It’s up to We, the People, to stop these Treasonous Bastards™ from destroying America. WE must fight for America’s survival, even as those in Congress and the White House work to destroy us all.

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My Thoughts: Citing ObamaCare and Amnesty, 40,000 Longshoremen Quit AFL-CIO

Barack Obama, Richard Trumka

Union thug Richard Trumka smiles as Barack Obama whispers sweet nothings into his ear

By Gary P Jackson

[Organized] crime doesn’t pay! At least that is the lesson union thug Richard Trumka should be learning after his AFL-CIO aligned itself so closely with the Obama regime. Trumka’s AFL-CIO was one of many union thug groups that backed Obama’s push for socialized medicine, and now back anti-America liberals, in BOTH parties’ treasonous push towards giving amnesty to tens of millions of criminal illegal aliens.

Trumka has already been in hot water with his fellow union thugs, as other union leaders have already called for the outright repeal of ObamaCare, citing outrageous increases in insurance premiums, as well as the fact many big employers are looking to change the status of their workforce from full time [40 or more hours weekly] to part time [under 30 hours a week] in order to avoid the outrageous costs involved with complying with the ObamaCare regulations. ObamaCare will effectively destroy the concept of the 40 hour work week, while still leaving some 30-40 million Americans uninsured. And that’s if things go as Obama and company planned!

These union thug groups are just now realizing what the rest of America knew from the start: ObamaCare was poorly thought-out, poorly cobbled together, and will be poorly run. [and that’s saying it as nicely as one can]

The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union, as well as the Roofer’s Union have called for the outright repeal of ObamaCare, citing it will undermine the quality insurance plans they already have, among other things.

Recently Trumka was said to be working with the Obama regime to work out the kinks of this disaster that one of it’s authors, democrat Max Baucus, has called a “train-wreck,” to no avail.

From the Wall Street Journal:

Unions are making some progress in getting the Obama administration to address their concerns about the new health law, and Labor Secretary Tom Perez is playing a central role, AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka said Thursday.

We’ve been working with the administration to find solutions to what I think are inadvertent holes in the act. I’m hopeful that we’ll get something done in the very near future,” Mr. Trumka said at a breakfast with reporters sponsored by the Christian Science Monitor.

Mr. Perez, who has been labor secretary since July, is “in the middle” of organized labor’s continuing talks with the Obama administration over costs and other concerns about the health law, Mr. Trumka said, adding that he has met with Mr. Perez and as recently as Tuesday met with White House officials.

That marks a shift from early July, when Mr. Trumka called “troubling” the administration’s delay in enforcing a provision of the new health-care law that requires large employers to provide coverage for workers or pay a penalty in 2014.

Union leaders have been complaining since last year that many of the law’s requirements will drive up costs for union-sponsored health-care plans managed jointly by unions and mostly small employers. The plans are used heavily in industries such as construction, trucking and hotels, where workers’ hours fluctuate.

Union officials have repeatedly told the administration that the higher costs of these multiemployer plans could make it less appealing for employers to hire union workers or prompt them to drop the coverage altogether. The plans cover more than 20 million people.

This and other aspects of the health-care law are certain to be hot-button issues at the AFL-CIO’s convention beginning Sept. 8, where members of the union federation can drop in on sessions with titles such as “Fighting for Health Care in the Age of the Affordable Care Act” and “Building the Union Movement in the New Economy.

In April, a roofers’ union called for repeal of the law. And in mid-July, the presidents of several big unions wrote to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D., Nev.) and House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D., Calif.) to seek legislative changes to the health law and to complain that they had been stonewalled by the White House.

To offset the expected increased costs, many union groups want their lower-paid members to be able to remain on the multiemployer plans and obtain federal insurance subsidies. But the law established the subsidies for low-income workers who lack employer health coverage and need financial help to buy private insurance.

Labor and business groups disagree over whether the change could be made without legislation. Union officials have said rulemaking should suffice, but the U.S. Chamber of Commerce disagrees.

In my reading of the statute, it’s not conceived as something that’s possible” through rulemaking, said Katie Mahoney, the chamber’s executive director of health policy, labor, immigration and employee benefits. Ms. Mahoney also said she doesn’t see how the administration could make an exception for multiemployer plans without doing the same for other employer plans.

The Labor Department didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment Thursday, and Mr. Trumka said he had no specifics to share from the talks, which he said are “a moving target.”

More here.

All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others” ~ From Animal Farm 1945

Maybe instead of blindly following Obama and his fellow radical democrats down a dead end street, Trumka and his fellow union thugs should have been paying attention when former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi proclaimed [after absolutely NONE of her fellow travelers had read the legislation they were salivating over, and ready to make law] “You’ll have to pass the bill to see what’s in it!” Anytime you hear something like that, common sense tells you, that you are dealing with a crook, a liar, and someone who cannot be trusted, and you’d be a fool to buy what they are selling!

Well, democrats are fools, or they wouldn’t be democrats, and that includes the union thugs and other assorted cronies and hangers on, who have put their faith in rabid anti-American crazies like Pelosi and Barack Obama.

We’ve been warned about the evils of Big Government and socialized medicine for decades. Anyone above the age of 12 understands that Big Government is inefficient at best, and dangerous if left unchecked. Well, as Obama’s good buddy Jeremiah Wright would say: “The chick-unnns have come home to roost!

Now the International Longshore and Warehouse Union has decided to end their association with the AFL-CIO. Their objections are different than most though. They want to go full-on communist, and have single payer, nationalized care, something Obama and his fellow socialists wanted, but knew they couldn’t get, yet.

Many think the whole idea of ObamaCare, was to build something so ridiculous, it could only fail, and once this monster collapsed under it’s own weight, it would give the “benevolent government” the opportunity to “save” health care, by taking it over completely.

The Longshoremen cite the confiscatory taxes … penalties, really … that will be assessed on their gold plated “Cadillac plans” they have been provided by contract. This, of course, is a teaching moment that is lost on these wanna-be neo-Soviets!

Instead of building people up, liberalism seeks to destroy those who are successful. Instead of looking for ways to grow the economy, and lower health care costs, through common sense FREE MARKET reforms, thus allowing more and more to have those “Cadillac plans,” rabid liberals in the democrat party want to PUNISH those fortunate enough to have done well. That punishment comes via harsh penalties for those that have the best care. It makes liberals feel like they have “gotten even” but it does absolutely nothing to help those in need of better health care.



This is the fundamental difference between Conservatism [and being an American] and rabid, un-American [hell ANTI-American] liberalism. As Conservatives, we look for ways to make sure everyone has a chance to succeed, to lift everyone up. We know it’s not a perfect system, nothing is, and we also know not everyone has the same motivation to succeed, but still we want all to have the same opportunities.

On the other hand, liberals look at the successful and then look at those who aren’t, and figure the only way the successful person got there, was by screwing over the less than successful. As Ronald Reagan once said, a liberal can’t look at a fat man standing next to a skinny man, without think the fat man got that way by taking advantage of the skinny one!

Obama, Pelosi, Harry Reid, and the rest of these liberals would screw their own mothers to get ahead. It seems there is a LOT of projection among liberals. If ya know what I mean!

No matter why, instead of building up those who are at a lower level of success, rabid liberals seek to tear down the very successful [unless they are campaign donors] in order to “level the playing field” There is an inherent evil to this way of thinking.

Anyway, back to the Longshoremen. They are angry because their taxes will skyrocket, but don’t have enough sense to know that taxes will be even higher, and health care benefits will be even less, in the single payer, socialist utopia they have their hearts set on.

The Longshoremen are also angry over amnesty, but are more concerned that “skilled” labor will be the preferred “pathway to citizenship” under this treasonous plan. Imagine that, these liberals want amnesty and open borders, as long as it doesn’t effect THEM. Typical and predictable!

From Andrew Breitbart’s Big Government:

In what is being reported as a surprise move, the 40,000 members of the International Longshore and Warehouse Union (ILWU) announced that they have formally ended their association with the AFL-CIO, one of the nation’s largest private sector unions. The Longshoremen citied Obamacare and immigration reform as two important causes of their disaffiliation.

In an August 29 letter to AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka, ILWU President Robert McEllrath cited quite a list of grievances as reasons for the dissolution of their affiliation, but prominent among them was the AFL-CIO’s support of Obamare.

We feel the Federation has done a great disservice to the labor movement and all working people by going along to get along,” McEllrath wrote in the letter to Trumka.

The ILWU President made it clear they are for a single-payer, nationalized healthcare policy and are upset with the AFL-CIO for going along with Obama on the confiscatory tax on their “Cadillac” healthcare plan.

The Longshoreman leader said, “President Obama ran on a platform that he would not tax medical plans and at the 2009 AFL-CIO Convention, you stated that labor would not stand for a tax on our benefits.” But, regardless of that promise, the President has pushed for just such a tax and Trumka and the AFL-CIO bowed to political pressure lining up behind Obama’s tax on those plans.

McEllrath also went on to say that they support stronger immigration reform than the AFL-CIO is supporting.

One ILWU committeeman was even harsher on both the AFL-CIO and the President. ILWU Coast Committeeman Leal Sundet criticized the AFL-CIO telling LaborNotes.com that Trumka was marching “in lockstep” with Obama both on the “Cadillac healthcare tax” as well as immigration.

Sundet slammed Obama’s immigration plan saying it is “designed to give [only] highly-paid workers a real path to citizenship.

More, with video, here.

This would be delicious to watch, democrats eating their own, blue-on-blue discord, but unfortunately, all Americans are effected by the evils these clowns were championing, until they figured out that they were just as screwed as the rest of us!

ObamaCare is a disaster of biblical proportions. It raises taxes by nearly $1 TRILLION. [the largest tax increase in history] Depending on where you live, your health care insurance premiums will increase anywhere between 50% and 200%, and that’s if we’re all lucky. Obama promised you could keep your plan if you like it, but we’re already seeing that was a big lie. Obama also said you could keep your doctor, but we are seeing a coming shortage of doctors, as fewer want to get in the profession, and others are retiring, or leaving, due to ObamaCare.

The Longshoremen are like most rabid liberals [in both parties] when it comes to amnesty for criminal illegal aliens.

Last week we saw fast food workers [one of the lowest skill jobs out there] all march for higher wages. These people are being ginned up by the same radicals who want open borders, and amnesty for what will most certainly be 40 million or more illegals. One of the reasons wages are low in America now is supply and demand. We have far more workers, than jobs. Putting even more low skilled workers into the job pool is not the recipe for success. It’s stupidity, squared.

The fact is, liberals have kept raising the minimum wage to a point that many businesses will no longer hire young, inexperienced workers. This is why unemployment among teens is at record highs.

There’s a reason why these jobs are low paying, but vital. These jobs are the perfect jobs for teens to learn what working is all about. Learn the basic skills to succeed at more complicated, better paying jobs. Jobs where the worker has more responsibilities. The skills learned in these low paying jobs will carry the hard worker as far as they want to go. These low paying jobs are not meant to be a career, just a starting point to a bright, productive future.

Problem is, with wages where they are, many businesses can’t afford to hire inexperienced workers, and deal with the high turn over, nor can they afford to offer better opportunities to the workers they have. Businesses still have to earn a profit, or they fail, and then no one has a job! This is something liberals, especially in government, simply do not understand.

Amnesty, or allowing these illegals to stay in America under any circumstances, will continue to destroy the United States. We cannot allow the policies that got us to this point to continue, nor can we allow all of these illegals to remain. They are uninvited guests who have not only worn out their welcome, they have done great damage to their hosts.

It’s striking to me though, that all of these union thugs are upset, not because ObamaCare and amnesty will destroy America as we know it, but because it effects them personally. They don’t realize the alternatives they propose are even worse.

Health care issues hit home with me. As readers know I’ve had a few stays in the hospital over the past year. I know I am writing this today because of the quality, life saving health care I have received from my doctors.

You know why it was possible, at an affordable cost? Texas passed massive FREE MARKET reforms a decade ago. Among other things, Texas passed huge tort reforms. Texas was once the ambulance chaser capital of the country, with juries awarding outrageous settlements, and fat cat attorneys making huge fees.

The reforms passed put caps on judgements, and liabilities a doctor or hospital were exposed to. These reforms mean that doctors in Texas don’t have to practice “defensive medicine” running unnecessary tests, and doing other procedures, not meant to treat a patient, as much as to cover the doctor’s butt in case of a lawsuit. As you can imagine, health care costs are kept in check, and doctors can spend more time caring about their patients, and less time worrying about blood sucking lawyers.

Texas is also competitive when it comes to insurance, as there are a variety of options. Though, ideally, all companies would be able to sell in all states, thus making the market even more competitive, it’s good here. Competition makes all better, and in the case of goods and service, less expensive.

The results? Besides quality care, nearly 10,000 doctors have moved to Texas from other states, in the past decade, and the health care industry is growing, creating jobs, and opportunities.

Texas is the example of how the FREE MARKET works in health care, and should be the way forward for the nation.

Health care will always be expensive and we’ll always have to pay, whether directly, or through confiscatory taxes, but common sense, FREE MARKET solutions already exist. Have for a long, long time. The notion that something as vile as ObamaCare is needed is frankly … hateful … to all real Americans. ObamaCare destroys Liberty and Freedom, while offering nothing but poorer options, as well as poorer Americans. As Sarah Palin has said, it’s downright evil.

It’s entertaining to see all of the rabidly anti-American groups that backed Obama and his plans to “fundamentally transform” America, now turning on one another, but the fact is, America is in big trouble. ObamaCare MUST be repealed! Then, every liberal [in BOTH parties] must be run out of office, and replaced by men and women who value Liberty and Freedom, and respect the Constitution and Rule of Law.

America is in trouble, and it’s time that all good Americans take charge, and come to her aid! We CAN defeat the evils of rabid liberalism. We MUST defeat the evils of rabid liberalism.

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Warpath: After Senate Amnesty Vote Sarah Palin Questions Legitimacy of BOTH Political Parties


By Gary P Jackson

In the wake of the treasonous Senate amnesty vote, Governor Sarah Palin has been on the warpath. Like Governor Palin, I support LEGAL immigration fully.

I’m a Texan, man we have people here from everywhere. It’s a great tapestry of life. I doubt you’ll find a more diverse society as you will in Texas. These people not only make Texas great, they make America great. But they came her legally.

A lot has been written about Governor Palin in the past week, including some who are freaking out about Governor Palin’s answer to a question about the possibility of starting a third party. As you can imagine, most Conservatives are open to the idea, but the “good old boys” in the GOP are less than enthused!

Those of us who have followed Governor Palin’s career for many years know, that while she’s always run as a Republican, and supported Republican candidates, she has never had a problem going after corrupt Republicans, nor has she EVER put party over principle. That is the reason why Governor Palin has such a strong and loyal following of supporters. She says what she means, and means what she says. Refreshing, to say the least!

Governor Palin has always been for “border security FIRST, then we’ll talk about what to do with all the illegals.” A reasonable stance.

Remember, while many so-called “name brand” politicians were either hiding, or denouncing Arizona’s law to curb illegals, basically doing the job the Obama regime is refusing to do, Governor Palin flew to Arizona and stood by Governor Jan Brewer’s side as she signed the legislation into law. She also cut a few commercials in support of Arizona’s law.

The treasonous Senate vote was a given, but that didn’t stop Governor Palin from weighing in, starting June 23rd, when she called out Marco Rubio, who ran as an anti-amnesty, rock-ribbed Conservative. Of course, Rubio lied.

Politicians wonder why we can’t trust them? Campaign flip-flops like this and carve-out bribes in the Amnesty Bill for politicians like Begich & Murkowski to exempt AK seafood workers.

Sarah also included a link to Townhall that reminds America what CANDIDATE Marco Rubio said. [in order to get elected]

If we are to believe candidate Marco Rubio’s comments during an Oct. 24, 2010 debate, it seems the Florida senator’s views on immigration reform have ‘evolved’ quite a bit since taking office.

During a debate with opponents Rep. Kendrick Meek and Gov. Charlie Crist, candidate Rubio argued that giving illegal immigrants an “earned path to citizenship,” which Crist, Sen. John McCain and former President George W. Bush had advocated, is basically amnesty.

First of all, earned path to citizenship is basically code for amnesty. It’s what they call it,” Rubio said. “And the reality of it is this: This has to do with the bottom line that America cannot be the only country in the world that does not enforce its immigration laws. It is unfair to the people that have legally entered this country to create an alternative pathway for individuals who entered illegally and knowingly did so.

If you do that, you will never have a legal immigration system that works,” he continued. “No one is going to follow the law if there is an easier way to do it.

Let’s go to the video:

On the 24th Governor Palin wrote:

Holes in the Border As Big As the Holes in Their Amnesty Bill

Just like they did with Obamacare, some in Congress intend to “Pelosi” the amnesty bill. They’ll pass it in order to find out what’s in it. And just like the unpopular, unaffordable Obamacare disaster, this pandering, rewarding-the-rule-breakers, still-no-border-security, special-interests-ridden, 24-lb disaster of a bill is not supported by informed Americans.

I am an ardent supporter of legal immigration. I’m proud that our country is so desirable that it has been a melting pot making a diverse people united as the most exceptional nation on earth for over two centuries. But I join every American with an ounce of common sense insisting that any discussion about immigration must center on a secure border. The amnesty bill before the Senate is completely toothless on border security.

It’s beyond disingenuous for anyone to claim that a vote for this bill is a vote for security. Look no further than the fact that Senator Rubio and amnesty supporters nixed Senator Thune’s amendment that required the feds to finally build part of a needed security fence before moving forward on the status of illegal immigrants who’ve already broken the law to be here. And if shooting down the border fence wasn’t proof enough, they blew another chance by killing Senator Paul’s “Trust But Verify” amendment which required the completion of a fence in five years and required Congress to vote on whether the border is actually secure before furthering any immigration measures. And then they blew it yet again, nixing Senator Cornyn’s “Results” amendment, which also required border enforcement standards. Now the Senate’s pro-amnesty crowd is offering a fig leaf to security via the Corker-Hoeven Amendment, but this is really nothing more than empty promises. It’s amnesty right now and border security… eh, well, someday.

If this bill was genuinely concerned with border security, it might include practical solutions for those states that live with the problem every single day. Pass-through grants could be given to border states to actually build a fence. The most responsive and responsible level of government is the most local, and since governors accept pass-throughs all the time, this is a workable solution. We could also free up more federal lands along the border to be privatized. The farmers and ranchers would have a clear incentive to keep their private property secure from the flow of illegal immigrants and/or other illegal activities trafficked across the border onto land they’d cultivate. There are plenty of other commonsense solutions, but this bill isn’t about fixing problems; it’s about amnesty at all costs.

When every commonsense, concrete, and verifiable measure to secure the border is stripped away, despite politicians’ promises, what are we supposed to rely on to ensure that our currently unsecured border will be fixed in the future? If D.C. expects us to just sit back and “trust” them despite our permanent political class and Washington bureaucrats proving themselves so very untrustworthy, then I have a bridge to somewhere in Alaska to sell them. Our government is awash in one scandal after another involving blatant lies and violations of our basic liberties, and the leader of the pack ventures out on one road trip after another to avoid accountability.

Just like they did for Obamacare, the permanent political class is sugaring this bill with one goody after another to entice certain senators to vote for it. Look no further than page 983 of the bill, which contains a special visa exemption for foreign seafood workers in the 49th state despite huge unemployment numbers in the American workforce. This is obviously a hidden favor designed to buy the votes of Alaska Senators Murkowski and Begich.

And just like Obamacare, this amnesty bill fails on every level of economic sanity and sane reform. It offers no solutions. It will barely slow the flow of illegal immigration, which means we can expect millions and millions of new illegal aliens in coming years. Sort of what happened when we passed amnesty in 1986 without securing our borders first.

According to the CBO, the bill won’t stop illegal immigration, but it will drive down wages for average hardworking Americans. These would be the same blue-collar working class voters of every ethnicity who chose to sit home in 2012 instead of turning out to vote in the swing states we needed to carry in order to stop Barack Obama’s promised “fundamental transformation” of America. I note this just as a helpful reminder to those who believe the hyperventilated new hype claiming that conservatives need to support this bill in order to win future elections. That’s 100% wrong. The crony capitalists in D.C. and their corporatist friends on Wall Street might think this amnesty boondoggle is a great idea, but the average American worker in our middle class who’ll soon see lower wages is the one left out in the cold, along with those hard working immigrants who followed the rules and are working here legally.

Passing this bill with an unsecured border and within a growing welfare state under Barack Obama is economic insanity. Have people already forgotten that our bankrupt government is running up massive unsustainable deficits every year? We can’t afford to pay the piper now, much less the trillions of dollars more in welfare and entitlements for the millions who are here illegally today that will be granted this bill’s benefits. According to the Heritage Foundation, the bill provides only a temporary delay in granting illegal immigrants eligibility for all U.S. welfare and entitlement programs. We’re looking at an explosion of costs in the very near future. There is no way to pay for the added untold millions of new enrollees in these growing government programs. Pass this, Congress, and Obama will have succeeded in fundamentally transforming America.

Again, I am supportive of legal immigration and am as sympathetic as the next person to the aspirations of people who come here to work hard and live a better life than the poverty and unfree environments they left behind. So many are drawn here because we are an exceptional nation where freedom provides an equal opportunity for everyone to work hard and make something of themselves. But a key part of American exceptionalism is the rule of law. Border security is fundamental to the rule of law, as is incentivizing those who follow the legal path to citizenship instead of punishing them by promoting lawbreakers. This is non-negotiable.

It’s time our lawmakers remember that we are a sovereign nation of laws. This bill ignores that, and ignores the will of the people. The continued porous border goes against what politicians assured us was in this mountain-high bill, and in typical D.C. style it flies in the face of what many politicians campaigned on. I heard their campaign promises. You heard them, too.

It’s time for concerned Americans to flood our legislators’ phone lines with the input they need to hear from We the People. Join the mama grizzlies who are rearing up tirelessly to swat away false claims that amnesty is a good thing. Michelle Malkin rightly said the issue is not secure the border first, it’s “secure the border. Period.” Laura Ingraham and Ann Coulter have also offered superb warnings on amnesty’s economic impacts to the middle class.

As the Senate moves to pass amnesty, the only bright spot in this travesty is the rallying revolution we can look forward to. For just as opposition to Obamacare became a rallying cry for the 2010 midterm elections, opposition to this fundamentally transforming amnesty bill will galvanize the grassroots in next year’s elections. And 2014 is just around the corner.

~ Sarah Palin

As always, Governor Palin reminds corrupt politicians that there isn’t anything a good old fashioned election can’t fix!

She also offers up some common sense solutions to the problem at hand.

In that vein, on June 25th, Governor Palin appeared on the John Gibson radio show. Though it’s a wide ranging interview, Sarah makes no bones about the fact that both Marco Rubio and Kelly Ayotte betrayed the American people, and need to face a strong primary challenge when they are next up for election. Video courtesy SarahNET:

Some have asked why Governor Palin called out Rubio and Ayotte specifically, and not others, by name. It’s obvious that both Rubio and Ayotte absolutely lied to their constituents in order to get elected.

Of course, as she points out, every politician should have a contested primary, every election, if for no other reason, than to keep them honest. I wholeheartedly agree.

The Governor again offers some common sense solutions to the illegal immigration problem.

On June 28th, after the treasonous vote, Governor Palin simply said:

Great job, GOP establishment…

and posted this: [click on photo to enlarge]

Sarah Palin Good Job GOP Establishment

Governor Palin followed this up the same day with a scathing piece in which she threatens the GOP, by reminding them that many of us are barely holding on to our Republican “papers“. Of course, the Governor also notes many are ready to abandon the democrat party as well, for the exact same reasons.

Full disclosure, though I vote GOP [what else is there, really] I threw my “papers” away years ago and refuse to send the party a dime!

[emphasis mine]

Please take a look at the article linked below to understand how the amnesty bill the Senate passed yesterday is a sad betrayal of working class Americans of every ethnicity who will see their wages lowered and their upward mobility lowered too. And yet we still do not have a secured border. This Senate-approved amnesty bill rewards lawbreakers and won’t solve any problems – as the CBO report notes that millions of more illegal immigrants will continue to flood the U.S. in coming years.

Great job, GOP establishment. You’ve just abandoned the Reagan Democrats with this amnesty bill, and we needed them to “enlarge that tent” of which you so often speak. It’s depressing to consider that the House of Representatives is threatening to pass some version of this nonsensical bill in the coming weeks.

Once again, I’ll point out the obvious to you: it was the loss of working class voters in swing states that cost us the 2012 election, not the Hispanic vote. Legal immigrants respect the rule of law and can see how self-centered a politician must be to fill this amnesty bill with favors, earmarks, and crony capitalists’ pork, and call it good. You disrespect Hispanics with your assumption that they desire ignoring the rule of law.

Folks like me are barely hanging on to our enlistment papers in any political party – and it’s precisely because flip-flopping political actions like amnesty force us to ask how much more bull from both the elephants in the Republican Party and the jackasses in the Democrat Party we have to swallow before these political machines totally abandon the average commonsense hardworking American. Now we turn to watch the House. If they bless this new “bi-partisan” hyper-partisan devastating plan for amnesty, we’ll know that both private political parties have finally turned their backs on us. It will then be time to show our parties’ hierarchies what we think of being members of either one of these out-of-touch, arrogant, and dysfunctional political machines.
~ Sarah Palin

Here is the article referenced above: http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/06/25/Palin-Defend-American-Workers” target=”_blank”>http://www.breitbart.com/Big-Government/2013/06/25/Palin-Defend-American-Workers

Then came Governor Palin’s appearance with Uma Pemmaraju. At the end, Uma asked Sarah a question from fellow Texan Josh Painter, about starting the “Freedom Party.” That has been driving the left wing Republicans insane, and making Conservatives smile:

Stacy has more on the hate filled Republicans at RedState who attacked Governor Palin in the nastiest of ways, here.

There are many who think the GOP needs to go the way of the Whigs, yours truly included, but most also know that is kind of the last option, if we can’t get the corrupt Republicans to shape up.

One thing about it, if the House passes an amnesty bill, the Republican Party will be as dead as dead can be.

When Ronald Reagan became a Republican, he famously said he didn’t leave the democrat party, the democrat party left him. There may come a day we all say something similar regarding the Republican Party. Sarah Palin’s many conversations in the past week is a warning, and she speaks for millions.


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Senator Vitter: Gang of 8 “Immigration” Bill Gives Amnesty to Wife Beaters, Child Abusers, Drunk Drivers


By Gary P Jackson

Senator David Vitter (R-LA) has actually read the TWENTY-FOUR POUND, 1170 page Senate Amnesty bill. He’ll be live tweeting what he finds in front of the scheduled vote on Monday.

We already knew violent gang members will be allowed to stay and take part of this amnesty, and we already know that the border will never be secured. Now we find that convicted drunk drivers, wife beaters, and child abusers, the dregs of any society, will be welcomes to stay, with open arms by the treasonous members of the United States Senate who are pushing amnesty.


Here’s what Senator Vitter has for us so far:

How corrupt is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, a democrat? THIS corrupt:

What Las Vegas tourism has to do with “immigration” is beyond me. More proof our government is too out of control to be allowed to continue in this direction.

Check Senator Vitter’s Twitter feed during the weekend for updates.

You should also call your Senators and demand they vote against this treasonous bill.

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Unbelievable: Mike Huckabee Calls For Release Of American Traitor Jonathan Pollard

By Gary P Jackson

This is simply unbelievable. Mike Huckabee, while on a trip to Israel, suggests we free a traitor to the United States, Jonathan Pollard, as a show of “friendship” towards Israel.

From the Case Against Jonathan Pollard by Seymour Hersch, which originally appeared in  New York Magazine on January 18, 1999:

In the last decade, Jonathan Pollard, the American Navy employee who spied for Israel in the mid-nineteen-eighties and is now serving a life sentence, has become a cause celebre in Israel and among Jewish groups in the United States. The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, a consortium of fifty-five groups, has publicly called for Pollard’s release, arguing, in essence, that his crimes did not amount to high treason against the United States, because Israel was then and remains a close ally. Many of the leading religious organizations have also called for an end to Pollard’s imprisonment, among them the Reform Union of American Hebrew Congregations and the Orthodox Union.

Let me get this straight. Jonathan Pollard, someone who betrayed his country, and gave classified information to a foreign nation, should be let go? This man committed high treason. The penalty is supposed to be death. He’s quite lucky he only got life in prison.

According to prosecutors in the case, Pollard made more than $540,000 selling those secrets. And the secrets he passed along were so sensitive that portions of the trial were classified and not made available to the general public. And on top of it all, many of those secrets ended up in the hands of our enemy, the Soviet Union.

There a whole lot more to the story. If you want to read a definitive and well-sourced account of the Pollard case can read more here.

Suffice it to say this guy is a traitor, and should spend the rest of his life in prison.

Thirty-nine (39) Members of Congress have signed a letter requesting clemency (Curiously, they are all Democrats.)

What in the world is Huckabee thinking? I know he thinks he has a shot at the presidency. Does he think pandering like this, and siding with democrats, in a foreign land, will win him votes? With who exactly?

You’d think Huckabee would have learned from the last time he let a dangerous man go free. There are four dead cops as the result of Huckabee’s last “gesture.”

Huckabee is dangerous, and a fool. Criminals are placed in prisons for a reason. Sadly, it seems Huckabee never met a criminal, or a traitor he didn’t want to set free.


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We The People

Are you listening Mr President?

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