Greta: About Those People Claiming Sarah Palin Cost John McCain the Election

By Gary P Jackson

It’s been said a lie can make it around the world before the truth can get it’s pants on. No set of lies told about someone fits that description better than the many lies told about Sarah Palin over the years.

I could make a list but that would take up too much time, and bandwidth. Suffice it to say Sarah never banned books, consulted a witch doctor, charged rape victims for rape-kits, said she could see Alaska from her house, [but Tina Fay did] nor was she a member of a secessionist group. She IS Trig’s mother, and no, she hasn’t had any “enhancement surgery”!

One of the most persistent lies is the one that she cost John McCain his chance to be President. Though the liberal media will trot it out from time to time, it’s the corrupt Republican Establishment™ that tells the lie over and over. The more powerful Sarah gets, the more the lie gets recycled. She’s a direct threat to the national leadership of the party, just as she was to the leadership of the Alaska Republican Party. [which she sent packing]

So, about once every two weeks someone has to dig up proof that Sarah Palin was really the only bright spot in the McCain campaign, and had McCain listened to her, instead of Steve Schmidt, he might very well be President today.

This time Greta does the heavy lifting. She’s using Fox News polls, which I find tend to understate Republican support when polling against a democrat. But even their polls show a sustained 6 point bump for the campaign, one that put them ahead of Obama for the first time, right after Sarah was chosen, and gave her masterful speech at the Republican convention.

McCain would maintain this lead until the financial meltdown, and he decided to suspend his campaign to head off to Washington without a real plan of action. It was a fatal mistake and one a smart campaign manager would have advised against, but we’re talking Steve Schmidt here, so smarts don’t enter into the equation.

The usual goal of campaigns when picking a VP is “do no harm” and I’m hard pressed to think of any VP candidate that ever moved the needle in a significant way, one way or the other. To McCain’s credit, he recognized a true leader and inspirational figure in Sarah Palin. It was an inspired choice, and a highly popular one. Problem is, once he had her on his team, he had no idea what to do with her. And again, he had the most incompetent campaign team in the business, who were really clueless, and maybe just a tad intimidated.

Sarah Palin was a seasoned veteran. An old pro with lots of CEO experience, as well as experience navigating troubled waters. She managed to take on the entire corrupt Republican Party in Alaska, and cleaned their clock. She took on Big Oil and all their dirty tricks, and whipped them as well. Barack Obama should have been a light snack for Mama Grizzly.

We can go on and on about Steve Schmidt and Nicole Wallace’s incompetence, but for the fact the “good old boys” in the Republican Party are on a mission to destroy Sarah Palin, and those two have become shills for the Establishment, we’d forget them completely. They are two unremarkable losers.

Take a look at what Greta found, and I challenge anyone to show me where a VP pick had such a positive impact on a campaign. I’ll add, no one in politics has as powerful of an endorsement as Sarah Palin. It’s the platinum standard. Her seal of approval is highly coveted and an almost guarantee the candidate will win. The notion Sarah Palin cost John McCain the election is as ridiculous as ridiculous can be.

I have heard so much about whether Governor Palin was good for the 2008 Republican ticket or not – so I decided to do something a bit old fashion. I went back and looked at some facts. I looked at the Fox News Channel poll numbers from the Presidential race of 2008. What I discovered was quite interesting and may rub against what has become the conventional wisdom for some as to why Senator McCain’s poll numbers went down late in the fall.

I looked at 3 sets of polls –

1/ how Senator McCain was doing right JUST BEFORE he selected Governor Palin as a running mate;

2/ how Senator McCain was doing RIGHT AFTER he chose her; and


Polling from 2008/Financial Crisis dates and polling

1 Pre-Palin polling

-If the 2008 presidential election were held today (August 19-20), would you vote for Democrat Barack Obama or Republican John McCain?

McCain 39%

Obama 42%

Other/don’t know 19%

* Senator McCain was losing by 3 points BEFORE he announced Gov Palin his running mate

2. Palin was announced as McCain’s running mate on August 29, 2008

Post-Palin polling

-If the 2008 presidential election were held today (September 8-9,2008), would you vote for:

McCain/Palin 45%

Obama/Biden 42%

Other 2%

Don’t know 10%

* After Governor Palin was selected as the running mate, Senator McCain was up 3 points (thus a 6 point increase after Governor Palin was chosen.)

3. and two Post-financial crisis polling (September 22-23, 2008)

Obama/Biden 45%

McCain/Palin 39%

Other 2%

Don’t know 13%

I looked at another poll regarding the post financial crisis and the numbers were essentially the same.

Post-financial crisis polling (October 8-9, 2008)

Obama/Biden 46%

McCain/Palin 39%

Other 3%

Don’t know 11%

* After the financial crisis, Senator McCain’s number cratered 6 points.

More here.

This isn’t rocket science. The numbers don’t lie. With Sarah Palin, McCain was winning. On his own, he was losing.

The 2008 McCain campaign is a case study in what not to do if one wants to win. But of all the things the McCain campaign did wrong, choosing Sarah Palin wasn’t one of them!



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42 responses to “Greta: About Those People Claiming Sarah Palin Cost John McCain the Election

  1. william wallace

    If not living in a male dominated arena as is politics as is religion
    then the next election t’would be.. SARAH rep V HILLARY dem.

    Myself I could not choose betwixt the two I hold them equaled.

    However such election betwixt the two would be a close decision
    for voter / my opinion per’aps HILLARY wins by a hairs breadth
    however only in being put to the test would one know such result.

    In taking partner to the office of president then Mitt would do
    no better than SARAH such experience also a good experience
    in preparing her for the role as president // thus responsibility
    that such a role holds / in serving all nations as present worlds
    political as military superpower // though such but challenged
    as CHINA & RUSSIA now maturing at a ever increasing speed.

    Humanity now at a crossroads turning a page to a new chapter
    a chapter which will make much the better reading than of last.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Seriously? You can’t tell the difference between Sarah Palin, the all-American gal, and Hillary Clinton, an Alinsky communist?

      Clinton is just as radical as Obama, and had many of the same mentors. Alinsky, Cloward, Piven, Marx, Lenin. Clinton is just smarter than Obama, though that doesn’t say much. She’s just as anti-American as he is though.

      • william wallace

        Gary P Jackson / I was more looking at the soul of a individual
        saying I could not choose betwixt SARAH and HILLARY.being
        In terms of spiritual development but very little betwixt the two
        though choose I would give HILLARY a win by a hairs breadth.

        In having a sound spiritual foundation one will give their best
        in whatever field they enter / politics is a tough arena in both
        SARAH / HILLARY / achieved much / both in having courage
        as stength which far beyond expected of a normal individual.

        My own preference is the spiritual field / becoming involved
        in politics in words is but to enable one takes the path thats
        more productive in bringing peace to all nations all people’s.

        To take an front line in politics then for me such would mean
        that politics in having become totally corrupted thus in ones
        only means of change be of taking a very practical part / at
        present politics not (totally corrupted) but indeed corrupted.

        I don’t believe BARACK & democrats have earned another
        term in office they having failed in keeping any pre election
        promise indeed rather than protect the rights of the people
        BARACK & Dems have removed the few rights that people
        had left / a deceit act an appalling act by BARACK & Dems
        thus don’t deserve people’s trust for another term in office.

      • Gary P Jackson

        OK. I’m of the opinion a Marxist has no soul. Or at least not one a normal person would recognize, or want, but to each his own.

  2. John Mc Namara

    With Sarah Palin what you see is what you get and that’s refreshing for all Americans . She had more experience to be president than Obama so it just doesn’t jibe saying she was weak on experience to be VP and step in as president if required. She is feared by both the left and republican establishment because she touches the nerve of the average person on both sides of the isle and can run a totally unconventional campaign for A presidential bid in four years and win with or without the Republican establishment. If Romney was smart he should pick her for VP she would destroy Biden/Obama like hard icecream left out in the miday sun.Romney needs to get the Regan democrats to win along with the true conservatives and Sarah could do that if asked and was willing to accept.

  3. Greta, lets look at this another way it might make a little sense as to why the Republican establishment is not wanting Gov. Palin around.. take a look at a Republican’s wife, now look at Gov. Palin.. the wives are the ones mostly running the show behind the scenes and they don’t want their husband in the same state as the Gov. let alone in the same building.. Whether in Politics or whatever the wives have a big say so about what is taking place.. and jealousy is a big part of it.. You are correct in saying what you did about Gov. Palin, in today’s Politics she knows the problems and can fix it.. She did in Alaska, everyone that had a Government job and not doing it lost it.. That’s what we need.. I truly believe Gov. Palin is honest, loves God, Her Family and Her Country and is a fierce believer in the Constitution…. …. have a nice day…………

    • Gary P Jackson

      It’s even more fundamental than that. Sarah Palin is a reformer. She doesn’t care what party the crooks are in, she goes after them. The culture in Washington is a corrupt as the day is long. There are hundreds of billions of tax payer dollars handed out like party favors to those who stuff these corrupt politicians’ pockets.

      The GOP Elite want to stop Sarah, because she wants to stop them. It’s no more complicated than that.

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  5. Now this is a great blog compared to the last one I read that you wrote! Great job!

  6. Lisa Robles

    What I find interesting about Dick Cheney’s comment about lessons learned as far as Sarah Palin is concerned. Is how Dick Cheney could not then or now or EVER be elected again for Vice Pres. He does prove how the Repubs are just as corrupt as the Dems are! The Repub party deserves to go the way of the Whigs. With any luck our once great Country will survive to see just that!

    • Gary P Jackson


      I really love George Bush in a lot of ways. He was our Governor and a damned good one, but he and Cheney, along with the rest of the Republican “elite” ruined the Republican brand for all time. They forgot what the party was supposed to stand for.

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  31. Isabel Matos

    Shared in 20 groups. Grrrrrreat article! Sarah 2016 – 20124. 🙂

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    • Isabel Matos

      Big Amen! You know what else is true.. Remember the slogan ABO (anybody but Obama)? The GOPe returns the favor again (because they did ths in 2012 – derail Sarah from being the nominee) .. ABS.. Anybody but Sarah. They would rather lose an election and the country before they give her the benefit of support. They are that threatened and hate-filled for her and us via her. It’s war.

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