Rick Perry on Gingrich: If You Cheat On Your Wife, You’ll Cheat On Anybody: Why Newt Will Screw Us Over

By Gary P Jackson

I find this bit from Perry a bit ironic since the first thing he did as he was dropping out of the race was to endorse serial adulterer Newt Gingrich:

Rick is right though, and Newt Gingrich is the perfect example of this. We all know that Newt claims to be a Conservative, but has a record going back to the 1970s of standing with the far left when the chips are down.

From voting to establish Jimmy Carter’s Department of Education, which has destroyed the education system in this country, to trying to bring back the so-called “Fairness Doctrine”, after Ronald Reagan ended it, Newt Gingrich has a long record of cheating on the Conservative principles that he claims to stand so strongly with.

After being thrown out of his Speaker’s position by his fellow Republicans, Newt has consistently stood with the biggest socialists of our time.

Of course, lets not forget that as Speaker, Newt teamed up Nancy Pelosi to pass Anti-Second Amendment, un-American gun grabbing legislation.

Newt, a true believer in global warming:

Rep. Newt Gingrich (R-GA) co-sponsors the ambitious Global Warming Prevention Act (H.R. 1078), which finds that “the Earth’s atmosphere is being changed at an unprecedented rate by pollutants resulting from human activities, inefficient and wasteful fossil fuel use, and the effects of rapid population growth in many regions,” that “global warming imperils human health and well-being” and calls for policies “to reduce world emissions of carbon dioxide by at least 20 percent from 1988 levels by 2000.” The legislation recognizes that global warming is a “major threat to political stability, international security, and economic prosperity.” [H.R. 1078, 6/15/1989]

Of course we ALL remember this deal:

Nothing like a “true Conservative canoodling with Nancy Pelosi while shilling for Al Gore’s hoax. Why he’s just like Ronald Reagan…. not!

Oh, and here’s Newt with another Conservative stalwart, John Kerry talking about “green conservatism.” Here Newt scolds Conservatives for not getting in line with the socialists and supporting the hoax. A hoax that was cooked up to line a lot of people’s pockets and steal even more Liberty and Freedom from all of us.

Notice that Newt says a lot of words but concedes the left will pass cap and trade. Something that would destroy the economy forever, and take away huge chunks of your Liberty and Freedom.

And yet some people think Newt has the guts to actually fight the socialists.

Now I’m sure Gingrich apologists will claim that he has changed and like every position Newt flip flops over and over on, they will forgive him and say he’s “learned his lesson” or just scream ”But Mitt Romney is Satan!” or something equally stupid.

Fact is, Newt is very much a global warming believer. He has a new book coming out in 2013 that is being ghostwritten by Terry Maple. Environmental Entrepreneurs was to have a chapter in it about global warming written by radical leftist Katharine Hayhoe.

As Doug Powers at Michelle Malkin.com points out, after it became known this book shilling for the global warming hoaxers was coming out, Newt bailed on the author.

Newt’s fellow travelers in the socialist movement, and the author were none too happy about this either!

Gingrich and his co-author Terry Maple never told Hayhoe — a professor at Texas Tech University, mother, and evangelical Christian — that her chapter would be junked. Hayhoe was dismayed by the “ungracious” way she found out that her work was being discarded.

Nice to hear that Gingrich is tossing my #climate chapter in the trash,” Hayhoe tweeted in response to the news. “100+ unpaid hours I could’ve spent playing w my baby.

So not only does Gingrich pal around with socialists, he’s also an insensitive jerk who can’t even be trusted to honor the deals he makes. His wives know this all too well, don’t they.

Environmental Entrepreneurs sounds like it will suggest more Solyndra type corruption. Something Newt has proposed before.

Oh, and don’t forget, in 2009 Newt again teamed up with his couch mate Nancy Pelosi, to try and pass the “energy tax” President Obama [Democrat-Socialist] wanted.

Newt has been paid hundred of thousands of dollars by Big Ethanol to push that boondoggle down America’s throat too.

In 2009 Newt also teamed up with race hustler Al Sharpton and Education Secretary Arnie Duncan [Communist-Chicago] to push Obama’s education plan.

And don’t even get me started on Newt’s love for GOVERNMENT MANDATED health care insurance. Newt has teamed up with good buddy Hillary Clinton to shill for that, and has taken $37 million from Big Pharma and Big Insurance for his trouble. I assure you that bunch doesn’t pay out that kind of money for “history lessons!”

For more reading about Newt’s Big Government mandates check out:

Flashback: Newt’s Passionate Support of Mandated Health Care Insurance, RomneyCare

Government Mandates: Newt Gingrich and the Art of the Con Explained

And of course:

May 15, 2011: Newt Gingrich Supports Individual Mandate Would Force ALL Americans to Have Insurance

Do you REALLY think Newt is going to do anything about ObamaCare? If you listen to what he’s been proposing for years, you’ll come to understand it’s basically RomneyCare, except for the entire country, something even Mitt Romney understands is wrong.

I’ve been around a long time, and I have yet to find an instance where Newt Gingrich has stood with Conservatives and backed them up the way he has his socialist friends.

Let’s never forget Newt called the Tea Party “militant” not that long ago. This of course allowed the socialists over at the Daily Kos to gin up even more hate for every day Americans.

Thanks Newt.

By the way, showing how out of touch Newt really is, he called the Tea Party the militant wing of the Republican Party.

Most of us are independent, and there is also a significant amount of angry democrats in the Tea Party as well. Newt doesn’t know this because he’s never been part of the Tea Party movement. He’s a Big Government Statist and a Washington insider. The sort we are trying to run out of politics forever. Tea Party people aren’t his sort.

Newt is not, and never has been a Conservative. He’s more of a Manchurian Candidate, a life long democrat, who has infiltrated the Republican Party.

Again, I have never seen Newt stand with Conservatives the way he has with the socialists. He’s been too busy helping further their agenda for that. It’s not a stretch to say that Newt has done more to advance socialism in this country than many democrats.

Where was Newt when the Tea Party was formed? He was lobbying Congress to stop legislators from stopping Freddie Mac. That’s where. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are two of the biggest reasons our economy collapsed, and Newt was on the wrong side of that fight.

When has Newt ever went out and campaigned for Tea Party patriots? Spoke at Tea Party events?

Where was Newt in 2010 when Conservatives fought to take back Congress?

Newt was busy supporting far left Margaret Sanger Award winning De De Scozzafava, who was to the left of the democrat, over real Conservative Doug Hoffman. That’s where.

Hoffman was endorsed by Sarah Palin and once she endorsed, absolutely every Conservative worth talking about followed.

Newt kept saying De De was “conservative enough for him.” Newt didn’t even know De De wasn’t chosen by New Yorkers. She was the result of a backroom deal. But Newt kept talking about supporting the “will of the people.” Putz!

Oh, and how did De De “thank” Newt for his support? Once she realized she was going to be destroyed at the polls, she dropped out and endorsed the democrat!

That Newt sure can pick em!

Newt has no problem lying to Conservatives and conning them at every turn, because he’s had so much practice doing the same thing with his wives. Newt has been carrying on, with multiple affairs, and multiple wives. He went for years cheating on wives number one and two, without getting caught. That was great practice for what he’s doing now in the political arena.

Newt is a Big Government “progressive”. He has a lot more in common with Barack Obama and the rest of the socialists, than he does Conservatives and the American people at large.

Just as Newt cheated on his wives, Newt has spent decades cheating on Conservatives. Sadly, just like his wives, Newt has been able to con Conservatives into taking him back.

It hasn’t been that long ago, that Newt was universally despised by Conservatives for the exact reasons I have highlighted. When the chips are down, Newt ALWAYS stands with the socialists. For some reason, conservatives are allowing Newt’s pretty words to erase the horrific memories of Newt’s actions.

People need to wake up to the harsh reality that is Newt Gingrich. Newt would be like granting Obama his second term. Newt has never met a problem that he couldn’t think up a Big Government [and expensive] “solution” for.

Newt must be stopped. As president he would be our worst nightmare.

Caveat Emptor


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3 responses to “Rick Perry on Gingrich: If You Cheat On Your Wife, You’ll Cheat On Anybody: Why Newt Will Screw Us Over

  1. CHad

    Newt is not, and never has been a Conservative. He’s more of a Manchurian Candidate, a life long democrat, who has infiltrated the Republican Party~ All of them are and the reason why God doesn’t want the people picking any of them he has already chosen for a reason~ And yes God is in every thought of mine on everything~ To go a little more deeper I know the great body of the leviathan or the ruler behind the curtain of OZ is British Monarchy and they are determined to finish their circle so they have it arranged no matter who gets in it will serve them only for our destruction from within~ Back to Newt it is even more interesting that he is a Unconstitutionalist vid here you tell me how accurate this is> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jWPz1Qdq1uI

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