Eight Legit Reasons Why Sarah Palin is the Only Logical Choice to be Our Nation’s Next Vice President

By Gary P Jackson

America is at a crossroads. Our government is out of control. All three branches of the federal government have abandoned First Principles and the Constitution. We have a president who ignores Congress and a Congress that cannot get anything done because of obstructionism by Big Government liberals in both parties. We have a Supreme Court Chief Justice who just ruled on the most evil piece of legislation this country has ever seen, one that will destroy America, not based on his understanding of the Constitution, but because he fears bad press for the Court!

Corruption, from the Oval Office, to the many regime departmental heads, and throughout the halls of Congress, is rampant. Hundreds of billions of tax payer dollars have been given to political cronies, with no benefit to the nation. Members of Congress have been getting rich on insider knowledge, while the ordinary citizen has lost everything they had, during these hard times.

What we have now is unsustainable.

The November election is the most important election in this nation’s history. It will decide whether our beloved Republic lives or dies. If Barack Obama is re-elected, it’s all over. America as we know it, will cease to exist. We will become nothing more than a failed agricultural experiment.

We will have proven that we are not only NOT capable of self governance, we are not even capable of self preservation!

We will have said that we’d rather have some little elite in a far away land run our lives, every facet of our lives, rather than be free men. We will have said that Liberty and Freedom are just words. Meaningless words. That Liberty and Freedom aren’t worth fighting for.

I have set out to write this essay for some time now, and always find myself stopping. There’s a good reason for this.

There’s not a whole lot of love lost between The Romney camp and Team Palin. It was former Romney staffers, working on McCain’s campaign, who started sabotaging Governor Palin, once they figured out McCain was going to lose, thanks to the horrific blunders by manager Steve Schmidt and co-conspirator Nicolle Wallace.

These former Romney staffers wanted to make sure Governor Palin wouldn’t stand in Mitt’s way come 2012 or 2016, or whenever.

Stacy Drake has noted that one of the well know, and most militant Palin-bashers on Romney’s team, Kevin Madden, has just been given a larger role in the campaign.

There is tons of evidence such as this from NRO’s Mark Hemmingway, where names are named. As well as more here. Even the far left hatemongers over at Wonkette picked up on this, noting it was people within the McCain campaign who were loyal to Romney, who were spreading the lies about Governor Palin.

Anyhow, recognizing Sarah Palin as Mittens’ most serious adversary in a 2012 presidential run, ex-Romney staffers have now reportedly devoted themselves to quietly talking shit about this lady, all the time.

While I’d like to think Mitt Romney is a decent fellow, there is absolutely no doubt that he has surrounded himself with some of the lowest forms of political scum that exist today.

They aren’t doing Mitt any favors either.

Besides disrespecting Sarah Palin, and her millions of supporters, [better known as the base of the Republican Party] they are also giving him poor advice. Almost as bad as the advice Schmidt and company gave McCain.

How bad is it? Conservatives have told Mitt to either fight or just quit and let someone else do it, and Rupert Murdoch told him he needs to “drop his old friends and hire some pros.” Ouch! But spot on.

Here’s how I feel about Mitt Romney. I don’t think he’s a bad guy, or the Great Satan™ that many Conservatives do. Looking over his life as a whole, Romney seems to be quite the decent man, in fact.

I also think the American people are fed up, and want President Barack Obama and his corrupt regime thrown out of office, no matter what. In this sense, Mitt Romney is a lucky man. He’s come along at a time that many would vote for a stale ham sandwich on moldy bread before they’d vote to re-elect Obama.

I think, ultimately, Mitt will be successful in his bid for the White House, not because he’s had some grand plan to get America back on her feet, but simply because he’s a fellow named “Not Barack Obama.” It really is no more complicated than that.

BUT, and this is a BIG BUT, he can still throw it all away, and disrespecting Conservatives isn’t helping his cause.

The talk now is all about who Romney will pick as his running mate. The pundits and political strategists all have their favorites. Most of these picks are based on nothing more than some absurd idea that this candidate or that would deliver a certain group of voters. Never mind that research proves vice presidential picks usually have zero impact on the race. USUALLY.

What’s most troubling to me is the fact none of these proposed candidates really bring anything to the table. Oh, they are “safe” in so far as they won’t hurt anything, but what good is “safe” when our entire way of life is at peril?

We’ve read that Romney doesn’t want a running mate that will overshadow him. If true, that makes him a poor manager and his ability to manage is supposedly one of his top selling points. A good manager LOVES employees that outshine him. It reflects well on his ability to pick the right people for the job.

This is not about politics for me, and shouldn’t be for Romney, or America. It’s about finding the absolute best person for the job at hand. It’s about electing someone who has experience at an Executive level and a proven track record. Someone who has had great responsibility, and a proven record of using the power granted to them by the people, wisely.

A few days ago Stacy Drake published a lengthy report that she and Whitney Pitcher had put together on Sarah’s Executive Accomplishments. It’s been said that during her one term as Governor, Sarah accomplished more than most politicians do in an entire career, including two term presidents. For those that still don’t understand why Conservatives rally around Sarah, I suggest you give the report a once over. It makes the case that Sarah Palin is the only choice.

With that, let me present my case to you, the American people:

Sarah Palin is the only logical choice for America’s next Vice President

It’s been said that the vice presidency isn’t worth a warm bucket of spit. And despite all of the editorials and television panels that debate and strategize on how one person or another would help [or hurt] the ticket, in my lifetime, only on vice presidential candidate ever truly impacted the presidential race. Her name is Sarah Palin.

The democrat run media, aided by the Republican Establishment™ has been trying to sell the lie that Palin cost McCain the election, but the truth is, McCain was on his way to one of the worst defeats in history until he chose Sarah to be his running mate.

Before that day in Ohio, when he introduced Sarah Palin to the world, cash donations were few and far between, and in campaign offices [and RNC offices] nationwide, it was quieter than a calm day in the desert.

After Sarah’s phenomenal acceptance speech at the convention, the RNC set a 3 day fundraising record.

Volunteers poured into the local offices. The base of the party, which had little use for McCain, was energized like it hadn’t been since the days of Ronald Reagan. The excitement was so strong, it prompted Michael Reagan to pen the wonderful and heartfelt “Welcome Back Dad.

Turncoats like Steve Schmidt [who is now the darling of the über left] and Nicolle Wallace [who reportedly voted for Obama] lost McCain the election, not Sarah Palin. McCain, bless his heart, didn’t have the fight in him. Worse, he and his team stopped Sarah, who was ready to fight, and was doing an excellent job of taking Barack Obama down.

The only time McCain lead in the polls was after he chose Sarah. He lost the lead for good when he “suspended” his campaign to go to Washington and take part in the TARP fiasco. In the end, McCain allowed Obama to take center stage and actually look like a leader.

Of course it didn’t help that McCain would attack his own supporters who didn’t care for Obama and were quite vocal about it. Nor did it help that he, on more than one occasion, told the crowds they “ had nothing to fear” from Obama. Man was he wrong!

Still, as the 2012 campaign was first firing up, and on an almost daily basis since, some liberal media hack, or GOP Establishment™ loser, including those in the Romney camp, have penned an article, or been quoted in one, proclaiming that Sarah Palin f’ed it up for all women, for all time.

Those who support Sarah Palin understand full well why both liberals and the GOP Elites don’t like her. She’s a competent and ethical leader who gets things done. She was an outstanding Mayor who turned a little backwoods town into the fastest growing city in her state, and the hub of all commerce in the Mat-Su Valley, an area roughly the size of the state of Delaware. And she did this all while lowering taxes and fighting corruption.

She was by far the best and most popular Governor in the country. A fiscal hawk, and a true reformer.

It’s her reputation for going after corrupt politicians, in both parties, that scares the hell out of democrats and the GOP alike.

Sarah found massive corruption in Alaska, and by the time she was finished, she had taken down the sitting Republican Governor [beating him by a landslide in the election] as well as the Republican Attorney General, and even the state’s all powerful Republican Party Chairman, who paid the largest civil fine in Alaska’s history.

Months after she took office, the FBI was still hauling Republican law makers off to jail!

It was around then, early 2007, that I first learned of Sarah Palin. For the first time in a long time, I saw a politician worth paying attention to. Over the years my initial feelings have been consistently validated.

Now the idea of a a grass roots push for a Vice President Palin is certainly nothing new. Well before there was a Republican nominee for President, in 2008, there was a grass roots effort to “Draft Sarah” for the job. Online groups sprang up around the country. Petitions were signed, advertising bought.

Once John McCain was the nominee, there was also an effort inside the camp. Frank Aquila, one of McCain’s local California campaign chairs, lobbied hard for Sarah to be on the ticket. In the end, he would get the call from Bob Pacheco, the head of McCain’s California team, saying: “I just want to be the first to say congratulations! You got your girl!” . Frank wrote a book about his experiences Sarah Palin Out Of Nowhere., which we reviewed here.

While the choice of Sarah Palin may have been a surprise to many, those who pay attention to politics knew exactly who she was, and why she was an excellent pick. One of the few things the McCain campaign did well.

Even President Bush knew the score. In August of 2008, on their way to the Beijing Olympics, the President and First Lady Laura Bush made a stop over in Fairbanks to re-fuel Air Force One. They were met by Governor Palin and Todd. It’s been reported that President Bush met her with open arms and addressed her as “Madam Vice President.” This was three weeks before McCain introduced her to the world as his running mate.

Frankly, as dangerous and lawless as President Obama is, defeating him is job one. The American people are angry. It’s so bad, and throwing him out of office is so important, that most of us are willing to accept a candidate [Mitt Romney] we’re not all that in love with. I honestly think Romney is going to win the election though, no matter what. But it is by no means a lock.

Ann Romney let it slip the campaign is considering a woman. I think Ann is also an honorable and decent woman, but I can’t help but think that was more of a way to divert attention from Mitt’s latest bungling in the aftermath of the ObamaCare ruling. Is it a tax, or ain’t it?

It did give us a moment of comic relief though, as it allowed poor old Bill Kristol to fill some editorial space with the notion of Condi Rice as the “perfect” choice, because someone who voted for Obama in 2008, and is a pro-abortion liberal, is EXACTLY what Mitt needs. Oy!

**As I am writing this, Matt Drudge is pushing the Condi thing pretty hard, but Robert Costa from NRO tweets:

Top Romney source tells me “no Condi.” More: Romney wants someone more comfortable in ‘attack dog‘ mode

Hmm, wants someone comfortable in “attack dog mode.” Thanks for endorsing Sarah, Mitt!

Sarah has been the most vocal opponent of Barack Obama. Sometimes being the only national leader to speak up. She’s always ahead of the curve. She was calling out Obama on quantitative easing months before any one else. Same goes for calling him out on foreign policy blunders.


Pundits will go on and on detailing how one potential choice will “help” with one demographic or another. To these cats it’s all about politics. I don’t care about the politics of it all. I’m looking at the very best person for the job.

Romney has a good chance of winning, not because he’s so great, but because Obama is that bad. But elections are rarely won by just being less bad than the other guy. Voters want a reason to vote FOR someone, rather than just vote against someone else.

Once in office, Romney is going to need a capable leader to stand with him. And he’s going to need a Conservative. Out of all of the names being bounced around, only Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is worth considering. He is a solid Governor with a great record. He’s a bit of a policy wonk as well. And while he is greatly admired, he doesn’t instill the passion in voters that Sarah Palin does.

Again, to me, this isn’t about playing any sort of gender, race, or regional politics, though most of the names being thrown around are northeastern liberals, a potential disaster in the making. All I care about is getting the very best person available, and that person is Sarah Palin

In no particular order, here are the top reasons why Sarah Palin is the only logical choice to be the nation’s next Vice President.

***Executive Experience-Ready to Be President Right Now:

The Vice President only has two jobs, as described in the Constitution. The Vice President is the president of the Senate. All of the powers of the office come from the Legislative Branch, not the Executive.

Originally it was intended for the Vice President preside over the Senate. These days that job is handled by a designated president pro tempore, usually a junior Senator. It’s used as a way to teach newbies parliamentary procedures. Though many Vice Presidents have kept an office in the Senate building, in recent years the only official duty they have performed is being the tie breaking vote when the Senate was deadlocked.

The only other requirement of a Vice President is the ability to be President. It’s the most important qualification a prospective VP must posses. Should the President achieve room temperature, or otherwise be unable to carry out the duties of the office, the VP must be ready and able to take charge right then and there. Sarah Palin is ready and able.

As a nation, we prefer to elect Governors as President. The Office of Governor is the best training ground for future Presidents. With the exception of Jimmy Carter, the best, most effective Presidents of the last 50 plus years have been Governors first.

Now each state is different. Some Governors are powerful, some constitutionally restrained.

As Alaska goes, the Governor is very powerful. Their constitution makes the Governor a true CEO, with sweeping powers. Political scientist Thad Beyle, out of the University of North Carolina, has studied and rated the various state Governors offices for two decades, ranking them on a scale of 1-5, as to how powerful that office is.

He rates governorships on potential length of service, budgetary and appointment authority, veto power and other factors. Alaska’s Governor is tied for 2nd, as the most powerful Governor in the nation. The office ranks a 4.1. The average is 3.5.

According to the Wall Street Journal: [emphasis mine]

Only four other states — Maryland, New Jersey, New York and West Virginia — concentrate as much power in the Governor’s office as Alaska does, and only one state (Massachusetts) concentrates more. California may be the nation’s most populous state, but its Governor rates as below-average (3.2) in executive authority. This may account in part for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s poor legislative track record. The lowest rating goes to Vermont (2.5), where the Governor (remember Howard Dean) is a figurehead compared to Mrs. Palin.

In Alaska, the Governor has line-item veto power over the budget and can only be overridden by a three-quarters majority of the Legislature. In 1992, the year Arkansas Governor Bill Clinton was elected President, his state budget was $2 billion and among the smallest in the country. Compared to that, Sarah Palin is an executive giant.

That’s right, as Governor, Sarah Palin had more power than Governor Bill Clinton. And oversaw a larger budget and workforce. And whether you like Bill Clinton or not, it’s hard to argue that he wasn’t an effective President.

Sarah proved she could handle great power. She used that power to slash budgets, control debt, and liabilities. Her stewardship of Alaska’s economy saw it’s credit rating to be upgraded. She used that power to create sweeping ethics reform, and get a highly corrupt relationship between Big Oil and the Alaska Legislature under control.

[This is why the GOP Elites hate her. She stopped the bribes and corruption.]

It should be remembered that the only state with a more powerful Governor than Alaska is Massachusetts, where Mitt Romney was Governor.

Here’s a little homework assignment. Compare and contrast how much Sarah Palin got done in her time as Governor, with how little Mitt Romney did.

And don’t forget both had a significant number of democrats in their legislatures to deal with. It’ll help you understand that Sarah Palin is ready and qualified to be president right now, and Mitt Romney, as Rupert Murdoch noted, needs a real pro on his team.

***100 Percent Energy Independence for America

President John F Kennedy made a bold statement in the early 1960s. Even though no one knew how, and nothing existed that could make it happen, he stood before the world and proclaimed the United States would put a man on the moon before the decade was over. And we did.

In order to make this happen, Kennedy put Vice President Lyndon Johnson personally in charge of the Space Program. [which explains why “Mission Control is located near Houston!]

Energy independence is a much simpler proposition. We already have the resources as well as the know how. All we need is the will. This is the perfect project to hand over to Vice President Sarah Palin.

No politician understands the energy business better.

After being term limited as Mayor, Governor Palin would be appointed as Chairman of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission, Alaska’s regulatory body, and one of the most powerful jobs in the state. Though much of the focus was on ethics and process [this is were Sarah would uncover massive corruption] she committed herself to becoming an expert on the business.

As Governor, she not only sat as the Chairman of the nation’s Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission, she was also Chairman of the National Governors Association’s Natural Resources committee.

Long before she was chosen as McCain’s running mate, Sarah was championing Alaska’s vast natural resources as the way forward. As Governor, she was a frequent guest on financial programs discussing energy related issues. In 2008 she gave a speech entitled Alaska’s Promise for the Nation that she used to make the case for American energy independence.

Sarah is an “all of the above” kinda leader, who understands that nothing, that actually works, should be off the table. I’m quite fond of her positions because she understands that natural gas, a fuel that America has centuries worth of under the ground, is one of the answers. It’s clean, green, and cheap, and plentiful. There are over 1.67 QUADRILLION cubic feet of gas in the Arctic alone.

One of the greatest achievements of Sarah’s administration was the creation of AGIA and the gasline, a project still in the works. This is the largest infrastructure project in North American history, and it was done using an open and competitive process. This is something other Alaskan’s had tried to get done for over 30 years. Sarah got it all done in 2. It was her pro-business, small government, common sense approach that made AGIA work, where others had failed over the decades.

The smartest thing a President Romney could ever do is put Vice President Palin in charge of America’s energy and just get out of her way. We could be 100% energy independent by the end of the decade, and have an economy so strong and vibrant that words won’t do it justice.

***Foreign Policy

Sarah Palin, as Governor of Alaska, was in a rather unique position. All Governors command their state’s National Guard, and all Governors will, from time to time, be briefed on national security matters concerning their state. Alaska’s proximity to Russia makes Alaska’s Governor a little different. Governor Palin shared command of the Alaska National Guard and Alaska Air National Guard.

We’ve talked about Russia a lot lately, as Russian nuclear-capable bombers were sighted flying near the west coast on the Fourth of July. Whitney wrote more about the Russian-Alaskan entanglements here.

I’ve noted many times over the years that Governor Palin, due to Alaska’s location, and the fact Alaska is America’s first line of defense from threats coming from Russia and the Far East, was given regular high level national security briefings.

On her watch, the Alaska Air Guard routinely escorted the same type of Russian Bear bombers as seen on the west coast, out of Alaskan air space. In fact, the 176th Air Control Squadron received the Air Force’s Outstanding Unit Award for it’s service to the nation.

As Governor, Sarah was also Commander-in-Chief of the Alaska Defense Force. This is an axillary police force. They are a recognized militia, and part of Homeland Security’s readiness plan. They are directly under the Governor’s command. The ADF is a direct decedent of the WWII era Alaska Territorial Guard. Those are the brave men who fought the Japanese when they invaded Alaska.

You may recall that just two days after taking office, President Barack Obama decided he would no longer allow these WWII heroes to be paid their pensions. This is a battle that went on for some time, with Governor Palin fighting the regime tooth an nail [and winning]

Mitt Romney, for all of his business experience, is quite lacking in foreign policy experience. While he seems to have the right instincts, and common sense, one can’t help but take note that he doesn’t talk about foreign policy often, nor does he have a fully articulated foreign policy doctrine.

Sarah Palin does have a well articulated doctrine.

The Jerusalem Post’s Carolyn Glick wrote of what she called a Jacksonian policy of Sarah’s vs the neo-conservatism of the Bush, Perry types, or the naive isolationism of the Ron Paul crowd. I like to think of it as more Reaganesque. After all, Sarah’s foreign policy adviser, Peter Schweizer wrote the books [literally] on Ronald Reagan’s foreign policy and shared a byline with Lady Margaret Thatcher as well.

Ronald Reagan believed in peace through strength. A policy that made the enemy realize the price of war with the United States and her allies was a price too great to pay. It was a policy that worked, and one that is needed again today.

But it’s not just military policy where Sarah Palin has proven she understands how the United States should interact with the world around us. In 2009 she traveled to Hong Kong to talk to the CLA investors group and gave a solid foreign policy speech that was well received by supporters and critics alike. Lot of red meat, no fluff.

In March of 2011, Sarah was in India at the India Today Conclave. Again she articulated a strong policy of free trade as well as energy security. She also threw in a healthy dose of skepticism about China, and what they are up to.

Alaska does a lot of foreign trade. As Governor, Sarah would meet with foreign representatives from time to time, just as any governor from an exporting state will do.

In January of 2009, she hosted dignitaries from around the world as Alaska celebrated it’s 50th birthday. [As a state] At the event were Sergey Kislyak, newly appointed Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the United States, and his delegation, along with representatives from Great Britain, New Zealand, Hungary, Norway, South Korea, The Philippines, Canada, China, Mexico, Finland, Poland, The Czech Republic, and the Republic of Seychelles.

Sarah Palin has the experience on foreign policy Mitt is sorely lacking. And the good news, at least from the few things Mitt has said, the two seem to be somewhat on the same page on how to handle both our friends and our enemies.

***Corruption Busting

Sarah Palin made her bones taking on corrupt politicians. This is good for the American people, but it’s also the reason why the Republic Establishment™ has worked overtime trying to kill her political career.

There is corruption in both political parties, at all levels of government. Sarah has proven that she doesn’t care which party a corrupt politician belongs to, they must be removed from office and dealt with.

Sarah’s distaste for corruption, or even the appearance of corruption, goes all of the way back to her earliest days as an elected leader.

As a member of the Wasilla, Alaska city council, she fought fellow member Nick Carney, who owned a waste management company. Carney was working on a city ordinance that would have required residents in new subdivisions to use his company [the only game in town] for their garbage hauling needs. At the time residents did their own hauling.

To Sarah this just didn’t seem right. Now bear in mind, Carney was one of the people who had recruited her to run in the first place. It would have been easy to just ignore this minor case of abuse of office. But that just ain’t how Sarah rolls.

We all know how Sarah famously took on the entire Republican Party in Alaska, as she served as the state’s oil and gas regulator. As the Chairman of the AOGCC, Sarah was in charge of ethics, not just in the government, but in the relationship between government and the oil companies.

What she found was massive corruption, and once elected Governor, she eliminated the situations that made it easy for corrupt politicians to operate. She effectively made crony capitalism a crime.

While at the AOGCC, Sarah discovered the state GOP Party chairman Randy Ruedrich, a fellow commissioner, and all powerful Republican, was doing party business on company time. She also uncovered other situations that needed to be dealt with. Sarah was appointed by the Governor, and as such, he was her boss. After being ignored, she said if Murkowski wasn’t interested in taking action, she’d take it to the people, through the media. The Attorney General, Gregg Renkes, who had ethics problems of his own, threatened Sarah with legal action if she blew the whistle on the corrupt Murkowski administration.

We all know what happened next. Sarah resigned from that high paying gig, something the “political experts” called political suicide, and went after these corrupt bastards!

For those that don’t know, there was actually a group of corrupt Alaska lawmakers who proudly called themselves the “Corrupt Bastards Club” after a lady called them that to their face. Even had hats made up with “CBC” printed on them. This is what happens when you let people get away with being so openly corrupt.

Sarah, along with democrat state representative Eric Croft would file an ethics complaint, and in the end, Renkes was forced to resign from office. Renkes had many questionable activities, but it was a trade deal with Taiwan that he stood to make money off of that sealed his fate.

Ruedrich was forced to resign from the AOGCC and in 2008 faced a challenge from Joe Miller for position as state party chair. He also had to pay the largest civil fine in Alaska’s history.

In 2008 Sarah was still working to clean up the corrupt mess left over from the Murkowski years, and a Republican Party that didn’t support any of her much needed reforms. From the Juneau Empire: [emphasis mine]

On Friday, Miller mailed fliers urging delegates to support a change that would put vice chair Cathy Giessel in charge. He said it takes two-thirds of those attending to suspend party rules and force Ruedrich out.

Giessel declined to comment on the prospects of a vote. She said thus far 401 of the possible 550 delegates have registered for the convention, the largest registration ever.

Miller says the beleaguered party – hobbled by the convictions of three former Republican lawmakers on federal corruption charges – needs a new direction, starting with a leader who supports Palin.

The governor is an extraordinary asset,” Miller said. “I stand with the view of the governor and legislators who want to restore public trust. She’s made great strides, but has not received the support of the chair.

Ruedrich has been party chairman since 2000 when he inherited the post after Tuckerman Babcock stepped down. Ruedrich won the job in 2002 and again in 2006. He says he never expected to please the entire party with his work.

No one is supported by 100 percent of any organization at any one time,” Ruedrich said. “I look forward to working with Alaska Republicans for our common interests to elect Republicans up and down the ticket this November.

Palin was not available for comment on Saturday, but discussed her relationship with party leaders during the week. She said she plans on attending the conference, which starts Thursday.

The Republican party has got to change,” Palin said. “It’s got to progress; it’s got to clean up its act or we’re not going to be taken seriously.

It won’t be taken seriously unless it changes course and starts understanding that not only in Alaska, but across the nation, people are craving change, not embracing the status quo.

She says the party’s failure to simply acknowledge her administration on its Web site underscores the bigger problem.

In a section featuring state lawmakers, all the Republican members of the House and Senate, plus the state’s Congressional delegation are listed. Only Palin and Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell are missing.

You wouldn’t know you had a Republican administration by looking at the Web site,” she said. “When I saw that, I was laughing, thinking surely they wouldn’t go that far.”

Ruedrich said it was an oversight, adding that Palin’s predecessor Frank Murkowski never had his name listed on that site page.

I did not know this to be the case,” Ruedrich said. “It’s a simple oversight that will get fixed.”

It was Palin who exposed Ruedrich for ethical violations five years ago when both served on Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.

Ruedrich admitted leaking a confidential memo to an energy company lobbyist and conducting partisan political activity from his state office.

That led to a $12,000 penalty, believed to be the state’s largest civil fine for an ethics case.

Ruedrich resigned from the commission in 2004, but he kept his position with the party, and was re-elected chairman in 2006.

Notice how the Party Chairman, who had already been hit with massive corruption charges, and paid a record setting fine, was less than supportive. The national Republican leadership is no different.

This is illustrative of how corrupt politics are, and how corrupt politicians fight to the bitter end. It also shows just how hard it is to get rid of them all, even for someone like Sarah Palin. But at least she actually tries. Few others put in the effort.

It’s BECAUSE Sarah puts in the effort to stop the corruption that makes her personna non grata among the Elites.

In the end, after taking down Renkes and Ruedrich, Sarah would run for Governor, beating Murkowski in a landslide, and then go on to beat popular former Governor Tony Knowles, the democrat.

Nationally Sarah has been leading the charge calling out corrupt politicians in both parties for engaging in crony capitalism, feeding their buddies tax payer dollars to fund shaky projects. Her adviser Peter Schweizer wrote Throw Them All Out exposing just how corrupt Washington is.

Corrupt politicians cost the tax payers hundreds of billions of dollars annually. The Obama regime has put the process on steroids, but they don’t hold the patent on thug politics.

There are Republicans who are crooked too. Again, this is one of the reasons the Republican leadership wants nothing to do with Sarah. They understand exactly what she did in Alaska, and know she would love to do the same in Washington.

Mitt Romney never talks about corruption in government, even though it’s one of the subjects that needs addressing the most. Sarah is a multi-tasker. Those who have worked with her go on and on about the way she can juggle things.

We’ve already got Vice President Palin bringing America energy independence before the end of the decade, lets have her head up ethics reform as well. She can start with the various agencies, and as President of the Senate, work on the Senators, and put pressure on the House members to clean up their act.

Ethics reform is something the federal government is in dire need of, and if for no other reason, the BEST reason to have Sarah Palin be our Next Vice President. We need sudden and relentless reform, and Sarah Palin is the person who can make it happen.

***Courage to Win

This one is simple. According to Costa’s tweet, Romney wants an “attack dog” someone who isn’t afraid to fight. We all know Sarah Palin is that person. Had John McCain and his moronic campaign team left her alone in 2008, we might very well have a President McCain right now.

She fearlessly went after Obama and his associations with racist preachers, America hating radicals, and murdering terrorists. She also went after his Marxism, and how he would destroy the country if elected. Everything she predicted in her acceptance speech at the Republican convention in 2008 has sadly come to pass.

Since the election, Sarah has never stopped being on offense, never stopped calling Obama out. But it goes deeper than just talking on TV. Sarah has been to rallies nationwide talking about a better America. The speech that still stands out for me is the one she gave in Madison, Wisconsin, in support of Governor Scott Walker’s many reforms:

Freezing cold, and surrounded by violent union thugs, who had already caused massive damage to the state capital, and Sarah never bats an eye. She speaks past the thugs, and right to the rank and file workers, calling out the union thug leaders, who are getting rich off the backs of the worker. She also calls out the GOP for being so damned weak.

There’s not another politician alive today who could have given this speech.

You wanna win? This is how you do it!

Those rank and file union members listened to what she said, and a significant number voted for Scott Walker and Rebecca Kleefisch in the recall election. You want a fighter? Here you go.

***Gravitas-Sky High Approval Ratings

To paraphrase the old E.F. Hutton advertisement: “When Sarah Palin talks, people listen!”

It’s no secret that she draws huge enthusiastic crowds wherever she goes. People know that she’s the real deal, and sincere in what she says. She doesn’t just talk the talk, she walks the walk.

Recently Mediaite ranked Sarah Palin the number one TV pundit and influencer in America. And it wasn’t even close. Sarah reaches a huge audience that trusts her. That’s a rare feat for any politician. But those who trust her do so because they know her record and know the integrity she has.

Sarah herself has said that “polls are for strippers” which is about right, but since 2010, every legitimate poll has shown Sarah has, by far, the highest approval numbers and favorability numbers than any other Republican. This is among Republicans and Republican leaning independents. Oh sure, the liberals hate her, but they hate Romney, and every other Republican too. If you’re a Republican politician and pandering for the liberal vote, then well, you are mentally challenged!

Just to clarify, a legitimate poll is one put out by a reputable pollster that surveys “likely voters,” and publishes the internals of the poll. Surveys taken of “adults” are worse than useless and seldom, if ever, accurate. Many publish polls but never the internals for readers to study. These are more about creating a narrative, than reporting news.

There have been too many polls to list, but Sarah has always had higher approval/favorability numbers than any other Republican thought to be a presidential candidate. Here is one fairly recent poll from democrat party pollster Public Policy Polling, that has Sarah, not even a candidate, with much better ratings that the actual candidates, especially Mitt Romney: [emphasis mine]

The talk of a brokered convention never seems to die down and one interesting finding on this poll was that Sarah Palin is far more popular than any of the actual Republican candidates in the race. Her net favorability is +48, with 68% of voters rating her favorably to only 20% with a negative opinion. That compares favorably to +29 for Santorum, +19 for Romney, and -26 for Paul.

Palin is someone GOP delegates might be able to unify around in the case of a hopelessly deadlocked convention. She is seen positively by Gingrich voters (85/7), Santorum supporters (80/10), and Romney ones (57/27) alike.

That’s a contrast to Romney who is disliked by both Santorum (38/48) and Gingrich (32/54) voters and Santorum who is disliked by Romney (38/48) voters and only seen narrowly favorably by Gingrich (46/42) backers.

I challenge anyone to come up with a choice for Vice President that would be as universally accepted as Sarah Palin is, among the voters. I also challenge anyone to show me a legit poll of Republicans and GOP leaning independents that looks much different than the one above.

Remember, as Governor, Sarah had sustained approval ratings in the 90s. Unheard of for any politician. And that was not only with Conservatives, but all Alaskans, democrats and independents alike.

Romney’s team pooh-poed Sarah’s call for some excitement, inspiration, and motivation out of the campaign, but she was right. A lot of us will vote for Mitt simply because he isn’t Barack Obama, but few elections are won on that sort of thing alone. You need to give the voters a reason to vote FOR you and not just AGAINST the other guy. There is nothing whatsoever inspirational about the Romney campaign.

Remember in 2008, McCain was going nowhere fast until his brilliant VP pick. It was a game changer, in a good way. My biggest fear is Romney has surrounded himself with the same bottom feeders who sabotaged the McCain campaign. Now it’s been long theorized they did this on Mitt’s behalf, hoping for things to be favorable in 2012, which so far, they have been.

I like to think Mitt is a good guy, and didn’t participate in any of that, but his refusals to apologize for the lies his team has been spreading recently about Sarah is troubling.

I have a little advice for Governor Romney. Those cats that screwed McCain over? The ones you employ now. They’ll screw you over if something or someone better comes along. You can take that to the bank.

Mitt is not popular with the base of the Republican Party. Sarah Palin is. Enough said.

***Likely The Most Well Vetted Human Being on the Planet

Of all the lies circulated around, the notion that Sarah Palin was never vetted, ranks up there as one of the most ridiculous. Supporters know full well that A.B. Culvahouse, the former Reagan advisor, who has been vetting VP candidates and Supreme Court nominees for years, did a thorough job of vetting the Governor. As he said, on the most important questions of the day, she “knocked it out of the park.”

But that’s just the beginning. Once she was announced as McCain’s running mate, the democrat run media sent dozens of reporters to Alaska to dig through her garbage. When she wrote her first book the Associated Press assigned a couple dozen “fact checkers” to the damned thing! Left wing columnist, and part time gynecologist, Andrew Sullivan turned the examination of Sarah’s uterus into an entire cottage industry!

When the state of Alaska released 125,000 of Sarah’s official e-mails, the New York Times and the Washington Post went crazy, asking their readers to help them read all of them and dig up dirt. That little project backfired so spectacularly that the story was quietly buried. Turns out the e-mails proved that Governor Palin was hard working, ethical, and her administration was transparent.

In short, they were the best recommendation Sarah Palin could have ever had.

One interesting thing that came out of the e-mail witch hunt. The media hired experts to analyze Sarah’s writing style. No doubt they were hoping to prove she’s an idiot. Funny thing. Two experts said she wrote better than most educated Americans, including CEOs and even presidents. In fact one expert compared her e-mails style favorably to both Lincoln’s “Gettysburg Address” and Dr Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” speech. Not exactly what the media was hoping to find!

It must be noted that when Mitt Romney left office, all of his e-mails were disappeared, erased, deleted.

The bottom line is this. Whoever is chosen as VP is going to have an anal exam to end all anal exams. The democrat controlled media will rip them to shreds. Embarrassing, and/or troubling things will be found. Oh, and you can bet the GOP Elites will do their part to help the democrats as well. Few are able to survive what will be launched on the GOP vice presidential nominee.

Sarah Palin has proven that she can not only survive, but thrive in this sort of atmosphere. The only thing that was missing in 2008 was the fact the McCain campaign didn’t have her back. Indeed, Steve Schmidt and Nicolle Wallace actively worked to undermine both McCain and Palin. Not only did those two, and their cohorts, not have Sarah’s back, they planted slanderous lies in the media, and have done so consistently for the last four years. Again, these two are a big part of why McCain/Palin lost in 2008.

This is the one problem with the Romney campaign, as he has many within his team who have helped spread the lies. There’s not a lot of love lost between Team Romney and Team Palin because of this. But again, this isn’t about politics, or propping up Mitt Romney’s fan boys, it’s about what’s best for the country.

What’s best for the country is the only reason to chose Sarah Palin. The GOP Establishment needs to put their egos on hold, and for once think about what is best for the nation, not just what’s best for them to hold on to power.

***Mitt’s Job Security

One thing about Sarah Palin, she ain’t afraid to make waves, or primary sitting Republicans! She took down a sitting Republican Governor who had a couple of decades of service in the U.S. Senate before that, and she did it without hesitation. In fact, she took down most of the Alaska Republican Party leadership, without hesitation.

It is my sincere hope that Mitt Romney becomes one of our better presidents. America can’t stand any more screw-ups. America can’t last if all we have is half-measures and timid leadership. Many of us are worried that’s exactly what we may end up with though.

If so, Mitt’s days as president will be numbered.

You can bet if things aren’t looking good come 2016 that Sarah Palin would be the one to mount a primary challenge, just as Ronald Reagan did to Gerald Ford in 1976.

I gotta tell the Romney Campaign straight up that just having Sarah as Vice President is no guarantee that she wouldn’t go after them if things aren’t working. She was a high level member of the Murkowski administration. But a Vice President Sarah Palin, whose counsel is sought, and listened to, would go a long way toward President Romney not having to worry about anything but doing the job.

Putting Sarah Palin in charge of making America 100% energy independent by the end of the decade, and putting Sarah in charge of ethics reform, would make Mitt Romney one of the most popular presidents in a long time. Plus it’s the right thing to do for America.

***In closing

Face it, there are a lot of hurdles to overcome before we see a Romney/Palin ticket. Mitt has surrounded himself with Washington insiders and GOP Establishment hacks. None of them seem to care about Conservatives or Conservatism. That’s not good. So, the chances of Sarah being asked are slim, and frankly, who knows if she’d even accept. After dealing with a bunch of back-stabbing losers from the McCain campaign, why would she? Why put up with the hassle?

When I started this process in my mind, politics, internal struggles and massive egos didn’t matter to me. What I look at is how best can America be served. Who is the best person to stand with Mitt Romney and give him solid counsel and support.

In Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin you have the two Executives who sat as the most powerful Governors in the nation, a selling point that only a fool would fail to mention in every press release and ad buy.

You have Mitt Romney, a proven turn around guy, and Sarah Palin, a proven Governor/CEO. Someone who knows the ins and outs and how to work through massive bureaucracies.

Think of Sarah Palin as Dick Cheney to Mitt Romney as George W Bush. Sarah is the old pro backing up the relatively inexperienced quarterback. Mitt has solid business experience, Sarah has two decades of experience, as a public servant, most at the Executive level. This has the potential to be a strong, successful administration.

Both Mitt and Sarah have their individual strengths, and weaknesses. The combination of these two would have all of the bases covered though. You can bet choosing Sarah would “light the voter’s hair on fire.” [in a good way] and lead to a certain victory in November.

More importantly though, you’d have the best possible team to turn America around.

What say you Team Mittens?


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32 responses to “Eight Legit Reasons Why Sarah Palin is the Only Logical Choice to be Our Nation’s Next Vice President

  1. David

    Actually, Sarah should be our next President. If Mitt has to be on the ticket, he can be VP. But I prefer a Palin presidency to anyone else. Carter led to Reagan; 0bama should lead to Palin.

    • Gary P Jackson

      I hear ya!

    • Belinda Duras

      Sarah will always be in his way. no sane Christian Conservative is voting for him anyways. his staff knows that. that’s why they are trying to stop her from coming to the BROKERED convention. she’s going to sweep them all under the rug. a Queen will never server a joker. if she’s forced to have a meeting somewhere’s else we’re all going to hers and leaving mutt rubbish’s place completely empty.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Belinda, I agree with you, to a point, but there will be NO brokered convention. Talks of one is crazy.

        And yes, Christians will vote for Mitt in droves. Not out of any great adulation for the man, but simply because Barack Obama is the most evil man who ever set foot in the White House and must be defeated at all costs. Frankly, anyone doing anything that might help Obama stay in power is committing treason.

  2. Amen, brother. I just re-posted this at C4P…

  3. Christopher Fromme

    The way Sarah was speaking Saturday at the AFP event you would thing she was in campaign mode .”I WON’T SQUANDER WHAT THEY (the Greatest Generation) PURCHASED FOR US.” –Sarah

    PS I am amazed to be to only C4P video camera there

    • Gary P Jackson

      It seems like she’s in “campaign mode” but unlike most politicians she actually means it. We aren’t used to seeing the real thing, just a bunch of phonies!

  4. Wraith

    If Governor Palin allies herself with this anti-2A, anti-market, unprincipled Beltway insider scumbag in any significant way, she is dead to me.

    And I do not say this lightly. Notice that I’ve kept my avatar long past any hope of Gov. Palin running. I see her as a stalwart, principled American, of which there are far too few these days. But we are known by the company we keep, and Mitt Romney is a GOP puppet who cares nothing for this country or her principles. He has proven time and again that what he doesn’t know about American Conservative values is so much it likely has physical mass.

    It’s one thing to reccomend Romney above Obummer. It’s another thing to go all-in. I hope she doesn’t, as I’ve had too many illusions shattered over the last few years. 😦

    • Gary P Jackson

      Seriously? I doubt you have to worry, as Romney isn’t intelligent enough to understand Governor Palin is by far the best choice. But If I understand you correctly, you think her being Vice President, and being able to work towards making America energy independent AND working to clean up corruption is a BAD thing?

      You claim to be a supporter, and yet, you do the “she’s ‘dead to me’ ” bullshit if she doesn’t do exactly what you want? That’s not a being supporter.

      Again, I highly doubt Romney or his crew has the smarts to choose her, and I’m not even sure she’d accept, but you need to check yourself. People like you the Conservative movement don’t need.

  5. Arlene

    After reading this beautifully written piece, I wanted to jump up and run into the street. You did a great job telling the truth, Gary. Thank you. I like Mitt Romney. I like him a lot. My first choice was Rick Perry. After he dropped out, I couldn’t find a bandwagon I felt comfortable with. I knew if Newt won, we would get Sarah in some form but Newt was not the guy for me. It just wouldn’t work. Mitt will announce his partner soon and I’m afraid I would die of sheer joy if he picked Sarah. I really loved this article.

  6. What great analysis and “what if” outline, Gary! You’ve detailed the winning scenario and stated the true (if sometimes) depressing state of affairs. And I appreciate that you also stated the probable UNlikelihood of this scenario coming to fruition – due to the many
    reasons/obstacles you identified as well.

    What infuriates me is listening to the talking heads on Fox totally ignoring this winning scenario, but, instead, pushing (in particular) Marco Rubio – who is in exactly the SAME INEXPERIENCED one-third-term Senatorial position that BHO was in when HE mounted HIS campaign – i.e., an INEXPERIENCED legislator who had never been a CEO of anything even as uncomplicated as a lemonade stand! And, as you rightly point out, don’t think that the enemedia won’t rip even his “natural-born” status (and the contradictions in his parents’ immigration story) to absolute ribbons!

    Furthermore, he’s hardly the “lightning rod” for “Hispanic voters” that even some of the so-called Conservative pundits claim he is – at least not with Mexican-Americans! After all, Hispanic Cubans are mainly descended from European Causacians, and Hispanic Mexicans (and other Central Americans) are mainly Asiatic-descended Native Americans – i.e., “white” vs. “brown” Hispanics (which the racist Dems will exploit to an absolute fare-thee-well!).

    And, frankly, since we’re working so hard to obtain a GOP-controlled Senate, someone like Rubio (and, of course, Rand Paul, Jim DeMint and Mike Lee, among others) would help Our Cause ever so much more in the Senate as a Senator than as VP! Besides, IMHO, it’s only a ploy to prop up the non-CEO-type for a future run for POTUS (almost in the “it’s his turn next” m.o. that so turns me – and so many others like me – OFF!). We need to work on the here and now!!

    Well, at least, WE recognize a “winning ticket” for the GOP in November, but d’ya think the self-defeating Romney Team will be as astute?

    • Gary P Jackson

      I’m not a Rubio fan at all. He’s an amnesty shill, and that Dream Act he’s pushing would be a disaster. He does have more legislative experience that Obama did, he was Speaker of the House in Florida, but still, no Executive experience.

      We need every Republican we can get in the Senate, and it would be a mistake to pick any Senator. The idea of picking someone based on race, just to pander to that group is insane. It never works.

      Too many serious choices for VP. Rubio definitely isn’t one of them.

  7. Boobuns

    Stupid leadership is why America is failing.

  8. jerseyflash

    I’m BACK…yes I am the 16 year man (McRino 8 and Sarah 8)… my thoughts about someone saying ” if Sarah signs up with Mittens…I’ll drop her like a bad habit “…IF SOMEONE COULD “GUARANTEE”…that Sarah Palin will be your President in 2020 and 2024…but she would have to be Mittens VP first…WOULD YOU VOTE FOR A MITTENS/SARAH ticket in 2012 ?????…Mittens may win regardless…it will be a “LANDSLIDE” picking Sarah…LIGHT YOUR HAIR ON FIRE SOUNDS ALOT BETTER THEN (MAVERICK)…I can tell Ercel regime is getting close or are already CRAPPING the undeeees…because they put GAME CHANGER back on HBO this past weekend…PIT BULL W/LIPSTICK…LET HER LOOSE…DO NOT AND I MEAN ” DO NOT ” HOLD HER BACK !!!!!….START your moring by turning on your computer and YOU TUBING…Sarah Palin “Courage and Strenght”…”America”…”Love”…if you are not INSPIRED…then check to see if you have a pulse !!!!!

    • Way to go, jerseyflash – and welcome back! Not sure if I’ll be “compus mentus” in 2020 if Romney’s “the one” this year and in 2016! But I’ll ALWAYS follow Sarah – what she’s doing and what she’s saying – as long
      as she’s out there inspiring her many fans!

  9. Mary Marg

    Our view from “America Street” (video) http://youtu.be/PiPYv4NIOEg. please share this on your wonderful site

  10. Gary, you just don’t like Mitt Romney do you?

    • Gary P Jackson

      Not very much. I’ve defended the guy against a lot of attacks from fellow Conservatives, but only because we must unify to take down Obama.

      Romney has surrounded himself with some of the worst mankind has to offer. Truly bad people. Many are the same who sunk the McCain campaign. That’s no way to win.

      • Ok Gary, I can respect that. Although i have friends who feel the same way as you about Mitt, they are rallying behind him, in order to get Obama out and unify us! I don’t feel that you are helping us with that effort as your disdain for Mitt Romney is all I read in this blog. We have 2 choices as you know…help convince the people we need to vote for Romney. That’s my personal opinion Gary but please take to heart.

      • Gary P Jackson

        Lori, I’ve been preaching what you are saying to those who think Romney is the Great Satan™ since before we knew for sure he was the nominee. Trust me, I want Obama gone as much, if not more than any human being on the planet.

        That said, none of us are going to sit back and watch him blow it, which is what he is doing. It’s very frustrating. He’s surrounded himself with incompetence, and it’s rubbing off.

        It’s not helping that he’s surrounded himself with the same lying crapweasels who sunk the McCain campaign, and have been attacking Sarah Palin since BEFORE the 2008 elections were over. To this very minute, his people are still spreading lies about Palin, and attacking conservatives in general. That’s not helping.

        Romney has yet to embrace, or even acknowledge the Tea Party in any significant way. A HUGE mistake. We want Obama gone, but if Romney keeps disrespecting the base of the party, many will just stay home.

        We aren’t hurting Romney, he’s hurting himself, and his chances to take Obama down. He needs to wise up.

  11. Joshua Thuma

    Gary, your headline caught my eye- and so I wanted to see where you stood with Sarah. This article is just good- in the fact that it promotes Sarah’s impeccable record as well as her ability to draw the base to vote (because she is the heart of America, just as Reagan was). You continue to pander to the special interests. Had you titled this “GOP must choose Sarah Palin in order to win in 2012”, then your argument would have been bold and full of truth. It is a time for choosing Sarah, or a bold fighter to lead the Grand Old Party. Ther is still time! To assume Mitt can win in 2012 at all- is deceptive and cowardly. We need sudden and relentless reform, not the status quo. My God, our freedom is at stake and the GOP is giving us a candidate who is hardly a challenge to Barack Obama at all. Take your talent and use it as a clarion call to wake up the GOP- you wont throw the election, instead you will help defeat Obama! There isn’t muxh time left.

    • Gary P Jackson

      Well, it’s either Mitt or Obama. GOP or Democrat. A third party can’t win, and their isn’t going to be a brokered convention.

      I think I laid out the case for why Sarah is the only choice, not only from a policy, experience standpoint, but a winning position as well.

      If Romney picks another milquetoast moderate to join him, the defeat will be epic.

      • Joshua Thuma

        Great job! Now if you can call on Mittens to bow out and for a stronger candidate to emerge- that would be revolutionary! 🙂

      • Gary P Jackson

        You read my mind! Working on just such a thing!

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