Message to GOP Voters


By Isabel Matos

January 1st marks the 54th anniversary of the Cuban Revolution.  This is not just a long rant, but an activist commentary  inspired by the memory of those who sacrificed their lives over five decades in their struggle for freedom.  There are parallels between the efforts of those who sacrificed to live free then and those who need to sacrifice, here, to be free now.  

Unless a New Third Party is created, we are stuck trying to reform the Party.   Consider this my mission statement for 2013. GOP Reform must start with GOP voter Reform.  This is addressed to all who have become disenchanted with the party, including Cuban-Americans who the GOP leadership  is foolishly pandering to again by making immigration reform a topic that does not apply to them.  It’s time for all GOP voters to Wake UP!! Your party is against you.

Part I: We Have a Problem In Our Party.

Part II:  John Boehner Has to GO.   Message to Marco Rubio.

Part III:  The GOP Does Not Stand Up For Us.  Sarah Palin Stands Up For Us.

For our Spanish speaking readers:



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2 responses to “Message to GOP Voters

  1. Bruce O'Hara

    Hi Isabel. I’m really impressed with this impassioned message. You are a True Patriot.
    I’m torn on the Third Party issue. I’ve decided to wait until Sarah weighs in on it, one way or the other, to determine how I will stand.
    She was against it in the past. Circumstances may change her opinion on it now, though.

    • Isabel Matos

      Thank you so much, Bruce. Here’s my take on the Third Party. It takes hundreds of millions of dollars, money we don’t have.

      I also don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Conservatives and Libertarians have way too many opinions on how things should be done. If you open things up in this way, you’ll have people running around saying that it should be leaderless, or that a certain candidate, not the one we want (Sarah), should be its leader. Although I have entertained the idea in the past, the reality is that there are just too many issues with a Third Party, in my opinion.

      As difficult as it seems, are you telling me we cannot take on the establishment with all the arguments that we have in our favor, the energy and force of a base that is angry, not to mention the truth that is on our side? Wouldn’t it be so much sweeter to defeat those who we consider LAME who happen to have their grip on the reins of power? ..

      My concern is that GOP Voters do not see that the GOP is against us, and that they are falling into the trap again of not questioning what is going on before endorsing anyone. I know who was denied her rightful chance to run, and she deserves to be taken seriously.

      I say, let’s stand our ground and not run from them. I wrote about this in a previous post. Is GOP Reform more feasible than a New Third Party.

      Thanks for stopping by. Awesome to see you back here. I was just finishing up a summary of this year’s events. 2012 was amazing. Happy New Year.


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