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Confirmed: CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson’s Computers Were Hacked


By Gary P Jackson

You may recall that back in May, CBS News’ Sharyl Attkisson reported she thought her computer had been hacked. Attkisson was one of the few major media journalists who reported on Obama and Holder’s criminal Fast and Furious program.

As you will recall, Fast and Furious put weapons in the hands of Mexican narco-terrorists, in a failed attempt to manipulate public opinion in America, as a way to usurp the Second Amendment to the Constitution. This criminal action by Obama and Holder led to mass murders in Mexico, and the slaughter of American border agents Brian Terry and Jaime Zapata.

Attkisson has also tirelessly reported on Benghazi, and exposed many of the corrupt “green” programs championed by the lawless Obama regime.

Here she talks with Chris Stigall, back in May. At the time she didn’t have proof of the hacking:

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air reported that Attkisson had told Laura Ingraham that a White House official had screamed and cursed at her, and the DOJ treated her similarly. Obviously angered by her truthful reporting.

More here.

Now Attkisson has proof her computers were hacked. In a prepared statement CBS reported that a forensic analysis “revealed an intruder had executed commands that appeared to involve search and exfiltration of data.

Here she tweets the entire statement:

Twitchy has more here.

This is down right chilling. This should bring down the entire Obama regime, but I have serious doubts those that have the power, have the guts to do anything about it.

No doubt that we are now living in a police state. This is no better than Nazi Germany, or the old Soviet Union. Though we’ve long decried a corrupt press, a press that serves more as a cheerleader for radical leftists, rather than impartial reporters of events, once a nation loses it’s free press, especially through intimidation, that nation is finished.


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Megyn Kelly: Did Attorney General Eric Holder Lie Under Oath?


By Gary P Jackson

Devastating news concerning Obama’s main man Eric Holder. It’s pretty obvious that Holder lied under oath to the House Judiciary Committee investigating the assault on reporters’ Liberty and Freedom.

Now we will see what Congress does about it.

Megyn Kelly talks more about it here. Powerful evidence.

Video courtesy SarahNET.


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Breaking Video: More Criminality From Obama’s Department of Justice; Targeted Fox News’ James Rosen, Two Others

James Rosen

By Gary P Jackson

A real bombshell dropped today. It seems Barack Obama’s Justice Department targeted, and even looked to jail, Fox News’ James Rosen, as well as fellow reporter William LaJeuness, and producer Mike Levine. All of this seems to have stemmed from Rosen’s investigation of the Fast and Furious crimes committed by Obama and Eric Holder, where they outfitted narco-terrorists with weapons, in an attempt to used violence committed by those terrorists as a way to assault the Second Amendment, and law abiding gun owners in America.

Megyn Kelly is LIVID in this bombshell report:

Video courtesy SarahNET.

Michelle Malkin weighed in as well.

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In 2009 DOJ Ruled “SWATing” a Federal Crime: Domestic Terrorist Brett Kimberlin Could Face Nine Years in Prison

By Gary P Jackson

If you’ve been following the case of convicted, murdering domestic terrorist Brett Kimberlin, you know that he has been terrorizing Conservative bloggers who expose him. Among his tools is a crime called “SWATing,” where he and his buddies call the police pretending to be the target of their assault, convincing the police a serious crime has been committed. It’s an evil act, and has the potential to get the victim of Kimberlin’s terrorism injured, or killed.

Senator Saxby Chambliss and Congressman Kenny Marchant have writen letters to Attorney General Eric Holder demanding some action. In both of the letters they inquire about federal law regarding this potentially violent crime.

Robert Stacy McCain, who along with Michelle Malkin, has been all over this devoloping story, did some digging, and found that SWATing, is indeed a federal crime.

In 2009 [on Eric Holder’s watch] United States Attorney James T. Jacks, from the Northern District of Texas, sentenced Carlton Nalley to nine years in federal prison for SWATing and conspiracy.

As terrorist Kimberlin has many accomplices, he is also engaged in a conspiracy.

I seriously doubt Attorney General Holder is going to do anything with Kimberlin and his cohorts. After all, this is the man who overturned a federal conviction of his Black Panther buddies, after being cited for Civil Rights violations and voter intimidation. He’s also the same guy who, under President Bill Clinton, facilitated the presidential pardon of murdering FLN terrorists.

I’m still wondering how and why the Senate ever confirmed Eric Holder for the position of Attorney General in the first place, given his long history of standing with terrorists and ignoring the law. But that’s another discussion for another day.

Something else I don’t get. Brett Kimberlin, a convicted terrorist, is out of prison on parole. He’s been engaged in this sort of political terrorism for years. Why is it this animal is still walking the streets? Exactly what does it take for a felon’s parole to be revoked these days?

Here is the press release from the 2009 SWATing case:


DALLAS — Carlton Nalley, 35, was sentenced Friday afternoon by U.S. District Judge Barbara M.G. Lynn to 108 months (nine years) in federal prison following his guilty plea to offenses related to his involvement in a swatting conspiracy, announced U.S. Attorney James T. Jacks of the Northern District of Texas. Nalley’s two co-defendants, Matthew Weigman, 19 and Sean Paul Benton, 25, were sentenced in June 2009 to 135 months and 18 months, respectively. Nalley, a former resident of Alexandria, Virginia, failed to appear as ordered for that sentencing and was arrested the following month in Maryland.

Specifically, in February 2009, Nalley, who is also known by his alias “Madison,” pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to retaliate against a witness, victim or informant and one count of conspiracy to commit access device fraud and unauthorized access of a protected computer. Weigman, a/k/a “Little Hacker” and “Hacker,” pleaded guilty to the same offenses; Benton pleaded guilty to one count of conspiring to obstruct justice.

Nalley admitted that through his association with Weigman and coconspirators named in the indictment U.S. v. Stuart Rosoff, et al., he knew that they made unauthorized access to telecommunication company information stored on protected computers to obtain personal identifying information on their intended targets, and used software and hardware configured to insert or modify telecommunication access devices and account information for telephone customers and employees to obtain free telephone service or to discontinue service for telephone subscribers.

Approximately 15-20 participants in the telephone party lines, including Nalley, Weigman and the Rosoff defendants participated in targeting, executing and obtaining information to facilitate swatting calls.

Prior to 2004, Nalley participated in telephone party lines and in 2004, Weigman joined the party lines. They agreed to join forces to engage in social engineering, spoofing, swatting and retaliation.

In 2006 and 2007, Nalley used various spoofcards on multiple occasions to obtain personal identifying information, calling businesses or family members while using what appeared to be the phone number of the victims and attempting to get those call recipients to provide him information about the victims while pretending to be the victim. He also used spoofcards to call telephone companies to have phone service started, turned off, and otherwise altered.

He knew the spoofcards were used to harass victims, such as ordering services for victims that they did not want and which they would have to end up paying for, such as Imperial Sedan services. Nalley and Weigman called victims and made threats – such as threatening their livelihoods, their family members’ livelihoods, terminating their telephone service, and putting them and their families in physical danger — if they did not cooperate with them or other coconspirators.

From 2004 through 2008, Nalley knew that Weigman and others were accessing protected telephone company computers without authorization and Nalley assisted Weigman by making calls for him, storing information for him, and ordering equipment for hm. Nalley knew that Weigman and others were gaining access to these computers to obtain free telephone service, terminate the telephone service of individuals they did not like, listen/monitor their victims’ telephone calls, and otherwise harass their victims. Nalley knew that the services they obtained were valued in the tens of thousands of dollars.

In addition, from 2004 through 2008, Nalley assisted Weigman and other coconspirators in obtaining credit cards belonging to others, including U.S. Government credit cards which were for use by the U.S. military. Nalley stored the credit card information for Weigman in various email accounts that Nalley set up. Nalley provided the credit card numbers to Weigman when he needed them, knowing that the credit card numbers were stolen and that Weigman traded those credit cards with other individuals for services or money. Sometimes Nalley assisted Weigman in obtaining credit card numbers by listening in on customer service calls to various companies, such as Sprint. When a customer would report his credit card number to pay for services, Weigman, using his fine-tuned listening and memory skills, would memorize it or Nalley would write it down.

Nalley knew that coconspirators planned to swat a party line participant and this party line participant’s parents. Nalley and other conspirators disclosed sensitive information that belonged to these victims on the party line and that information was used by the coconspirators to swat the parents, who lived in Alvarado, Texas, in June 2006.

In October 2006, a coconspirator used a spoof card, pretending to be the father, telephone the 911 emergency services for the City of Fort Worth, Texas, identified himself as the victim’s father, claimed that he had shot and killed members of his family, claimed he was armed and holding hostages, and that he would kill the remaining hostages. Both the June and October swatting calls caused a SWAT response.

Nalley assisted Weigman in Weigman’s efforts to retaliate against a Verizon fraud investigator who was assisting the FBI in their investigation of Nalley, Weigman, and Rosoff and his coconspirators. Nalley also knew that in April 2008, Weigman spoofed phone calls from the fraud investigator’s office telephone number to Nalley’s home phone number to give the appearance of harassing calls from the investigator to Nalley. Weigman and Nalley called Verizon to lodge a complaint against the investigator and Nalley accused him of harassing him and misconduct. Nalley lodged the complaint against the investigator in an attempt to get Verizon to terminate his employment.

U.S. Attorney Jacks praised the investigative efforts of the FBI and the assistance provided by the U.S. Attorney’s Office, District of Massachusetts. Assistant U.S. Attorney C. S. Heath prosecuted the case.

These SWATing activities noted in the press release, are the exact type of activities Kimberlin and his crew are involved in. Besides the SWATing, they have also harassed bloggers, and their families, at work. Several have lost their jobs.

It’s time to get this animal and his henchmen off the streets.


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Peter Schweizer: Obama’s DOJ And Wall Street: Too Big For Jail?

By Gary P Jackson

Peter Schweizer once again exposes the corruption and double standards that exist in our federal government. The rich and powerful can literally get away with murder, especially if the are democrats. Thanks to Eric Holder and his Fast and Furious scheme, there are many dead in Mexico, and along our border, including our own border agents. Holder and his boss Barack Obama are not being held responsible.

Here Peter talks about the way Holder’s Justice Department has prosecuted many others for fraud, but has no time to go after the big banks and brokerage firms who are directly responsible for the financial crisis our nation is in.

Many of these “Friends of Obama” have committed the same crimes others are spending hard time in prison for, and have done so on a far more massive scale.

The appearance of conflict is as dangerous to public confidence in the administration of justice as true conflict itself. Justice must not only be done; justice must also be seen to be done.” –Lloyd Cutler, 1981

Over the past three years, the Department of Justice has filed criminal charges against hundreds of ordinary Americans for financial fraud. But no one from the largest banks and firms on Wall Street have been similarly charged for events leading up to the financial crisis. Could that be because those banks are clients of the firms from which top DOJ officials hail?

In November 2009, President Obama established the Financial Fraud Enforcement Task Force to deal with financial crimes related to the 2008 financial crisis. As Attorney General Eric Holder, chairman of the Task Force, explained at the time: “This Task Force’s mission is not just to hold accountable those who helped bring about the last financial meltdown, but to prevent another meltdown from happening. We will be relentless in our investigation of corporate and financial wrongdoing, and will not hesitate to bring charges, where appropriate, for criminal misconduct on the part of businesses and business executives.”

None of that happened. The Task Force is still humming along almost three years later, but its highlighted successes are less “business executives” than ordinary Americans who have had the book thrown at them. From their website:

Three Connecticut Women Charged with Overseeing ‘Gifting Tables’ Pyramid Scheme.” Three women in their 50s and 60s have been indicted on conspiracy, tax and wire fraud charges. “These arrests should send a strong message to all who threaten the financial health of our communities,” said one federal agent.

Ten people in Las Vegas have been criminally charged with conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud in a “scheme to fraudulently control” Condominium Home Owners Associations. They have pled guilty and face up to 30 years in prison.

Justice Department Sues Princeton Review for Claiming Reimbursement for Tutoring Services It Did Not Provide.” The educational publisher apparently billed the federal government for reimbursements in connection with a federally-funded program for underprivileged children.

Alabama Real Estate Investor Agrees to Plead Guilty to Conspiracies to Rig Bids and Commit Mail Fraud for the Purchase of Real Estate at Public Foreclosure Auctions.” Steven Cox will get one year in prison because he and some friends agreed not to bid against each other at public auctions and then hold a second secret auction with the properties they purchased. This meant that they “artificially suppressed prices…[and] homeowners and others with a legal interest in rigged foreclosure properties receive less than the competitive price for the properties,” reads the Task Force press release. People in several other states have been similarly charged.

Former Real Estate Appraiser Sentenced in Washington, D.C. to 65 months in Prison for Mortgage Fraud.” A property appraiser goes to jail for fraudulently manipulating mortgage applications while flipping real estate properties. The fraud scheme cost mortgage lenders $2.3 million. A Florida man was sentenced to 14 months in federal prison for obstructing an SEC investigation.

Certainly there have been opportunities to aggressively investigate criminal acts of fraud involving the largest banks and investment houses. The SEC has alleged that half a dozen banks “knowingly” passed fraudulent information along to government agencies and investors. The same charges have been leveled against several of the largest investment houses as it relates to subprime mortgages.

The SEC has accused a number of banks including JP Morgan, Wachovia Securities, UBS, and Bank of America, of “fraudulently” rigging municipal bond auctions by “entering into secret arrangements with bidding agents to get an illegal ‘last look’ at competitors’ bids.” And they won bids because “the bidding agent deliberately obtained non-winning bids from other provides, and it facilitated bids rigged for others to win by deliberately submitting non-winning bids.” All of these investment houses faced civil charges and paid fines. Meanwhile those fixing HOA elections or residential foreclosure auctions go to jail.

Read more here.

Peter Schweizer is a best selling author, including the groundbreaking Throw them All Out and is a top adviser to Governor Sarah Palin.


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