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Sarah Palin: Vice President Biden’s Remarks Calling Patriots “Terrorists”: Vile, Appalling

By Gary P Jackson

Sarah Palin talks to Greta about the debt ceiling vote, and the fact the Ruling Class is now calling fellow Americans “terrorists” simply because we want a responsible government. Sarah also talks about renewing and restoring America and energy independent and secure.

Video courtesy SarahNet.


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Sneak Peek: Sarah Palin to Media: Lay Off the Petty Stuff

By Gary P Jackson

Fox News Insider offers us a little sneak preview from tonight’s interview with Greta. Sarah Palin is fiesty, to say the least. She also makes a good point, when the media is telling a bunch of lies about you and your family, you simply can’t sit back and let them. That’s what’s wrong now. Too many do. It’s also why it;’s hard to get good people to run for elected office.

On tonight’s On the Record, Greta and Sarah Palin have an exchange about the role of media in politics. Palin says, “Come after us based on our record, based on our present-day statements about what we intend to do to, for, with this country. Don’t come after us for little, petty, stupid things”. Check out this sneak peek to see how Palin responded when Greta suggested she and other politicians not “take the bait”.

Tune in to On the Record at 10p/1a ET for the full interview.

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Sarah Palin Goes “On The Record”

Vodpod videos no longer available.

By Gary P Jackson

Monday night Sarah Palin appeared on Greta’s show to discuss her latest critique of Barack Obama’s failed ObamaCare gambit entitled “Lies, Damned Lies – ObamaCare 6 Months Later.

Sarah also talks about the Tea Party, gives Christine O’Donnell some solid advice on how to deal with the corrupt media, and of course her daughter Bristol’s fancy footwork on Dancing With The Stars.

The interview was taped before the live ABC dance-o-rama, where Sarah and Piper were in attendance to cheer Bristol and Mark on to a command performance.

Video Courtesy PalinTV


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Palin on Greta to Discuss David Kernell Trial

By Stacy Drake
Governor Palin appeared Friday night “On The Record with Greta Van Susteren.” She discussed testifying in the David Kernell email hacking trial. She also spoke briefly about the new illegal immigration law passed in Arizona and threw in a little ‘Federalism 101’ lesson for viewers at home.

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